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  1. Thanks to all the collected cartridges we learned of many things and determined the exact position of all the Mews and even more details about how they were generated and with this one we also learned about a new initial Seed which has lead us to the Seeds of a couple of more Mews. The Mews that were placed in the Team. I was thinking about reconstructing the missing Mews as we might never get a chance to get them otherwise, but the problem is we never understood about these Trash Bytes and what kind of data they originated from. I'm happy to announce that after a long time I was able to solve the puzzle and with this I was finally able to fully reconstruct the Mews. Missing Mystery Mews.zip Edit: The collection is finally complete!
  2. Nope, at least not in public... Some stuff is still in research phase. We still don’t know everything about Gen 3 Event Pokémon. Like when it comes to Nintendo DS Download Play Events including the Hadou Titans, or other rare Events like Sapporo Pikachu... and then there’s stuff we might only learn if we are able to get more of these Multiboot roms. (Like seeds and anti-shiny...) Other than that it all depends if there’s the willingness to add Gen 3 legality support for PKHeX for example. Until then you will have to let them checked by us.
  3. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Pokémon Let's Go Eevee are games of the core series. They're made by GameFreak, they're Pokémon RPGs with core elements of the main series and they're basically can be seen as a remake of Pokémon Yellow. I personally do like the concept of Let's Go Pikachu & Pokémon Let's Go Eevee, because I love Pokémon since Day 1 and started with the RGBY generation back in the days and I do like the idea to go back to enjoy the game again, this time with a different kind of gameplay experience instead of having the game remade with the same experience. Because after all these years I must admit that Pokémon has become a bit stale by staying too close to the original game. So I personally welcome every change that is refreshing the series, even though I admit that the changes that were made are not the ones I was hoping for. I'm at the point were I accept every change just to see something different. I think Let's Go is something like a fusion between the old Pokémon game and Pokemon Go and I do think it's clever considering the undeniable HUGE success of Pokémon Go and all the buzz it had and even from a gaming perspective, we can see that Pokémon Go has a lot of potential. There was actually a point when it was first announced where I thought... "Wow... this could be the next Level of Pokémon." because, one of the things that made Pokémon so special is how it brought people together and made almost everyone talking about it and Pokémon Go did that like the original games did in the past. I must say tho' that I haven't played Pokémon Go myself and I'm not a fan of Pokémon Go the way it is. The reasons for it are simply because I miss some mandatory Pokémon features for interacting with other Players, like battling with friends and trading and more ways to cooperate. And I always told myself I will play Pokémon Go as soon as features like these will be added... which until now didn't happened unfortunately... lol... so I never played it. But I might get interested in the Let's Go Games and I can imagine that it's fun. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more features we don't know about yet. For Gen 8 I want to see changes as well, but I would like to see a kind of evolution comparable to what happened to Zelda with Breath of the Wild or with Mario and Super Mario Odyssey. I hope they went back to drawing board, asking themselves what they tried to create 20 years ago when they first created Pokémon and how they would do it now without all the technical limitations and without staying too close to the original core. I want Pokémon to feel like it's a modern game and let's be honest, Pokémon is still the same game that was made for the Game Boy in the 90s and it was impressing for an RPG on the Game Boy, but a game for Nintendo Switch should be able to do more. So I'm all for surprises and Creatures were looking for 3DCG Designer who is experienced with Unity or Unreal Engine 4, which sounds promising and sounds at least like they're experimenting to push the series forward. Let's not forget that Pokémon is the philosophy of a young Satoshi Tajiri who went out catching and collecting bugs and I personally would like to see that philosophy coming to life in a deeper way, instead of just copying + pasting that Pokémon formular 1:1 with each game. My dream is a Pokémon Game that has more depth in gameplay... more different ways to catch and to interact with Pokémon and I hope they think about how to eliminate the monotony and the repetitiveness of always doing the same things over and over. Maybe some new (MMO like) multiplayer-features to play together would be cool and an overhauled battle system. Everything that redefines Pokémon is a welcome surprise to me. I'm really holding my breath for Gen 8... because if nothing changes now, it never will. At least the Let's go games giving me hope that we will finally see some changes.
  4. From what I analyzed in the beta(s) I can also confirm that they're are 100% real, there are just too many details you can see when you look at it from a programming standpoint. It's not like this is a hack of another Pokemon rom or something like that. There's absolutely no question about it in my mind and I would be damn surprised. Btw. I didn't saw this footage posted here yet which I found a while ago:
  5. I also like these starters and really wished they would reuse some of these concepts. It would be so cool... Some of the designs are really creative in my opinion... My personal favorite is アニモン: A メタモン/Ditto evolution? Potentially would have become a Steel Type? Not to mention the look... lol... I mean seriously... how cool is that? Would love to breed my Pokemon with this monster.
  6. The Pikachu Sprite was used as a stamp in the GameBoy Camera software: https://tcrf.net/Game_Boy_Camera/Regional_Differences
  7. @theSLAYER Not that I'm aware of. I already had a guess that the known distribution software was made at some point between development and my assumption was before or after Pokemon Blue was made which would explain the SGB border. It's pretty interesting to see the sprite in this demo and there's indeed a possibility that some code from it is inside this debug rom, but of course we can't make assumptions just based on a sprite alone. Very interested to learn about the debug features.
  8. Wow! Looks neat... Why do people want to translate it though? I don't care about fan translations but feel impatient to get my hands on the (untouched) silver beta. Edit: Btw. the Mew Sprite that was used for the Distribution Software in Gen 1 is there as well!
  9. I have noticed the same issue as @Cecillia on my phone.
  10. This is Off-Topic... but I would like to add that PokePark Mew and Mystery Mew were both based on the Hadou Mew software. We know this because the OT Gender randomization is identical and they were all very likely seeded XORing the save file section checksums.Trash Bytes are identical as well. I personally believe that GCEA and all events that followed after were built on the Hadou Mew software as well... but this will probably never confirmed unless we get more roms. In relation to this Topic I have added a lot more content to the first post of the Thread, including the official sample scripts in readable form. Be sure to check out! Only stuff that's still missing is information about the Berry-Structure and Trainer-structure. Also thanks to @BlackShark who has provided a lot information in the past in this Thread which was very helpful, if there is anything more related that could be added let me know and I will edit it into the first post.
  11. No. The NOE branch in Italy was still distributing them until like 2 years ago. @Real.96 helped us to get them all.
  12. It's related to JoySpot Battles. Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/cowboy2501/archives/5763212.html @lostaddict had the theory in this Thread that the Mystery Gift Battle Events made use of Wonder Cards and Wonder News. Unknowingly(?) he was correct. The American Auroraticket ROM contains Wonder News strings related to the system. The News served for informing you about the rank and saving it on your save file and who knows what else...
  13. And for hidden content like this:
  14. @jojo12100 Yeah, I forgot to mention it: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_index_number_(Generation_I) It looks like 190~ Pokemon were originally planned. IIRC someone was asking Shigeki Morimoto if this is true and he confirmed it.
  15. @theSLAYER I like the design as well. It's the official Ken Sugimori artwork. It was used in Japan for the official flyer and CoroCoro used it in the August 2001 issue for promotion was well. I have collected the material here:
  16. @theSLAYER I just thought it's weird that the Background from the website is right next to the tweet. When I posted the tweets I expected to see the tweet only. If it's supposed to look like this then it's all good. Edit: Your Member Title in combination with the Profile Photo is hilarious... lol... "Unobtainable Item"
  17. I just wanted to post this! It's from this manga that was released in Japan just yesterday. Why not embedding the tweets? Btw. is posting tweets supposed to look like this? I don't think so... looks like a bug to me...
  18. Yeah, the thing is that it's stuff that is hard to do alone and if we want to have this completely analyzed we would have to dig deep into the assembly of these Pokemon games. At this point I know only a fracture of all these types of Trash Bytes that exist. In Gen 1 and Gen 2 in particular IIRC it's so that they never cleaned up memory when you move Pokemon around and do stuff. As a result the Memory is a mess, if you for example put a Pokemon from the Team onto a PC the information that the Pokemon is in the Team gets removed, however... the rest remains... and if you let's say... go into the wild and catch another Pokemon that Pokemon is generated and copied on top of that free Team Slot that still contains data of the previously removed Pokemon. You can imagine what a variety of possible that means. There might be more factors I don't even know about... It's definitely worth to do research on, but as @Sabresite said I moved on to other projects as there is a lot of stuff to do. Btw. one thing I can really recommend is making lua bots, I was working on that for years but never finished... My goal was to build the ultimate Pokemon lua bot for Gen 1 and Gen 2 that jumps in whenever you need it. It automatically detects the play situation you are in and helps to get whatever you want. The project is currently on ice as well, but I'm thinking about releasing the unfinished bot so that other people could continue to work on it. IMO that would be much more fruitful than doing Trash Bytes research. Even I admit that I would love to see PKHeX detect Trash Bytes.
  19. @rocktar8 Thank you for your interest. For now please use the Tool from @suloku.
  20. Wow! I noticed that in a few months it's 3 years since I started this thread. There hasn't been any update a long time though... The last thing I tried was to figure out the difference between the communication of the Japanese and the International games. Because for some reason the American Aurora Ticket ROM won't communicate with the Japanese games. They don't recognize each other. So I did some disassembly work but I couldn't find the reason. I would appreciate if someone could take a close look at the asm, maybe I just overlooked something... Or if there's anyone who has experience with this communication stuff it would be great as well. Btw. Since I don't expect any new Mystery Gifts to appear I decided to make everything about Gen 3 Mystery Gifts public... including the checksum algorithm, so you can find everything in the first post of this thread. There's everything you need to know for editing Gen 3 Mystery Gifts, for example in case someone wants to add Gen 3 Mystery Gifts to PKHeX. I think it would be great for PKHeX to support Mystery Gifts of all generations. Thanks for your understanding and for being patient! I really did my best as a preservationist and sometimes wished it went just a little bit more successful... Enjoy!
  21. It doesn't saves anything. It's the same thing with the Distribution Counter. It would be useless anyway since the function is unused in Top 10 - 10th Anniversary. Aura Mew does save the Distribution Counter but the RTC stuff was completely removed. Let's hope a miracle happens and a distribution rom appears with the functionality still intact.
  22. I did some further research and something has come to my mind during this research... The thing is why would they add an RTC to the Distribution Cartridge just for the seed all alone if XORing checksums is a much better way to ensure a broad variety of seeds? The only answer for this that came to my mind is "Distribution Time Limit". They used cartridges with RTC and eventually decided to use the RTC for the seed. Who the hell knows why... I was taking a closer look to see if I can find something related to it and I did and I would like to reveal this now. What I discovered was a hidden mode inside the Top 10 - 10th Anniversary rom, called "EDIT MODE". This is what it looks like: To get access to it, while booting the distribution ROM you have to hold LEFT + L + SELECT simultaneously. In the EDIT MODE you can see the CURRENT TIME of the RTC and 6 registers with the start dates and end dates, in this case there's only one being set by default. Which is 2006/01/01 - 2006/08/31, there's an unused function with an "OUT OF DATE" string. If it was in use you probably would not be able to distribute anything if the current time isn't within that period and return the message to inform you. This brought me to another conclusion, if they used the current time in combination with the set time limit for these distributions, the seed would be linked to that certain time frame because it would come from the same RTC. I think everyone here can imagine what this means... a real nightmare in terms of legality of Gen 3 Event Pokemon. Especially for Events that were only distributed for a short time period.
  23. Oh, thanks! I didn't knew that, lol... Time to get a newer version of the RNG Reporter. Regarding your question... it's too long ago... I managed to get a target Trainer ID/ Secret ID combination. But this was partly based on luck and I needed several days and hours to do it. I wanted to do some shiny hunting actually but then I gave up, because it was too much work and hard to do it precisely. I also felt like it had something to do with how the emulator handles RTC stuff, it looked a little bit buggy to me and difficult to manipulate... Maybe Dolphin has been improved since then but I don't know?
  24. Haven't heard about Togamicalc (strange name btw...), but I remember that I did it with xdseed. It works well with XD however in Colosseum's case everything is a little bit more unpredictable. It's doable but a lot harder to perform. I also remember that the Naming Screen was kinda noisy... and you had to switch between odd and even frames with some tricks ect.
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