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  1. I haven’t worked on it for a while. But just in case someone would like to support this project, I want to give information about what has to be done next... We need migrated Pokémon on all different Game and language versions which means DP/Pl/HGSS in all different languages J/E/F/G/I/S/K. Can be done on Emulator... And most importantly we need to determine and document the lowest possible Offset/Base Offsets of the pointer inside the Trash Bytes of migrate Pokémon #2. For this we have to find a way to stop the Memory Allocation. Maybe there are cheat codes for that?
  2. "I was told", "I heard"... This is an example of how rumors are being spread. Like I already said you will get different results from emulator to emulator, which we have learned from recent research and there is more research that needs to be done from here, we ain’t done yet. That's the only honest answer we can give to people. Besides that "emulator" is a generalized term in this context. Every emulator behaves different, especially if the core was programed independently and therefore would have to be seen as an individual "medium" as you called it. As for the Trash Bytes, no like I said the rumors are wrong. There are no different patterns and if they are as you say we would be good to document it and compare our data. According to my research it's not the case and it was done one both real hardware and emulator. Btw. the reason why they are identical is not even a surprise because memory and stacking are supposed to work exactly the same on emulators and real hardware. Otherwise it would cause serious issues like stacking issues and data being read from wrong memory locations. It would essentially mean things are out of control... so that should not happen. You have to keep in mind that this is all based on math and has not just to do with the emulation of the processor, this is just about the memory. That's why I was questioning these strange rumors from the beginning. I would also like to point out that the documentation was never completely finished... You're of course very welcomed to help with it. @Sabresite would be happy. Unfortunately I don't have time because I'm very busy working on some other research projects. It's not really my highest priority at the moment.
  3. It always depends on how the emulation is and I wished I could give answers but I have no experience with catching Pokémon on DeSmuMe. If it generates illegal Pokémon then another option would be melonDS and in the future there will be medusa. We have the same Topic in Gen 3 actually, when people talk about illegally generated Pokémon they usually talk about VBA, which is an very old Emulator. But there are other Emulators like mGBA and some of them have turned out giving better results. But we still have to do more research. Research is mandatory... There were rumors being spread in multiple forums and reddit that migrating Pokémon from Gen 3 to Gen 4 gives false Trash Bytes. It was seen as fact and when I wanted to take a look at it I was surprised that there was never a single case uploaded or any kind of documentation about what exactly was wrong with these Trash Bytes. So I had to start research on it on my own and then I asked people to upload migrated Pokémon from real hardware all just to figure out that the rumors were false, the Trash Bytes were identical. So my suggestion to everyone is just enjoy playing the games and report issues in the forum IF they occur. PKHeX should supports legality checking for it, so you can just catch Pokémon and see if they're legal like @theSLAYER suggested.
  4. The thing is we have a Japanese save file with all 3 DLC packages WMission (Deoxys Mission & Manaphy Mission), Celebi Mission & Mew Mission. Thanks to this website just btw: https://ux.getuploader.com/savedate/download/226. The Mew Mission was extreme rare and I have been looking for it for quite a while. (Years!) It was distributed in partnership with ANA and you were only able to get it on respective airport terminals for the most part. Now the save file with all missions got finally leaked this year so we are damn lucky! The problem is the missions are already played and we would like to have a blank save file with the untouched special missions. One idea from my side would be to maybe edit everything from memory and then save the game. It's complicated too though and regardless of which way we go some research might be required, to learn what activated the missions ect... since there was no option to delete the save file but a new game option, I kinda wonder how fresh a newly started game is? At least the missions won't be removed from what I remember?
  5. Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I hope it can be used to breed Pokémon. xD That would be awesome.
  6. I'm not saying that this Pokémon is Animon, what I mean is that the idea of having another Ditto that is a Steel Type was recycled. The difference between Animon and this is that Meltan is a mythical Pokémon and not an evolution. Regardless, there definitely seems to be a connection to Ditto, so I'm really interested to learn more about this Pokémon as Ditto is one of my favorite Pokémon.
  7. Ironically I wanted to post something about this Pokémon but I was busy with other stuff. Things are getting interesting. I don't know if you already know about this but for years there are many rumors about the connection between Ditto and Mew. That Ditto actually isn't a natural Pokémon and a result of failed attempts of cloning Mew. Which is why both have the ability to transform. Also they both have equal base stats, they share the same weight of 8,8 lbs. They have similar colors and the same shiny colors. Then we had this Space Center Demo leak with an unreleased Ditto evolution "Animon". A steel type. Now this Pokémon appears... having a similar look as Ditto and apparently a Steel type? Coincidence? For some reasons Dittos were transforming to it. What's also interesting is that it exactly weights twice the same as Ditto, 17,8 lbs. Not to mention that Meltan sounds a little bit similar like Metamon. There is a remake of the first Pokémon Movie coming out next year and you can bet that the Pokémon is in it. One of the most interesting theories in Pokémon history might come true?
  8. Finally someone is mentioning this Pokemon. English: Japanese:
  9. Meanwhile I located the Multi Boot ROM. The SIIRTC function library is in it. While we are at it I think it would be nice to also confirm how Pokemon BOX RS seeds if it hasn't been done already. Both for the Egg Events and the Pokemon caught In-Game. I would recommend to use a cartridge with dry battery if possible... Little request from my side.
  10. IIRC the GameBoy Player has an ARM chip inside, so everything should run natively in this case. Pretty boring, I know...
  11. It's very interesting because what you play on Pokemon Box isn't actually the game from your cartridge, it's emulation like you said and the ROMs of Ruby and Sapphire are on the disc. I'm also wondering how it does the RTC stuff and if it uses the GameCube's RTC instead of the cartridge's RTC. Also I'm wondering how it gets the Seed for the Eggs Generation and why people claim it is impossible to RNG them. As it would not be too difficult with a dry battery if the game's RTC is used. I actually have so many questions regarding how everything was done, I thought there should be a Multi Boot ROM that is downloaded to get access to the save file but couldn't find anything so far...
  12. By the way... I would really like to know what's the deal with Pokemon BOX. I have heard that you can get many Method-4 Pokemon with it. Is that true? And does it affect Pokemon that are usually Method-1 only as well? I don't have the complete hardware setup now but did in the past, wished I could check it out for myself... This would be a Ruby and Sapphire only thing but still interesting I guess.
  13. We are receiving so many questions like this nowadays... no one wants to play these games anymore? lol
  14. I think it's worth to try mGBA as well as it was designed completely independent from VBA.
  15. The tool is not supported anymore as suloku is not working on it anymore. I think it would be good PKHeX having Mystery Event/Mystery Gift functionalities. And in case someone wants to do it, everything for the implementation can be found here: In addition to that I have a suggestion to how we could name Mystery Gift files in the future using Gen 3 as an example. The file names would be ME3, WN3, MG3. ME3 is Mystery Event, WN3 is Wonder News and MG3 is Mystery Event combined together with the Wonder Card. Mystery Events and Mystery Gift Scripts are exactly the same, only difference is that every Mystery Gift has a Wonder Card while a Mystery Event is only the Event alone. There is no Wonder Card without a Mystery Gift, which is why I personally would like to turn away from the misused term WC which only refers the Wonder Card and use the more suitable term Mystery Gift instead. PKHeX uses the WC term in a really strange way calling every Event Pokemon WC even not every Event Pokemon was distributed as a Mystery Gift.. I think it shouldn't be too difficult finding a universal term for Event Pokemon that is compatible through all generations, hence why I suggest to change it to a term referring them as Event Pokemon. Just call them Event Generation X like EG1, EG2, EG3... or whatever... I think it would be more easy to understand for everyone... You might have better ideas, this is only a suggestion from my side.
  16. Thanks to all the collected cartridges we learned of many things and determined the exact position of all the Mews and even more details about how they were generated and with this one we also learned about a new initial Seed which has lead us to the Seeds of a couple of more Mews. The Mews that were placed in the Team. I was thinking about reconstructing the missing Mews as we might never get a chance to get them otherwise, but the problem is we never understood about these Trash Bytes and what kind of data they originated from. I'm happy to announce that after a long time I was able to solve the puzzle and with this I was finally able to fully reconstruct the Mews. Missing Mystery Mews.zip Edit: The collection is finally complete!
  17. Nope, at least not in public... Some stuff is still in research phase. We still don’t know everything about Gen 3 Event Pokémon. Like when it comes to Nintendo DS Download Play Events including the Hadou Titans, or other rare Events like Sapporo Pikachu... and then there’s stuff we might only learn if we are able to get more of these Multiboot roms. (Like seeds and anti-shiny...) Other than that it all depends if there’s the willingness to add Gen 3 legality support for PKHeX for example. Until then you will have to let them checked by us.
  18. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Pokémon Let's Go Eevee are games of the core series. They're made by GameFreak, they're Pokémon RPGs with core elements of the main series and they're basically can be seen as a remake of Pokémon Yellow. I personally do like the concept of Let's Go Pikachu & Pokémon Let's Go Eevee, because I love Pokémon since Day 1 and started with the RGBY generation back in the days and I do like the idea to go back to enjoy the game again, this time with a different kind of gameplay experience instead of having the game remade with the same experience. Because after all these years I must admit that Pokémon has become a bit stale by staying too close to the original game. So I personally welcome every change that is refreshing the series, even though I admit that the changes that were made are not the ones I was hoping for. I'm at the point were I accept every change just to see something different. I think Let's Go is something like a fusion between the old Pokémon game and Pokemon Go and I do think it's clever considering the undeniable HUGE success of Pokémon Go and all the buzz it had and even from a gaming perspective, we can see that Pokémon Go has a lot of potential. There was actually a point when it was first announced where I thought... "Wow... this could be the next Level of Pokémon." because, one of the things that made Pokémon so special is how it brought people together and made almost everyone talking about it and Pokémon Go did that like the original games did in the past. I must say tho' that I haven't played Pokémon Go myself and I'm not a fan of Pokémon Go the way it is. The reasons for it are simply because I miss some mandatory Pokémon features for interacting with other Players, like battling with friends and trading and more ways to cooperate. And I always told myself I will play Pokémon Go as soon as features like these will be added... which until now didn't happened unfortunately... lol... so I never played it. But I might get interested in the Let's Go Games and I can imagine that it's fun. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more features we don't know about yet. For Gen 8 I want to see changes as well, but I would like to see a kind of evolution comparable to what happened to Zelda with Breath of the Wild or with Mario and Super Mario Odyssey. I hope they went back to drawing board, asking themselves what they tried to create 20 years ago when they first created Pokémon and how they would do it now without all the technical limitations and without staying too close to the original core. I want Pokémon to feel like it's a modern game and let's be honest, Pokémon is still the same game that was made for the Game Boy in the 90s and it was impressing for an RPG on the Game Boy, but a game for Nintendo Switch should be able to do more. So I'm all for surprises and Creatures were looking for 3DCG Designer who is experienced with Unity or Unreal Engine 4, which sounds promising and sounds at least like they're experimenting to push the series forward. Let's not forget that Pokémon is the philosophy of a young Satoshi Tajiri who went out catching and collecting bugs and I personally would like to see that philosophy coming to life in a deeper way, instead of just copying + pasting that Pokémon formular 1:1 with each game. My dream is a Pokémon Game that has more depth in gameplay... more different ways to catch and to interact with Pokémon and I hope they think about how to eliminate the monotony and the repetitiveness of always doing the same things over and over. Maybe some new (MMO like) multiplayer-features to play together would be cool and an overhauled battle system. Everything that redefines Pokémon is a welcome surprise to me. I'm really holding my breath for Gen 8... because if nothing changes now, it never will. At least the Let's go games giving me hope that we will finally see some changes.
  19. From what I analyzed in the beta(s) I can also confirm that they're are 100% real, there are just too many details you can see when you look at it from a programming standpoint. It's not like this is a hack of another Pokemon rom or something like that. There's absolutely no question about it in my mind and I would be damn surprised. Btw. I didn't saw this footage posted here yet which I found a while ago:
  20. I also like these starters and really wished they would reuse some of these concepts. It would be so cool... Some of the designs are really creative in my opinion... My personal favorite is アニモン: A メタモン/Ditto evolution? Potentially would have become a Steel Type? Not to mention the look... lol... I mean seriously... how cool is that? Would love to breed my Pokemon with this monster.
  21. The Pikachu Sprite was used as a stamp in the GameBoy Camera software: https://tcrf.net/Game_Boy_Camera/Regional_Differences
  22. @theSLAYER Not that I'm aware of. I already had a guess that the known distribution software was made at some point between development and my assumption was before or after Pokemon Blue was made which would explain the SGB border. It's pretty interesting to see the sprite in this demo and there's indeed a possibility that some code from it is inside this debug rom, but of course we can't make assumptions just based on a sprite alone. Very interested to learn about the debug features.
  23. Wow! Looks neat... Why do people want to translate it though? I don't care about fan translations but feel impatient to get my hands on the (untouched) silver beta. Edit: Btw. the Mew Sprite that was used for the Distribution Software in Gen 1 is there as well!
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