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  1. I wished so too...
    At least it's a clean Lv. 15 Magikarp, which confirms the Level. It kinda makes sense, since a normal Magikarp learns Tackle at Lv.15.
    Everyone expected it would be Lv.5, otherwise I would have guessed it could be Lv.10 to match with the card...

    りゅうのいかり コイキング.png

    Also... this could be hint for what the OT Name might could have been. 
    There are some strange missspells like マツ instead of instead of ます. 
    Later I noticed this other page...


    The guy in the middle is イマクニ?(Imakuni?) and the person on the left is "マツモト教授" (Professor Matsumoto), representing the タマムシ大学 (Tamamushi University).
    Apperently those misspells are from マツモト and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the OT Name, just like イマクニ was the OT Name for the Surfing Pikachu, which was also distributed around the time... What makes this even more interesting... I have a feeling that the Surfing Pikachu was distributed at Level 15 as well. The only one I've ever seen was Level 16...


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  2. Thanks for the screens. 😀

    So what I realized is that the Rom is just mimicking the look of the Pokémon Blue in a similar way the Pokémon Machine 2 Software does it with Ruby & Sapphire. This also means that the software could be something different than what we might expect. At least it’s clear that the Gold & Silver Version is the same software, the Pokémon is still looking to the right like in Gen 1, it’s still the same text box obj from the Blue Version and I know this is hard to see but the bg palette is still the same as in the Blue Version, most importantly the ID is still displayed as 6 numbers. So the only thing that was changed visually is the SGB Border, which btw. is always the Japanese, even in the International Version. Also the text alignment for the ID No. is incorrect in the International Versions, for some reasons it is centered unlike the other text.

    That's all we can learn just based on the screens though... 

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  3. On 4/28/2020 at 4:40 AM, TotalTS said:

    Odd discovery about the dumped save file: The rival of GF in EU version it's just called BLUE. Somehow I was expecting SONY or something like that.

    That also means that there's no GF Shiny Mews.

    This is something I discovered before, the original default name that was selected for the Player is RED.
    In the Japanese games every name has a length of 6 bytes, while the English games are a little bit inconsistent, a named Player/Rival has a length of 7 bytes, default names and the Pokémon names have a length of 11 bytes. So in the English games when you select RED as your name the game copies this as your Player name:

    91 84 83 50 60 6B 67 50 89 80 82 
    R  E  D     A  S  H     J  A  C

    When we look at the Mew Trading App Restore Point the name was overwitten with 7 bytes, same as if the Player was ingame named:

    86 85 00 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82
    G  F                    J  A  C 

    I believed they used some kind of debug version, but it rather looks like they made an memory edit/patched it.
    The 7 byte thing is suspicious, but the naming function automatically sets a terminator (0x50) after the last selected char.
    Char 0x00 is NUL and not accessible in a normal ingame scenario, all chars are taken from a table and 0x00 is not in it.
    Also I think Mew wasn't generated by ingame functions, since that would set the bit for the PokéDex entry.
    Not sure what happened to Charmander, maybe it was overwritten in the process?

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  4. I would be very surprised if Nintendo Power, an official magazine from Nintendo of America, would have used an unlicensed hardware/software instead of just using their own debug hardware and software. lol

    I agree that this Mew wasn’t generated like the Machine Mew, since the Trainer ID appears randomly generated. Otherwise it would mean that this Mew was the 24145th NINTEN Mew they generated beforehand, a very unlikely scenario.

    If I understand this correctly, this picture was made before Mew was distributed in the US which reminds me on the ゲーフリ(GameFreak) Mew from the initial reveal from the CoroCoro Magazine May 1996 issue.

    The first Mew in Japan (コロコロ) were generated procedurally by Shigeki Morimoto on his PC, it’s been said (still not confirmed, since none was preserved and examined) that they had random DVs. What we can say for sure is that they started to use these Pokémon Machines at the Nintendo Space World ‘97 Event, which was the first huge mass event with 100000 distributed Mew. That’s when the A1C5 Mew was born.

    If it’s true that this NINTEN Mew or other Mew with different DVs were distributed, we need to do everything we can to preserve them and if we can’t at least try to analyze the DVs. 

    The game uses the same function for creating a Pokémon to transform it between Party and the more compact Box format. This means in case a Pokémon reaches LV 100 before maxing EVs, it’s possible to max the EVs and to put it on a Box to force stat recalculation.

    I really hope ryuko2002 can reach MewtwoSama, so that this can be preserved.

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  5. Couldn’t have said it any better than @Deoxyz. It’s kinda impossible to recreate something that you don’t know how it works... we can only make assumptions based on Pokémon Machine 2 which is the successor of the first Pokémon Machine 1. What we would need is not only a piece of software but also the customized developer hardware that was used to make this event possible. I already have a theory how the events were done and coded but never can say for sure.

    We can only hope that the said hardware and software wasn’t destroyed and preserved by someone.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Ammako said:

    Siiiiick, Gen. 2 PCNY collection in gallery incoming? Unless the re-created distribution is only accurate enough for the purposes of the video, but not accurate enough for full legality 🤔

    Definitely legal from the initial seed to the created Pokémon. I’m not 100% confident though that we can get this program run so that it generates. I’m working hard on the newer AGB version and then we’ll see. 👍

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  7. @DeadSkullzJr Wow, so this is the dumped data from these missions? And what did you change do make them appear as ”New!”? Looking forward to see when you have mapped the data out a little bit. Also @BlackShark has been interested in it before, maybe he can help with stuff.

    3 hours ago, Purin said:

    chances are it just works as a data storage device, just like other slot-2 distributions in Gen 4.
    by theory, we just need to put the data in the correct offset inside the GBA rom and put it on a flashcart and it should work. just like decchi.bin for d/p 🤔

    Sounds interesting to me. Of course I would be interested to look at the ROM and see what’s there. 

  8. 4 hours ago, DeadSkullzJr said:

    Alright so I beat the game with that save, and managed to make the two missions fresh again:


    Awesome! Congratulations! And you say copying + pasting the mission data into another save file didn’t worked?

    Can you share the memory locations? Just for the record and just in case if others want to participate in the research. If there’s no success I might take a look later once I have time again.

    Knowing the memory locations is also important in case of reverse engineering, because then I can see which subroutines reading from those locations and this way determine the responsible subroutines. 

    As far as the cartridge goes, if it’s a Slot-2 one then, there’s still a lot I would need to learn about how it works. But shouldn’t be as difficult as if it’s coming from another NDS, in that case it’s impossible for me, because of the lack of debug tools to research this scenario...

  9. Hey there! Haven’t been active for a while, but I’m watching what’s going on... always happy to see someone interested to support research.

    I’m not sure if the gallery in this forum had been updated but we actually do have a save file with all the downloadable missions including the Mew one, the save file can be found here.

    The big issue was in fact, as you can imagine, that those have been played already and we’re very interested in resetting them back to original state and it would be cool to inject them in other save files. Unfortunately the Pokémon Ranger save files are decrypted and we don’t have the encryption algorithm.

    @Purin is right that I could reverse engineer it as I have learned how to read assembly code for ARM architecture. But I’m too busy with my private life now and there are other Pokémon related projects with higher priority. Even if I would do it, it might take me a long time and I’m not sure if it’s worth the time and effort.

    Besides I think it should be doable even without reverse engineering by just memory research. The data must be encrypted in memory and might be available for edit from there and when you save the data the change becomes permanent. All it needs is someone with patience to find the exact location. I suggest using another save file where downloadable missions are still unplayed and then clear them, compare data from before and after and see what changed.

  10. On 9/7/2019 at 3:29 PM, UndeadxReality said:

    Very true haha, I hope someday the real deal will come along and the rom will be preserved.

    We can only hope!

    Regarding the video I received PMs about this matter before. I'm rather annoyed about how this was done... (The comments in the video are really hilarious though...)
    If you want to brag about distributing a "legit" looking Mystery Gift at least do it the right way. As @theSLAYER already mentioned, there are 2 options for distributable Mystery Gifts.
    With the 1st one the received Mystery Gift won't be distributable and this means it will become legal in case you edited an official event, the received data will match the original Mystery Gift.
    The 2nd however will always send distributable Mystery Gifts matching the edit, which means they're just as illegal as the edit.
    You can see in the video that they decided to use option #2 as the received Mystery Gift has the "おくる" option.

    By the way... there is actually a chance that some Gen 3 Mystery Gifts have been officially distributed this way.
    It was at least the case with German Emerald Aurora Ticket and it has been reported here. I assume it was a leftover from debug but it could be that it was actually planned as an alternate disribution method. How many of those exist, we will never know...

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  11. The data is there but isn't shared because we don't want anyone to reconstruct gen 3 event replicas as long as the research isn't finished.
    If it's a Tanabata Jirachi 2004 from a source like Ahiru's Wonderland please don't worry. They were downloaded from the real events.
    Only some of them were altered and marked with Pokérus flag from what I remember.


    All of the 426 Mews are finally together and even the mysteries about their placements are solved thanks to @Sabresite's newest findings.
    A completely new Set of 5 Mews was discovered with the initial seed 0x5E2B. In fact it appears Mew #1, #2, #4 and #5 of the Seed 0x6065 (which I reconstructed earlier and we believed them to be in the Party) were deleted in order to generate the new Set. This leaves number #3 of Seed 0x6065 (to be found in Box 1, Slot 1) the only Mew of its Set that was actually traded/distributed, so from now on the rest of the Set will be moved to the category of "Unreleased Events". This was confirmed by Sabresite based on some old collected data and while all 5 Mews of the new 0x5E2B set were traded, 4 of the 5 0x6065 Mews weren't, so they were not on the save file when it was ready for the Distribution.

    The most confusing part to me is "WHY?" but then I came to the conclusion that it must have been because of how the software works. It was edited with minimal effort and otherwise works much the same as the newer Multi Boot software we know. Before the generation it checks how many Pokémon are in hand and if it's greater than 5 it returns false without generating anything with the respective error code. For Mystery Mew they changed it to greater than 1 and in addition they returned from the modified GenerateMew Subroutine (Mystery Mew is basically Hadou Mew btw...) with the loop inside and after the return they add 5 instead of 1 to the Team Slot. When I reconstructed Mystery Mew for the research I was thinking too complicated first and wanted to do it in a way that is smart, convenient and works smooth and dynamically, but from what I see now having analyzed different revisions and code from NOA they like keep it simple. Where the loop starts and where it ends was a big question to me as it could have been in or outside of the main function, but it is definitely within the function. The srand function is in it and this would result in a reseed everytime you call it, so it is very clear that the loop starts after the srand() call and it ends with a recalculation for the Team Slot and i+1 which is checked against the number 5 to end the loop. The most important thing however is the static number 5 being added to the Pokémon Team Count after the return and this can only mean that the check before the generation was changed too, they just swapped the numbers. Obviously the software was planned to generate no less than 5 Mews and this means that they were forced to sacrifice 4 Mews to finally fill all of the 6 Party Slots.

    Huge thanks to Sabresite for resolving this. The case was already closed to me, so I'm really happy that he gave it another shot. :) 

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  13. From what I understand Pokémon Home is meant to be more than just a storage system, which is what gets me really interested to see what they are planning to do and I'm curious to see what Pokémon Home might become in the future and what kind of features it might have, it changes the concept of Pokémon being locked to one hardware because it connects players who not only own a Nintendo Switch, but also people who own a Smartphone. Connectivity is the greatest asset of Pokémon above any other game in this world. The philosophy of GameFreak is Pokémon to be more than just a game and to realize that Pokémon needs to break its shell, which can be done by using the data outside of the game on a universal cloud platform. I have seen that potential since Pokémon Go was released and thought it would be really cool to have a place where all Pokémon gather together. This is the future of Pokémon.

    After Pokémon Go having been a real Pokémon renaissance it would have been stupid to not reflect what they have missed and what makes Pokémon so special. I'm actually more interested in Pokémon Home than Sword and Shield and it's like something I have dreamed of when I was a child, being able to communicate through Pokémon with everyone beyond my Game Boy and Trading Cards.

    I know many people are upset about the new policy, but I'm not too surprised with the announcements and saw this miles away. With over 1000 Pokémon in the future and features like temporary evolutions called "Mega Evolution" and Z-Move introduced, it was obvious that they might get rid of things as the games just become bulkier and bulkier, while at the same time they're not able to drastically improve the gameplay experience. Instead they're just updating the game and doing "maintenance" for the most part and they're not giving the games the development time they really would need to become better games and all just for the maximum of profit. Without time there is no other way and limiting the amount of accessible Pokémon means they have more time to enhance the game. So if that's what it needs I say "Go for it!".

    However... like I have already said in another thread before... I'm not convinced with the gameplay and the quality of the games and these might be the first Pokémon Games I won't buy for my own reasons. "Dynamaxing" is not something I have wished for. I wished instead of making such weird features they would focus on improving the game itself to make me feel like this is a "must play" for me. I like the idea of the "Wild Area", its communication features and that Pokémon finally starting to get AIs for the Overworld, making them feel more alive and I hope they go deeper into that direction because this is where I want Pokémon to be.

    There's still a long way to go and I just don't have the time anymore to play games that aren't fun to me anymore and in terms of Pokémon I nowadays feel like playing them is more like a duty than it's fun, because it just becomes boring to me to the same things over and over from generation to generation. There are so many other games who feel more fresh and modern with great game design, who are fun play. Besides they're definitely making one or two special versions 1-2 years later who are more polished and I feel like I could also just skip Sword & Shield and wait and get one of those....

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  14. Please don’t pay anything for Gen 3 distribution software. At least not when it’s about the “common” ones you can find circulating around including the Aurora Ticket (U.S.), Top 10, Aura Mew ect... There is a lot of controversies about replicas being made and sold, data being edited and contend being removed. As a result it’s difficult to say what’s really “untouched”. The only way to protect yourself is to not buy, those replicas are really well made and you most likely won’t be able to tell the difference from looking at the cartridge alone. You would have to dump the ROM and check it out.

    By the way... In case someone finds software which is different compared to those already known... please get in touch with me as I’m still interested to collect data and I’m able to reverse engineer it. I’m quite busy these days but if there is something important to look at I can make time for it. ;)

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  15. Just to add some information the location where the Mystery Event Record Mixing Item is stored is known for both RS and E:



    Sending Item via Record Mixing
    RS: Section 4 - 0x0BFC
    E: Section 4 - 0x0C94

    Offset     Content              Length
    0x0        Checksum             word
    0x2        Padding              word
    0x4        Distribution Limit   word
    0x5        How many times       word
    0x6        Item Index Number    word
    Total size is 8 bytes. 0x0 appears to be the checksum.
    The number at 0x4 is the Distribution limit, the number of times you can send the Ticket at 0x5 increases even if you don't send the item.
    The Eon Tickets from the Official Events could be exchanged 151 times, while in case of the e-Card version 30 times.
    If the sent item is an Eon Ticket the activation flag for the Event is automatically set by the receiving game.


    Additional information about the Eon Ticket Event for Emerald:


    E: Section 2 - 0x049A - bit 0

    Note: Unlike in Ruby & Sapphire the Eon Ticket Mystery Event is hardcoded and activated by a flag.
    Officially this was only used in Japan but the flag exists in all localized versions as well.
    When it's set the delivery guy appears at the 2F of the Pokemon Center, when you talk to him he will give you the Eon Ticket.




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  16. Encryption is unknown. Someone would have to disassemble the game to figure out the encryption method/algorithm.
    Another option would be to determine the location of the flag in memory and edit it from there. If there is no memory allocation it shouldn't be too difficult.

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