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  1. Just wanted to point out that the .pk1 file was altered, it has a terminator added after the OT Name. This was done by PKHeX and is a bug I pointed out a few years ago, it never got fixed.
    The only way to get it untouched into your game at this point is trading it from another game that has an untouched ゲーフリ/GF Mew.

    The untouched version is here


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  2. Eon Ticket

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    Yeah, it's as @theSLAYER says. 

    In Gen 3 there are actually 3 file formats for downloadable contents.

    ME3 - Mystery Events

    WN3 - Wonder News

    WC3 - Wonder Cards


    ME stands for Mystery Event and it's a completely different format, basically just containing a script and information for mixing records in case of the Eon Ticket.

    Mystery Gifts in Gen 3 are separated into 2 categories. Wonder News and Wonder Cards. 

    Wonder News are like a Newsletter and received via JoySpot locally, the Wonder News were officially only used in Japan. It includes only information for the color, optional sharing functionality and the text.

    Wonder Cards are similar received as Wonder News, via JoySpot. However this format contains Wonder Card information like Wonder Card ID, color + optional share feature... text and Pokémon Icon (Which is the Question Mark by default) and most importantly the Mystery Gift Script. 

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