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  1. Your tutorial on hacking into Pokemon Colosseum is amazing, thank you so much for your detailed walkthrough!


    I do have a question if I can pick your brain -- in Part 6, about move data editing, you said in a comment:


    It turns out that the physical/ special split was really easy to use on all moves instead of just shadow moves. ( I converted the implementation to only 5 lines of action replay code). of course actually editing each move to incorporate the physical special byte is a bit more effort but I've tested it and it works almost perfectly since it was already in the game just largely unused.

    Do you happen to still have this data, or a reference to how you made this work? I'm trying to follow how I could recreate this, and I'm having trouble figuring out where this could be set. 

    1. StarsMmd


      Sorry for the late response. 

      To clarify that comment was in response to Pokemon XD (and I presume you're trying to hack colosseum?). The split exists in XD just for shadow moves but doesn't exist in colosseum.

      I did manage to code the split in colosseum once I got a bit better with assembly though and I added the ability to add it in colosseum (US version only so far) to my hack tools. Assuming you aren't working on an apple device or virtual machine and therefore don't have access to the tool I can tell which values to change. It's a case of changing 44 bytes in Start.dol using a hex editor. Alternatively, I could help you make a ups patch that can be applied to Start.dol to change the bytes automatically. Let me know 🙂

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