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  1. Hey how do i use the IV code to make all boxes 6IVs? . Tried multiple times but failed
  2. All of these were imported from USUM via HOME . Despite some flags the met locations are correct mate . Also keep in mind this is a member contributed save so there's bound to be few flaws
  3. I suggest using Checkpoint or edison . Also you need to make sure to change the save file game type to what you have .Like if you have sword you need to change it
  4. Version 1.0.0


    First of all the Base save file belongs to @Gridelin . The 35 Pokemon are in Box 23-25 . Rest of the other boxes are done by Gridelin . 89 Pokemon in total So if you're looking for transferred Pokemon , feel free to use this file . Both Shiny an Non Shiny versions are Available so do what you want and just adjust the Pokemon to your need. Like Changing IVs , Natures and Language Hope this helps to anyone who don't own Home Enjoy
    This 5 Star is long overdue. I used the shit out of these files in the past and sometimes now as well. So thank you so much
    I used your previous ones on the 3DS too. Good job and thanks for your effort. This lets me trade/giveaway Pokemon faster since i only need to change few things
  5. Ohh ok didn't thought about that mate Thanks I Don't Feel Like Losing
  6. Does anyone have Gb Icon pk7 files? I tried making them but failed. If Download links are available please let me know Thanks I Don't Feel Like Losing
  7. So guys remember we pull it off on XY and ORAS using Cyber save to replace the Game sync ID. Do you think it'll still work? Have anyone tried it out? I wanna try but wanna make sure if its working or not. Thanks I Don't Feel Like Losing
  8. The new sdtv update have the antisave game restore feature. It automatically do that but the problem is after I back the save to the sd and edit it then when I want to rewrite the original one, I can't find the place or the option to replace it Anyone know how to do it or a video tutorial?
  9. So I downloaded a OR CIA and installed. Played and try to replace the save with a Japanese save file since the cia was region free. But it keeps corrupting Same language but still nothing
  10. Guys I finally collected and Divide the Pokemon to Boxes. Every pokemon is Shiny and have a Battle ready moveset Gen 7 only most used Mons have Battle ready movesets that includes the UB's. These Pokemon are from XY ORAS. Inside the archive there are save files for the games as well. XY ORAS SM. (Use at your own risk) Only pokemon I forgot to put was Marshadow. Since I forgot it exist. Hope you guys have fun using these. (link invalid, removed) Have fun.
  11. So some Pokemon are 6iv but not all Everything is shiny and the island scan pokemon who caught in game still trigger the legal check on pkhex. Just ignore it. Other than that have fun . IslandScans.rar
  12. Until they roll out the main update cybersave for sun Moon is not available. They keep saying it's on process so the best thing is to wait.
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