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  1. I already completed the 3 quests. caught the birds . So I guess only thing is to catch necrozma and show it to the climber dude. I caught hetran, rayq, suicune, and few others from the max den. But no necrozma yet
  2. Currently Victini, Volcanion, Diancie, Genesect are not released in game yet . So it will take time till they get released. These days I'm a bit busy so wont be playing . Because of that wont be able to finish anytime soon . But gonna try and see
  3. All the max lair legendary mons are obtained via catching and trading. Then edited in Pkhex. Rest are all my mons , traded ones and got from save files from other people in the past. I myself didn't make any via pkhex Mew is from the event data base
  4. Version 1.1.6


    No locked Pokemon ( Locked for battles ) Everything from Full Galar Dex is here There are some flags. Do check them but all minor stuff Missing Pokemon as of now Victini, Volcanion, Diancie, Genesect Main story - Completed Isle of Armor - Completed Crown Tundra - Main 3 quests were completed. Regis, Birds captured Pokedex Main Galar Dex - Completed Isle of Armor - Completed Crown Tundra - Completed Bag Needs some cleaning
  5. Hey how do i use the IV code to make all boxes 6IVs? . Tried multiple times but failed
  6. All of these were imported from USUM via HOME . Despite some flags the met locations are correct mate . Also keep in mind this is a member contributed save so there's bound to be few flaws
  7. I suggest using Checkpoint or edison . Also you need to make sure to change the save file game type to what you have .Like if you have sword you need to change it
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