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  1. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Turns out the UK VC Mew for Gen. I is broken when traded to Gen. II, because they had marked it as nicknamed and set the empty name spaces to 00 rather than 50, which makes it display as MEW??????? in-game. Also they specifically skipped one title ID per region to leave room for Crystal (goes JPN Gold 0004000000172300, JPN Silver 0004000000172400, ENG Gold 0004000000172600, ENG Silver 0004000000172700, GER Gold 0004000000172900, GER Silver 0004000000172A00, etc.) Gen. I went JPN Red 0004000000170C00 all the way to ITA Yellow 0004000000171e00 without skipping numbers.
  2. Since Citra has problems with X/Y where the game crashes during the intro, and in some cases, when choosing your starter, I went ahead and made save files for every gender + appearance + starter combinations. Each save file is saved right after receiving the starter, and the files are named appropriately (left/center/right refers to the character appearance, in the same order as they appear during the intro.) You just have to rename the file to main, open the save file in PKHeX to change OT, ID numbers and any other kind of info you'd want to change, and/or if you want a certain nature/certain IVs on your starter. Important: PKHeX does not support editing your nickname for X/Y as of now. You will have to manually hex edit that yourself. The most straightforward way to do so is to: Open the save file in PKHeX, go to the Trainer Info menu, set your Trainer Name to your desired nickname and save the file. Open the save file in a hex editor (I personally like and recommend HxD) and press Ctrl+G to bring up the Goto menu. Type in 14048 (and select hex in the radio buttons, if it isn't already set to that by default) and press OK. This brings you over to where your Trainer Name is located in the save file. Highlight the bytes from 0x14048 to 0x1405F and Copy (Ctrl+C) them. Then move the cursor over to 0x14062 and hit Ctrl+B to Paste+Write the bytes you copied from your OT. Save the file, then open it in PKHeX and change your Trainer Name to what you actually want as your OT. Save the file (this will also correct the save file checksum; two birds one stone!) I've not tested them, but they should hopefully work fine for their intended purpose. Apparently I can spend 3 hours making those save files, but I'm too lazy to dump&decrypt X/Y to test them in Citra. Those are X save files, also. As far as I'm aware they should work fine with Y too but correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    Gen I and II literally don't matter, everything sent over to newer Gens. (VII) gets recalculated entirely. The only thing that can still remain illegal where it matters is shinies, due to certain DV spreads being impossible. That's it. Everything since Gen. III matters because a lot of data is preserved as-is no matter which Gen. you transfer it to. PID will never change, IVs and nature will always have to match the PID, that's all checkable and it all matters. Gen. I and II are so simplistic that literally the only thing that could possibly matter is DVs where impossible DV combinations exist (and things like Pokémon that can't be found in the wild.) There are no official tournaments being held for Gen. I, there is no online connectivity, any online connectivity goes through Gen. VII which again recalculates pretty much everything and rendering the vast majority of what would be illegal, legal. I and II stopped being relevant a long time ago. It literally does not matter, calling me out on it for being "toxic" is uncalled for. Yeah of course, because I have good reasons to think Gen. I legality doesn't matter means I'm part of the reason why is lenient on hacking in Gen. VI/VII. It's completely unrelated.
  4. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    Over-reacting much?
  5. There is value in being clear and concise. A vast majority of your post doesn't contribute in any way to the point you're trying to make, it's just filler for the sake of being filler. Just my two Pokédollars. Not that I don't agree with the tl;dr, though.
  6. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    It probably wouldn't be a big deal, no-one really trades between Gen. I on a large scale and any Pokémon sent over to Gen. VII has its stats re-calculated anyway. While several shiny DV combinations may be impossible, there's gotta be at least one which -is- possible, so even if someone had an impossible shiny DV set it wouldn't matter anymore once sent to Gen. VII.
  7. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    ACE exploits go way beyond regular gameplay. You're basically ram hacking the game at this point.
  8. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    Yeah it's pretty easy to test too with save editing. I'm pretty sure that was only in Gen. IV though. Also, while Glitch Mew with GF/22796 may not be legal if it doesn't have maxed out DVs like the original event, something worth noting is that the transfer to Gen. VII effectively makes it legal (as long as it doesn't have shiny DVs, ofc.)
  9. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    (Note I've only been able to transfer Hall of Origin Arceus if they were Lv. 100, sounds like Nintendo doesn't actually check game of origin, they just assume Lv. 100 Arceus with your own OT = Entree Forest Arceus.) That was a few years ago though, no idea if they fixed or changed that in the meantime. Haven't had a Bank subscription in a long time.
  10. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    You may not be the original trainer, but at this point this is basically the same as legit vs legal. Only difference between a legit Pokémon and a legal Pokémon is that deep down inside your heart you know that no cheating or save editing was involved in that Pokémon's existence. As far as the game is concerned, legit and legal are identical. Likewise, only difference here is that you technically aren't the original trainer, because you know that you weren't the one to obtain that Pokémon, but as far as the game is concerned, none of this matters. Same OT/ID/SID, you are the OT. The only difference there is to make goes beyond the game, game doesn't care about that though. It is a clever exploit of game mechanics, not one that I would consider a bug though. Especially in Gen. IV where only ID had to match in order to nickname Pokémon. At 1/65535 there is a lot of people in the world who just randomly happened to get the same ID number as an event Pokémon. (If they really wanted to prevent that from happening they would have used a bigger hidden personal identification number per-trainer, and made event Pokémon use a number that was specifically not obtainable through normal gameplay.)
  11. Is a Shiny Glitch Mew Legal?

    Mew glitch isn't something that someone would just randomly accidentally do, though. " If you encountered a Mew in that scenario, would you NOT catch it because it'll potentially be illegal? lol " Maybe you'd still catch it, that doesn't make it any more legal though. And of course nicknamed event Pokémon are legal, if it's legally possible to obtain the right conditions that allow nicknaming. For the record, Gen. IV only requires TID to match (SID and OT name don't even need to match.) Does Gen. III require both ID/SID and OT? Is SID of 00000 possible? Asking whether GAMESTP Celebi should be considered legal or not was one thing, but here we're pretty much asking "should this Pokémon obtained via a very convoluted and obviously not intended bug/exploit of game mechanics be considered legal?" I think the answer is obvious and shouldn't even have to be asked. Should we consider -anything- from Gen. I/II legal, just because ACE technically makes it possible in-game?
  12. [REQUEST] Japanese FR/LG/E Saves

    I didn't have a very good experience with using save files from other language games in FR/LG, though I know that for R/S/E it seems to work fine. I could use my Japanese save file on an English game, then activated the cheat codes that enable the events (that was years ago before the event injection tools) but whenever I tried sending it back to Japanese game, the game kept saying that the save file was corrupted, and it reverted back to the previous save. It might still be worth a try, though. No harm.
  13. So if the DVs are random, I assume this means STADIUM 'mons can turn out shiny when transferred to G7? That with Gen. I's simplistic pkm structure, sounds like I don't really need to bother with Stadium, can just create my own set of STADIUM events and they'll be legal.
  14. [REQUEST] Japanese FR/LG/E Saves

    You're just looking for any generic save files, right? To use cheats or tools to inject the events? If you don't feel like speeding through Japanese LG on an emulator yourself I can probably do that, I had to do it at some point sooner or later anyway so it might as well be now. Sounds like Emerald saves are already around so you're set for that, unless they aren't good for some reason?
  15. 2-Factor Authentication

    (That being said, it goes without saying that you should also have 2FA active on your e-mail account.) Not necessarily aimed at you specifically, but anyone who may be reading this who cares about their account's security.
  16. Gen III Event Contribution Thread

    Don't you have NOR flash on your EZ4? Write it there
  17. Some help Here

    (For future reference, there is a reason why PKHeX asks to create a backup folder the first time you run it.) I can't really help with that problem, but to avoid losing everything in the future, make backups of save files you don't want to risk losing before saving/writing If you believe that certain changes you've made may have corrupted your save file, it can help to describe what you were doing at the time (although it's more likely that corruption to this extent was caused by something else.) There is a lot of corruption in the data and most of your stuff likely isn't really recoverable (unless I did things wrong.) Load them in PKHeX, figure out what is corrupted and what isn't, some of them have slight corruption in OT and Nicknames and are easily fixable manually, some are partially corrupted, some can't be viewed at all, but I guess this may be the best you can get. In the future I highly recommend you never save over your original file. When you dump your save file, move that somewhere safe (and perhaps make sure the file didn't get corrupted while moving it), and save on a new file rather than overwriting your original file. That way if something goes wrong, you can always write that original save file back to your game. JKSM may even be able to do this for you automatically. I think you can make two backups and it'll save both of them to different folders, and you can edit one while you leave the other one untouched. Of course, this won't help if your SD card itself gets corrupted, but still.
  18. Thanks for (indirectly) bringing to my attention that TWLSaveTool has been updated to make EoS work properly haha. I never bothered keeping up with it and figured it would never get fixed since SGM on the DS had never fixed it. Figured that game was just so weird that no-one knew how it worked.
  19. VC RBY - Virtual Console Mew (UK)

    Yeah they'd never do that, they know 100% it would immediately get uploaded to various piracy websites. It's more likely they would host it through Pokémon Bank, if they did something like that. They can always make a Bank update that adds a serial code redemption menu, give away serial codes, user enters it, selects a relevant VC game, and the gift gets written to its save file.
  20. 4th Gen Save File not empty WC list

    I had a similar problem when I tried with Pearl last month. Created a brand new save file on DeSmuME and it had a bogus Wondercard like this in PCD slot-3. However, when I tried the same thing again but on real hardware with a retail cartridge, then dumped the save file, everything was fine, so I wrote it off as an emulator error and didn't really bother reporting that. If you're getting this with a save file from a retail cart that hasn't been tampered with, it's definitely worth uploading the save files here. You can delete any Pokémon from it that you don't want other people to be able to just take before uploading. My sample size was only 2 so it's possible that this wasn't actually an emulator error. That being said, it may be worth it to upload emulator saves that exhibit the same issue as well. (I do not have that save file anymore, I can try and reproduce it though if uploading saves can help.)
  21. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    All because Nintendo didn't dispose of them properly. >.o Most will be completely unusable in their current state but plenty of people have restored them into working carts so it's not like hope is lost for those. They'll never look as good as untouched ones though.
  22. 3DS Update 11.3.0-36

    That's pretty funny, I literally checked yesterday to see if they had come up with a new firmware update yet, and today this haha.
  23. This is Regarding Pokemon XY

    Your own Friend Safari depends on your Friend Code, others' Safaris depend on their Friend Codes. I don't know if you could edit your friend code short of formatting your 3DS.
  24. They would never ban someone for just having a Pokémon like this lol, considering it fits within every legal boundary (as far as Nintendo is concerned, anyway; it's possible that this ID/SID combination can't actually occur legitimately but Nintendo likes to pretend that their RNG is 100% random.) Heck chances are they wouldn't even acknowledge that this specific PID/IV spread is only possible after leaving the game running for months. Getting banned because you happen to have a Pokémon with ID 31337? Eh not gonna happen. Nintendo doesn't care about IDs (outside of actual event Pokémon.) As far as I'm aware people were banned for 1: having Marshadow, or 2: having edited any kind of data on their save file that results in a mismatch with Global Link <-- likely wouldn't ever be a problem if you never set up Game Sync in the first place.
  25. Ash Greninja - United Kingdom

    If you still have the Wondercard on your save file (that you got this exact Greninja from), you can always get the PID from it, if you care about reverting it back to what it was prior to accidentally re-rolling the PID. Export the card, drag it to main tabs, the PID it gives you is the one that was in your WC. So you can copy it and paste it back to your Greninja. ;p