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  1. This seems strange to me. If PCNY Mew was only shiny, then wouldn't people have remembered this? And what about the people who still had theirs?
  2. Gen. 7 are card1. But this is encrypted save data, unless you are able to extract the required keys from the cartridge and someone makes a program that can do the decryption on PC, you can't do much with it.
  3. It looks like that may be an option, since Scatterbug and Spewpa seem to have form data, but I've never tried trading Scatterbug eggs so I couldn't guarantee. It's possible that the form gets reset when it hatches, but it's possible that it's retained too, since I'm pretty sure region and country data on eggs is kept even if you trade the egg and somebody else hatches it.
  4. Don't use rngreporter main window, use gamecube time finder.
  5. As long as a form is available within your 3DS's region, then using your own OT and ID/SID should be legal for it. What form you get while playing depends on your system's country settings, and unless that's changed in Gen. 7 compared to Gen. 6, this is not static despite the information being kept in the save file. If you change your region settings, it changes in the save file when you boot up the game. So you could just change your country settings and get almost all, if not all, vivillon forms on just one save file. If a form is only available on another region system, due to the required countries not being selectable on yours, then it wouldn't be legal, because you wouldn't be able to use a cartridge of your region on another region 3DS without mods for region-free.
  6. Delete secure value. But any modern save manager should already be doing this for you.
  7. You're making a gen 8 format Pokémon.
  8. Was are*, not and. It means .TID and .SID are the 5-digit TID and SID, not the 4/6 digit SID/TID from Gen. 7+. 16 bit numbers being 0 to FFFF, or 0 to 65535. So to set SID and TID for 'mons of Gen. 7+ origin, you'd have to use .TrainerID7/.TrainerSID7 instead.
  9. Something tells me it may not matter online, given how in the past they've always argued that everything was random even though we knew better, but who knows. Maybe this time around they've actually wisened up and actually have thorough checks for legality just like we've had for over a decade.
  10. 8.1 supports .NET framework 4.6 just fine. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=42335
  11. It might be worth uploading save files, in case there's an issue that only happens under certain conditions. Then it's possible it would only happen on saves that meet those conditions, and others would be unable to reproduce.
  12. I'd be interested in seeing if the egg you traded him and that he hatched was changed, at the time that he hatched it, compared to what you sent him. In case Gen. 8 changed things and that you could no longer have a non-shiny egg turn shiny after a trade. But most likely, if it didn't work, it's because those aren't actually his ID numbers.
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