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  1. I wanted to be able to change the Pokémon that are recorded upon defeating Gym Leaders, that you can check from an NPC in Lacunosa Town (BW/B2W2), Laverre City (XY) and Mossdeep City (ORAS.) Couldn't find the info online, I doubt anyone cared enough to figure that out, so I did it myself. Offsets: BW: 21258-212B7 B2W2: 2115C-211BB XY: 1D82C-1D88B ORAS: 1E860-1E8BF Twelve bytes per badge, in the same order as the badges themselves. Two bytes per Pokémon according to National Pokédex number, in little-endian, in the same order as what the NPC shows you.
  2. Why am I not surprised that people are actually defending Mew being locked behind a $50 paywall. That you can obtain it as "just a nice bonus" from the Pokéball controller is one thing, it would be just that, a nice bonus, but specifically preventing you from transferring Mew over from GO just proves that Nintendo's intent is on money grabbing, not offering nice bonuses.
  3. FYI: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/12737-archived-sticky-emerald-pal-park-pokeshifter-ageto-celebi-111/ From 2011, and at the bottom of this section also.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I liked the RNGed Faraway Island shiny Mew, made as a PokéPark Mew lookalike, that was posted here last year by St. GIGA, and I thought it might be fun to have something similar for Manaphy. This is possible because the World Hobby Fair Manaphy was given out in a regular Poké Ball and without any kind of event-only ribbons, meaning that a Pokémon Ranger Manaphy can be made to look like it at a first glance, especially once transferred to Gen. V and beyond. OT: みずのたみ ID: 12226 SID: 01337 IVs: 31/27/31/31/29/31 A flawless one could easily be obtained using a different SID, but I wanted the 01337 SID, as a nod to the aforementioned shiny Mew which has 31337 as its SID (31337 might be possible, but I don't personally see the advantage as the delay required would be much longer.) Note: I haven't actually RNGed this; I didn't really care, I just wanted it for my personal collection, but I figured that other people might like the idea and be interested in having a copy of it so I'm submitting it. It should still be legal, regardless. I have included the relevant information from RNGReporter if anybody wishes to verify legality, or if you care about complete legitimacy and would like to RNG your own.
  5. As per a brand new save file: POKEMON_D_ADAE05.sav Forms are incorrectly read, showing duplicated forms as Seen when they shouldn't be (e.g. two East Shellos/Gastrodon as Seen, two Origin Giratina, two Sky Shaymin) Deoxys, Burmy, Wormadam and Rotom (Pt/HGSS) break the Pokédex editor, so does Pichu (HGSS.) (GetDexFormValues returns a handful -1 form IDs for these, from 1st arg being wrong/invalid) Using Seen All/Caught All/Complete Dex, you can even get it to crash on Arceus with the same error, but it doesn't normally crash there since Arceus doesn't actually display its forms in the UI for Gen 4 saves. Unown works fine, its forms are read/set differently from every other. If all forms have been marked as Seen by the game via normal gameplay or via a different save editor (see here), then everything is read and recognized properly in PKHeX, but any edits made in PKHeX will break it again for that Pokémon. If even just one form is unseen, it breaks in the same ways. (Additional strange behavior: the labels for seen/unseen forms are active and clickable at all times for DP save files, allowing them to be marked as Seen without explicitly checking the Seen checkmark first, whereas they are grayed out on Pt/HGSS until the Seen checkbox is checked.)
  6. I'd just like to personally thank @argus1963 . Been looking forward to this one since December, and it's finally here. I can stop lurking around here now.
  7. Are we both talking about the same Nintendo? Those who programmed in a shiny check for Wishmaker Jirachi, but failed to have it function properly; those who programmed Emerald's RNG and yet failed to properly pass RTC data to it, resulting in a permanent starting seed of 0; those who mis-programmed Partner Cap Pikachu's script rendering the shiny check useless, and forgetting to set the Not-OT handler byte; those who... the list goes on (and it's not just Game Freak, Nintendo has made plenty of errors writing invalid characters onto official Nintendo event OTs. Remember 20th Mew and XY&Z trio?) Repeating the same mistake from the Japanese event to the UK event doesn't seem so Farfetch'd, either. Create Japanese event, everything looks fine and no-one notices the error since it doesn't cause any visible issues in-game. Copy/paste it to different language, of course the same mistake would be present again. No reason for them to have changed it at the time. Then they notice it during Gen. II VC development and add in a quick fix to correct the terminator bytes. (Besides, if the developers believed it to be proper behavior at the time of writing, then repeating the same mistake would be expected, not unusual.)
  8. You wanted me to let you know if it happened again, so here I am. Logged in once on mobile and on desktop, got 5 e-mails for both logins (for a total of 10.)
  9. Hanlon's razor. This is Nintendo you're talking about.
  10. Ammako

    legality about Gen 2

    I was told Korean VC couldn't communicate with non-Korean VC.
  11. fwiw, if the thread title were changed to more accurately reflect what is actually being collected here, more people who aren't interested in proto/demo Pokémon might check the thread and see that other things are being collected which they are actually interested in. Maybe it'd bring in more people who would contribute. I don't think there's really a point in calling it prototype/unreleased Pokémon anymore, when uncatchable Pokémon (be it cover legendaries, wild Pokémon or trainers' Pokémon) are anything but prototype nor unreleased content.
  12. (Looks like the focus of the thread has really shifted away from "Unreleased/Prototype Pokémon", to "anything which can't be captured without cheating." Shouldn't the thread title be changed to something which more appropriately reflects what is being collected here?)
  13. It wouldn't be surprising for shiny Celebi to be transferable even if it weren't obtainable. Mew was (is?)
  14. (Does code from the patch files count as copyrighted content?)
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