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  1. I wanted to be able to change the Pokémon that are recorded upon defeating Gym Leaders, that you can check from an NPC in Lacunosa Town (BW/B2W2), Laverre City (XY) and Mossdeep City (ORAS.) Couldn't find the info online, I doubt anyone cared enough to figure that out, so I did it myself. Offsets: BW: 21258-212B7 B2W2: 2115C-211BB XY: 1D82C-1D88B ORAS: 1E860-1E8BF Twelve bytes per badge, in the same order as the badges themselves. Two bytes per Pokémon according to National Pokédex number, in little-endian, in the same order as what the NPC shows you.
  2. You wanted me to let you know if it happened again, so here I am. Logged in once on mobile and on desktop, got 5 e-mails for both logins (for a total of 10.)
  3. fwiw, if the thread title were changed to more accurately reflect what is actually being collected here, more people who aren't interested in proto/demo Pokémon might check the thread and see that other things are being collected which they are actually interested in. Maybe it'd bring in more people who would contribute. I don't think there's really a point in calling it prototype/unreleased Pokémon anymore, when uncatchable Pokémon (be it cover legendaries, wild Pokémon or trainers' Pokémon) are anything but prototype nor unreleased content.
  4. (Looks like the focus of the thread has really shifted away from "Unreleased/Prototype Pokémon", to "anything which can't be captured without cheating." Shouldn't the thread title be changed to something which more appropriately reflects what is being collected here?)
  5. (Does code from the patch files count as copyrighted content?)
  6. https://glitchcity.info/wiki/Roaming_Pokémon_IV_glitch
  7. I'll do it. Also I can't really think straight right now, but is there anything that's still completely missing and still needs to be "dumped"? and if so, which ones? Not sure if I understood the request completely, but this should at least be more manageable I hope. Images for imagedex.zip
  8. Technically this is the second time it's happened, I think. Was a while ago, I just didn't really bother saying anything at the time. I made a VM under a different OS so it would recognize it as a different device, and tried just to see if it did it every time. Seems it sent two this time. It's not really that big of a deal, I just figured it probably wasn't intentional and would be worth mentioning. Not sure if it only happens with me or if others have noticed it happen too.
  9. @Drk If you don't have a capture card but have CFW: https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/wiki/Dumping-Game-Cartridges
  10. Just want to mention that the site rapid fire sends tons of e-mail notifications at once for new device login. Click to login once, I receive 7 emails about it within 1 minute, half of which end up in Spam folder. Seems a bit overkill, and unintentional.
  11. That's obviously not what I'm referring to lol. Your solution is akin to blowing up an entire house who simply has a cockroach infestation. And:
  12. Has anyone looked into Rotom dex? Doing a normal playthrough in Ultra Sun, beating every trainer and picking up every item I could find, it started bothering me about "advice you didn't ask for" every time I did anything in the game around the time I reached Malie City. I talked and interacted with Rotom every chance I had during that playthrough Speeding through Ultra Moon with high level Pokémon, avoiding as many trainers as possible, and making a point to ignore Rotom, I'm at the top of Mount Lanakila now and Rotom still hasn't bothered me with his useless advice yet. It doesn't seem like the "Rotomdex interactions" counter really matters for it (at least, not it alone), because despite resetting it to 0, Rotom would still give all that useless advice that just prevents me from using the map for its intended purpose. It would be pretty useful if it were figured out, so I could just make it shut up in my Ultra Sun game without having to restart the game, lol.
  13. It's really just a 1 byte edit to the rom from 0B to 00 (and another byte if they'd bother fixing the checksum.) A byte which is never used for anything else. https://hax.iimarckus.org/post/45865/#p45865 Would be the same process for the Japanese version, just with a different offset. Unless they want to make defeating Red/having all badges a requirement, in which case this wouldn't be ideal and they'd need bigger edits, I guess...
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