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  1. We can't see the full path of the files you're trying to load, but it looks like you've got things confused. The first file at the top should be the .xdelta patch, the second file in the middle should be the original .nds rom file of Platinum you're looking to patch, and the third file at the bottom is the location where you want to save the patched rom at, as a .nds file.
  2. I'm fairly certain that you can't trade things that aren't in the Hoenn dex until you get the National Pokédex, regardless of whether you are trading to or from Emerald.
  3. 1b02819 is where it broke, 84d1354 before it was fine. @theSLAYER I can see from your screenshot that the Displayed flag was not cleared, when you cleared your Pokédex data. This would explain why the Pokémon aren't showing up as shiny once you re-import them, because the flag for them to display as non-shiny is explicitly set.
  4. It's a bit buggy right now. You might find this interesting: https://gfycat.com/spottedbothharvestmen
  5. I have nothing better to do, so no worries. By the way, I think you may have uploaded the wrong save file for AS; this one seems to be a Y save file. I can also tell you that this is not an issue exclusive to your save file, I got a save file from someone who dumped theirs from real hardware and the same thing happens with that one.
  6. I think that might just be it, it's setting the Seen and Owned flags, but not the Language and Displayed flags. But from there, there are two possibilities: 1: PKHeX isn't setting the flags at all (best case scenario) 2: PKHeX is attempting to set those flags, but at the wrong offsets, resulting in unrelated data being edited If 1: is the case, you're in luck, because this means you can just manually go through the Pokédex list in PKHeX and set the Displayed and Language flags accordingly, and it'll solve your issues. If 2: is the case however, I probably wouldn't recommend continuing to use your edited save file, because we don't know what data might have been incorrectly modified and what kind of side-effects it could have. These kind of things happen far more often than you might think, mind you. I don't think I even have enough fingers on one hand to count how many times Pokédex flags handling has been screwed up in-between PKHeX updates. Code refactors tend to introduce regressions like that. I'll go back through commits and find a release where everything hopefully works as expected.
  7. For what it's worth, I can reproduce the issue. It doesn't matter whether I drag and drop or use the import boxes function, the end result is the same. PKHeX seems to not be setting the "displayed" flag, only the "Seen" flag.
  8. Would you mind uploading the original save from before you did any of the transferring?
  9. Can you import your pokémon via drag and drop instead of loading boxes, and see if this avoids the issue?
  10. Which version of PKHeX are you using? It seems that it may have applied the wrong flags for pokédex displayed form when you transferred your Pokémon, while properly marking the non-shiny form as seen and leaving the shiny form as unseen.
  11. I don't think that would make a difference, having a file type being set to be open with a certain program by default shouldn't prevent them from being openable by other programs. I read a thing about some newer version of NO$GBA having the raw save type toggle directly in the settings, maybe if you have that version you need to actually change it in the settings, and maybe manually editing the .ini wouldn't work. If you're able to load the save in a different emulator, then maybe you'd be able to re-save it there, and it may save it in a compatible file format. I can't really recommend using NO$GBA nowadays, when mGBA exists. Your file is the right size, though, so I couldn't really say what's wrong with it, just making guesses.
  12. In your NO$GBA.ini file, is "SAV/SNA File Format" set to "Raw"?
  13. Are you running a rom or an installed cia? There is a possibility that Citra might be emulating the whole secure value bs if you're using a cia.
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