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  1. That was only when pk3DS edited only the Poke3Select menu, which did not change which starter you actually received (just what appeared).

    CRO verification is the cause of the crash.

    Ah ok.

    Another question.. well rather something I noticed.

    When you randoize move types/category, and then randomize the level up moves - EVEN with 50% STAB, the pokemon hardly gets any stab move.

    I am not a programmer so I am not sure how that randomization works, but maybe you could work on that a little better?

    For example, IF Gengar is randomized to Grass type and the move Fly is a grass type move, so maybe make it possible for gengar to know that move by that 50% STAB chance.

    I have randomized TONS of times, and pokemon hardly learn any STAB moves.

  2. Having the same problem with the github build using AS. I edited the starters and the type effectiveness, but it just freezes at the point where you would gain control in the truck. Tried it as a .3ds in Gateway, and a .cia in both rxTool and Gateway, same result for both.

    I can confirm. Changing starters crash the game.

    Using the latest download on the first page crashes the game at catching tutorial

  3. Thank you, randomizing by BST worked but it set all the Trainers Levels to Level 1 or even 0. I guess I'll just fix it manually.

    EDIT: Never mind, was looking at the wrong thing. Sorry. Thanks for this amazing tool Kaphotics!

    I've noticed that when battling certain Trainers, the game freezes. For example, rich boy Winston was randomized to a Pokemon Trainer with no sprite so that battle freezes. Also, before Slateport, I ran into May and I can't progress in the game because when the battle with her begins the screen turns black and freezes.

    I have reported that before.

    Randomizing trainer class makes the game freeze at certain points. I guess Kaphotics cant figure out the issue.

  4. Hi.

    I want to request 4 features :)

    1: First of all, the Pokemon Listing by Pokedex Number. (maybe let people choose if they want by pokedex number or alphabetical order).

    2: All ITEMS, like it used to be in pokesav. All items by category, such as key, medicine etc.

    3: When a pokemon is initially loaded without any move, maybe load 2-3 of moves that into its moveset that it can learn normally (relates to 4)

    4: Make A LEGIT mode, so if a pokemon knows a move that it shoudnt learn, automatically replace it with a random move that it normally learns. Make a "LEGAL ONLY" mode option? Which will allow people to make legal only pokemons and that way the illegal moves get automatically replaced.

    These are features that will help me out a lot :) but obviously not completely necessary. Just makes things easier.

  5. pk3DS only randomizes single battle trainer classes. Ensure you are using the most up to date version.

    After further testing, yet again I can confirm that randomizing trainer class crashes the game at certain points.

    Namely: Team Aqua/Magma double battle at Meteor Falls, Team Aqua/Magma double battle at Southern Island, Team Aqua/Magma SINGLE battle at Weather Instituite, Team Aqua/Magma Single Battle at Mt Pyre.

    At that point after Mt Pyre, I just wasnt bothered testing any further.

    I know you said double battles are untouched when randomizing trainer class, but why does it crash the game at those battles?


  6. pk3DS only randomizes single battle trainer classes. Ensure you are using the most up to date version.

    I do have the latest version.

    Tried your latest compiled version and compiled one myself aswell.

    Mind you, its not just double battles that crash. There is a single battle in Weather Instituite against Team Aqua/Magma, and another single battle at Mt Pyre that also crashes the game.

    I used savedatafiler to dump the save and restore it on another rom where everything but trainer class was randomized and the game didnt crash at those points.

    Its definetely something to do with randomizing trainer class.

  7. There's a bug with the move editor, where for some reason the GARC file is packed incorrectly for X/Y only, resulting in a wrong file size.

    Original 2/1/2: 34,672 bytes

    Edited 2/1/2: 24,812 bytes

    It might have something to do with this line in Moves.cs:

     private void formClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e)
               [b]ARC.packMini("move", "WD", "0", ".bin");[/b]

    I'm not sure what ARC.packMini does, but when I removed that line from the source, the X/Y file now is packed with the right size. Maybe it only needs to be executed for OR/AS?

    I have no idea lol. I dont look into the source code. I only compile and test the latest commit.

    But since you can see a difference in size, that is probably the cause.

  8. After further testing, I can confirm that Randomizing Attacks(moves types/category), Egg moves, Learning moves(level up moves) etc, crashes the game in Pokemon X/Y.

    Although the CTR check shows that the rom itself is fine after re-building, the game still crashes.

    Maybe a problem with X/Y games itself when changing those things? Or the randomizer screws something up?

    Randomizing EVERYTHING works great in ORAS. No problem with ORAS.

  9. ORAS. It's really annoying an I'm worried that an unavoidable trainer is going to crash my game and I won't be able to get past. I was lucky the trainer who crashed my game was a youngster in Roxanne's gym (unsure what his trainer class was randomized as it crashed before it was shown)

    Ya :/

    Team Magma/Aqua battle crashes at some point. (Weather institution, mt pyre) and a lot of other battles too.

    Specially double battles.

    Oh and the battle with Steven at Southern Island also crashes when you do double battles.

    For some reason my error reports are completely being ignored so whatever.

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