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    I feel like I know more about this topic, and the guide Poke J linked is quite outdated. Why do you want an Emunand exactly? That should be the first question since what suits you best depends on that.

    The recommended method is to install A9LH and don't use EMUNand at all. For that follow this guide: https://3ds.guide/
    Some notes about current A9LH installation:
    - You do a full nand backup before the process starts. You should keep at least 2 copies of that somewhere safe (different hard disks) since this nand backup can be used to restore your 3DS to exactly how it was before you installed A9LH, used CFW or anything.
    - A9LH allows you to directly boot into CFW EMUNand way faster than other methods.
    - A9LH can be uninstalled without restoring a nand backup, so you might install A9LH to use an emunand and leave your SYSNand untouched (except for A9LH installation) and remove it anytime you want. If you don't use EMUNand and install a crapload of things to your sysnand over the months and at some point you want to "unmodify" your 3DS, the best way is to restore your Nand backup, since that gets you back where you started.

    IMPORTANT: if you suspend (close the lid) of your console during A9LH installation you will brick it. This is the only significant danger in A9LH installation, since the programs have many safety checks to ensure everything goes fine.

    Boot process on A9LH + Luma CFW (the recommended cfw):
    - Power ON (and that's all, you can now access everything)

    If you want EMUNand because you have a 9.0<->11.3 firmware console and you want to leave your SYSNand untouched, you can run EMUNand from homebrew launcher and you never have to install anyhting on your 3DS, but the boot process is tedious and longer, but valid if you are afraid of messing up A9LH installation. I don't have link for a guide for this method, but it is possible to do it this way. On firmwares that have menuhax you can speed up the boot process, menuhax sometimes fails.

    The boot process for Emunand on untouched sysnand would be:
    - Power ON
    - Use entrypoint to get on homebrew launcher (depends on firmware)
    - Run fasthax (or the alternative for 11.3 that came out recently)
    - Run the kernel exploit (safehax I believe)
    - Run the EMUNand launcher (I believe just Luma CFW launcher at this point)
    - Wait until EMUNand boots.

    To setup an emunand you just need to use Emunand9 under kernel access, (BACKUP YOUR SD CARD FIRST! CONTENTS GET ERASED AND YOU HAVE TO COPY THEM OVER AFTER SETUP!): https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-emunand9-open-source-emunand-formatter-manager.405921/
    Emunand9 basically formats your SD card, makes the emunand partition and copies your sysnand over to the emunand partition ready to be boot with a CFW like Luma. Afterwars you just need to copy the contents you backed up from your SD card again onto the SD card.

    ps: all homebrew in the most updated version have many safety checks to ensure nothing goes wrong, but doing things with kernel access always means there's a chance something goes wrong (normally due to the user doing something wrong/skipping some steps) and bricking your 3DS.

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  2. They have no purpose (hence why they are called trash bytes) but ultimately form part of the event, so without them you know the event isn't the original. This also prevebts propper recreation.

    You could do something similar that is the same in all in-game implications, but it would still not be the real deal, which is what we ultimately want in event preservation.

    I.E morpheo made years ago AR codes for custom wondercards to enable the events, and you get the same 100% legit pokemon (except for mew since he didn't make jap codes) but the goal here is to have the real stuff or we would just use the existing AR codes that enable the events.

  3. I just completed R1 and got the save for the farfetch'd, I'll leave R2 for another time, the game requires lots of battles for just a special gliscor... Those tournaments with random teams are hard, when using a registered team is so much easier. I've been posponing finishing stadium 2 for months, any time is as good as another.

    EDIT: OK, done with R2, here's the Stadium 1 + Stadium 2 saves file @Poke J


    ps: that challenge cup is really a knightmare if you only want to get it done as quickly as possible...but the concept of random teams was fun until I got upset when I was give crappy combinations and couldn't manage (maybe I'm just bad though).

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  4. 10 hours ago, Poke J said:

     The Pokemon here are 7 of the 8 possible Pokemon you can get for defeating the Elite Four on Pokemon Stadium.

    You may use this save for the missing pokémon: 

    For what I tested back then the saves work with all languages stadium 1 (non-jap) and the DV are random when transfered to gameboy. The Stadium 2 save is still a WIP.

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  5. I don't think it would be sync ID since that would require having one. But if they use OT/SID/Name+-OTgender there's the really small chance of someone not being able to receive the event...unless PGL IDs are assigned to any given OT/SID/OTname when it first connects, but only stored in the save if you actually sync. Would be intresting to rule out this with a save that hasn't been synched.

    Also, if there's a Tw 3DS region, how come there's no Tw folder in the gen 7 WC7 compilation file?
    At first I thought simply no Tw events have been held yet, but then I read thatLunar Shiny Magikarp in your example has been distributed there.

  6. What's the maximum size for a ds rom? I mean in the technical aspect, since bloating the rom to get the space wouldn't be an issue for emulators/flashcarts if the DS is technically capable of it.

    There's plenty of nes/gb hacks that increase the rom size to get extra storage, the limit would be that of the real hardware.

    Good luck on the project, I'm not really into playing romhacks (too many non hack on the pending list), but this project looks like something I would play.

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  7. The berry glitch fix by nintendo advances the RTC in the cartridge, so if that's what he's after emulators won't work (emulators should use the computer time for RTC, way past 2002, so the berry glitch should never occur on emulator without deliverately having wrong date on the computer).

    But I think he is more concerned about the fact that changing the battery on a real cartridge resets the RTC clock to it's initial time gets back to 01/01/2000 00:00:00, which will need real time to pass until it reaches the save timestamp, so if the battery died on 2007 and you happened to save on 2007 you'd need 7 years after replacing the battery.

    Maybe using an emulator with the date set at 01/01/2000 00:00:00 would also work. In any case the offset for Ruby/Sapphire is known, and finding the one for emerald shouldn't be difficult:

    0x00A0 - Save Timestamp (5 bytes) - 
             The format is 1 byte per value:
             DD, H, M, S - with DD being a 16-bit value.
             None of these are BCD, they're just integers.

    Note: I think that the DD refers to "Days passed since 01/01/2000 00:00:00"

    Changing the save timestamp to zero would be a way to solve it, but it would be better to change the RTC in the cartridge because after 366 you'll suffer the normal berry glitch: http://furlocks-forest.net/wiki/?page=Pokemon_Ruby%2FSapphire_New_Battery_Glitch

    I'm pretty sure someone made a NDS port not long ago, let's see if I can find it... edit: found it

    ps: I assume you can run homebrew with a GBA or NDS because otherwise op wouldn't be concerned about the cartridge and the glitch

  8. You can, but if we are talking about Sun and Moon and about using copies of the same save and that save is synced with PGL be careful or you'll risk a ban.

    If the saves are unsynced or each save has its own sync ID you are safe (if the cuestion is about any other generation then it's totally safe).

  9. @InsaneNutter the app is originally made for savegame dumping, all I did was change the rom that gets send to the gba, after that it was expected that no kind of gba-wii comunication would take place.

    So, we have the file that gets sent over to the gba and it is the same as the official distro rom Purin has? Then as Purin said the sample0519_bin might actually expect some kind of host-client response to do its distribution magic. Also, as InsaneNutter said, the wii app actually got some kind of communication (that of course failed) so the other files might be incomplete or send different response.

  10. 7 hours ago, ajxpk said:

    Great @suloku. Btw. How is the Japanese Eon Ticket e-Card I requested going?

    I tried it with no success once, but now I think I tried to make it work with the JAP e-reader, while using a US e-reader would probably be easier. What would be better, a save for the US e-reader compatible with JAP or one for the JAP e-reader? One for emerald will probably be more difficult (or maybe not, there is a script type that gets executed in the game, I would only need to put one that enables the flag...). I kinda forgot most about how it works, so I'm not sure right no (fortunately everything is documented at glitchcity)

  11. I actually forgot until today that I made these savegames but never got to upload them: they are e-reader savegames for all the Nintendo of Italy Eon tickets we got. As you may know, the original US e-reader card is only compatible with the English rom and now each language has its own e-reader savegame. With a little help even the texts for the transfer process were translated so it feels more like what an e-card for the other languages would have been.

    Legality concerns: using this saves to get the Eon ticket produces the same savegame as sending the cartridge to Nintendo of Italy, so 100% legal.

    For those purist that only want 100% legitimate stuff on non-english games you'll still need to mix records after using the original US Eon ticket e-card (or send your cartridge to Nintendo... :p)

    Please read the included readme for proper instructions and credits.


    note: this is also linked in the first post of the Mystery Gift Tool thread, if anyone fears for this being buried in this thread.

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  12. 2 hours ago, St. GIGA said:

    Can you also see about making the nds/gcn version of the WC3 tool into a multiboot rom sender cart, and a straight .mb file? I also would like to know what areas of the 10anniv  rom to replace with the Meteor and Wishmaker bin files.

    What would be the advantage? The final outcoome would be the same. They only thing multiboot would be interesting is to make a gba to gba program to distribute wondercards via link cable or the eon ticket without a cartflash to run the e-reader with custom savegames (which now I remember I did never upload...:ph34r:)

  13. I don't know why my builds trigger some anti-virus, this happened too with a different program. It might be because I use sharpdevelop and I should really switch to visual studio, but I don't have the hard disk space to properly install it (I know disk space shouldn't be a problem nowadays, but my computer has been runing for almost 8 years now and I don't really have any need for upgrade it and disk cleaning is a tedious task after that much time).

    EDIT: I've just found out my antivirus (AVG) updated last week and now it also recognizes the program as malware, which is kind of anoying.

    On 2/4/2017 at 6:19 PM, No.one said:

    Will the flag that's normally only enabled in the Japanese version dissappear after you pick the ticket up from the guy in blue on the second floor of a pokemon center?
    I previously thought it did, but after checking it myself, it doesn't!

    Would taking the "Eon Ticket - RS - (e-card).me3" and changing the distribution counter from 30 to 0, and then editing the Mystic Ticket wondercard and changing everywhere "Mystic" shows up to "Eon" do that? Would you be able to pick it up from your Dad at the gym just like it R/S? o:
    The RS version of the ticket is different because Emerald has different flags (the same applies to wondercards and FRLG).

    Also, how do you make custom scripts if you want to? What's the difference between .script files and XSE files?
    XSE is a script editor, but it is meant for GBA roms, not standalone scripts as needed for wondercards. .script files are just the "bare" script data in the wondercard, "XSE files" are the same as .script files but padded so they can be easily open in XSE and also so you can make your own scripts from scratch on XSE a little more easy, but since XSE is still meant for ROMS it's a little convoluted. You may read this post by PurpleOrange: 


    Here's a shareable wondercard for the Eon Ticket (both japanese and non-japanese versions). I've checked and apparently the game clears that flag by itself after giving you the Eon ticket, but I scripted the wondercard so it will deliberately clear that flag if you speak to the man in blue after receiving the ticket (just in case you are worried). Check included readme for more detailed information, but as summary using this wondercard should yield the same results as record mixing, except that you are not record mixing, so if you never record mixed you could tell due to lacking any sort of record mixing data that the eon ticket wasn't obtained the standard way.

    The recommended way to obtain Eon Ticket in Emerald should be record mixing from R/S or a japanese emerald (jap R/S can't record mix with non-jap emerald), which can be done with VBA. This wondercard is just some proof of concept or for people who don't care about the savedata not having 100% legit data.

    Emerald_EON_ticket_wondercard (CUSTOM).zip

    EDIT: I finally went and uploaded the Eon Ticket savegames for e-reader, they are in the first post.

  14. 11 hours ago, St. GIGA said:

    I'm not sure what is each file, are the 3 files mb roms? where the 3 inside coloseum bonus disc? I'm a little confused, but anyways I compiled one of FIX94's program for each of those bin files for anyone who'd like to test them out. If they work, maybe they can be swapped with the one in the 10ANNIV rom as a way to use them on emu/gba-gba


    ps: backup saves before testing, also, we don't know which rom these multiboot expect, but I would asume R/S either USA or JAP (if they are leftover prototypes maybe they are still for JAP).

    EDIT: It should be possible to put two of those bin files in the 10ANNIV rom, but the "sample0519.bin" is too big. In any case vba won't work with multiboot files on gba-gba apparently (but seems to work on dolphin-vbaM joybus emulation), so if they serve any purpose we could edit US colosseum bonus disk so it sends these multiboot roms instead of the one it is supposed to).

    Also, in client.bin there's text for R/S, and in sample0519.bin there's the gamecode for japanese Ruby.

  15. If it needs to be sent as a multi boot rom, I can compile FIX94's wii/gc gba save dumper so it sends this rom instead of the dumper one. I don't have my wii set up right now, anyone wants to test?

    Also, anyone can get channel jirachi in any language with dolphin, there's a completed pal savegame at gamefaqs (thankfully no one needs to play that game just for the jirachi...)

    EDIT: and you can change the language setting to get any channel jirachi; you'll need the corresponding rom though.

  16. This was comented in the first page but I have some thinga to say:

    - I've read reports stating that PCNY Celebi could be shiny, apparebtly at random. I'd love to know how the celebi machines worked... I read one that claimed not that he received a shiny one, but that the peraon before him did. Since the DV were random, it wouldn't surprise me it wasn't shiny locked.

    - For gen 1/2 events (mainly mew/celebi) some things can be checked for legality. Of course faking them is way easier than in gen 3. I'd love to see more of them, but having mew/celebi feels lucky enough, any gen 2 are probably dead and any japanese event is probably out of reach...

    About gen 2 VC: I don't think they'd do the gs ball event, they would just do a trade celebi if they ever do...unless they want to surprise everybody and rework the mobile function to work over wifi, even in non-jap games. That would be awesome.

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  17. 20 hours ago, InfiniteWL said:

    According to the information given at -> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Gotta_Catch_'Em_All_event_Pokémon

    Any ID from 00000-65535 is valid and legit, since we all know that Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon don't have any of those Location met information, getting the missing L40 Shiny Ho-Oh can be done by simply starting a new game in Pokémon Gold/Crystal and then name your character as either PCNYa/PCNYb/PCNYc/PCNd, keep playing until you catch a Shiny Ho-Oh through soft-reset over a thousand times or catch a regular Ho-Oh and use the Coin Case Glitch to make him Shiny, and voila, you have a L40 Shiny Ho-Oh with the same information as the ones given-away in New York from back in the days...

    Gen 2 have met information (only visible on crystal). In fact, for the leveled legendaries in this savefile, it is wrong, so if we assume they are totally legit, the employees at the PCNY forgot to change the data to reflect the met level.

    Also, there are some extra bytes that make them different from in-game catches (but don't have any in-game meaning).

  18. @No.one

    1) As theSLAYER said, it's the official US Eon ticket e-card (included for event completion and as another option to get it).

    2) e-berry where (apparently) removed from FRLG and Emerald. No cards where released to my knowledge and there's no space in the savegame to hold the berry data due to WonderCards being stored there. There's the slim chance that they moved it to another portion of the savegame, but without e-cards we can't know without reverse enginering the rom (which I'm not capable of).

    3) This one is tricky. In RS Eon Ticket event used Mystery Event option to get it. In those games, a script is stored in the savegame AND the data for record mixing it is also stored in the save. When you talk with your dad at petalburg it gets executed, giving you the Eon ticket item and enabling the flags for the events, then the script gets erased from the save (so everything returns to normal).

    Since emerald was released after RS and the Eon ticket for them was made, they put the Eon Ticket event script in-game. In japan, the oficial event was still carried out via Mystery Event, but instead of sending the script and record mixing data, it enabled the flag (only one!) in the save for the in-game event and stored the record mixing data.
    In the official emerald event, you get handed out the ticket by the man in blue at the pokémon center (this is the in-game event).

    The ticket events are scripted in a way that if one of the flags for the actual event or the item are already in the save they won't trigger again. This for example is what makes that if you hacked in (or used a glitch) to get the Eon Ticket item the event won't be enabled (if I recall properly).

    Enabling the unofficial Eon Ticket event would yield the same results as mixing records because that button won't inject the data needed for sharing an object via mix records (you can check this yourself via extracting the mystery event from the save and opening it in the editor). There will be one difference: a flag that should only be possible to be enabled in the japanese version of the game will be enabled.

    If you want an alternate method to get the eon ticket in emerald without mixing records that yields the same result, the easiest (and flashiest) way would be to get the rom script for the in-game eon ticket event and convert it into a wondercard, since wondercards can be tossed and shared, that would be the best way and would also feel like doing the event instead of just enabling the flags and giving the item via save editing.

    4) For the TGC, we have the emerald counterpart and the WC text is different. For the Rocks america one we don't know if the text was different, it might have just been the standard "Mystic Ticket" we already have (the same  card was distributed in Pokemon Center New York and Mexico, Rocks America might or might not have different text). The events themselves are the very same, so it doesn't really make a difference in-game. Would still be nice to have all the variants available though.

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  19. This seems very interesting, but I fail to comprenhend the use for this. From what I understood, the binary file colbtl.bin is what Colosseum sends to the GBA to allow trading, and it has been hacked/replaced with a different program that will write a savegame to the cartridge instead.

    What's that save so special for? Or is this just a proof of concept?

    But I find the one skipping region checking very interesting, I guess the point is to allow trade/combat from GBA games from a foreing region (i.e. jap games on US colosseum doing battles). This could be used into making the jap bonus disk work with all roms... maybe.

  20. 4 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    While we already some strong suspicions regarding the causes previously,
    we urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered.

    Since this is a somewhat official statement and this site doesn't endorese piracy, I would add something like "if you modified your savegame and don't want to get banned". I'm just saying because I got the impression the statement was somewhat meant to prevent "cheaters" from being banned, but englsih isn't my mother language so maybe it was just my impression.

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