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  1. On 7.5.2017 at 9:03 PM, StarsMmd said:

    It's basically like the shiny beldum from the ORAS demo :)

    You were one of the first to play. A lot has changed since then.

    so you know who has played that game? :o yeah it seems like in 1.0.1 a lot changed. got one available mon removed? so which were available in the past. 

  2. As I've mentioned before, Fairy types will not be added to the game as it's too difficult for me to implement.

    The Alolan formes, if added, will not be replacements but extra forms.

    Several new attacks have already been added to the game, so I'm wondering what kind of attacks you're thinking of.

    oh okay. will the alolan forms have different types, stats and movesets like the original alolan forms?

  3. Due to popular demand, I have been working on a Pokemon Colosseum Randomiser Tool. Please feel free to post any feedback/requests in this thread and I'll aim to incorporate them in future versions.


    Pokemon Randomiser - Randomises Trainer Pokemon as well as starters and gift pokemon (including shadow pokemon)

    Move Randomiser - Randomises the Moves that the trainer/starter/gift pokemon know

    Ability Randomiser - Randomises the abilities of each Pokemon species

    Type Randomiser - Randomises the types of each Pokemon species

    Evolutions Randomiser - Randomises which pokemon each species evolves into

    Remove trade evolutions - Pokemon that evolve by trading can be set to evolve by level up (you can set the level)

    Hey, can you create a Randomizer for me? I want the Pokemon Randomizer and Remove Trade Evolution on Level 36.

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