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  1. @Seoulstice: Actually, that info is easily found on Serebii: http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/658.shtml It's not released until the 9th... So just barely, in Japan.

    edit: Ok, I finally got my games today (had it bundled with Smash WiiU), and see what to do. Log into your Club Nintendo account, then along the top you'll see 5 "buttons", the first on the left being the Serial Code (packaged software); the far right one should have a blue light-dot (like on 3DS/WiiU when you have a notification), being a notification to click it. From there, you can generate your アンケート codes, which you will use to get your new stuff. (I haven't gone through with that, since I'm focusing on Bayonetta right now; it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the rest).

    edit 2: woops, that wasn't it. -_-; The extra points are nice though. ^_^

    @wbyrd419: No, the problem is on your end (most problems are user-end, not from the supplier). Try including any details as to what you mean by "problems" in the first place if you want real help. No one can help you with no info.

    nothing else to include...wasnt reading my cart. it was my fault i broke it so ill have to buy another one friday/saturday.

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