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  1. Be aware that clicking the "Fill Dex" button to fill up your Pokedex and saving the game may corrupt your save.

    Happened to me. The only safe way I know, through PkHex, is to manually put a check in the box beside "Obtained".

  2. That's not entirely true. The more people that have a decrypted save, the more likely it is one of those people finds a way to reencrypt, and therefore (literally?) crack the code.

    Anyways, I'd love to do a video on decrypting your X/Y save but for the fact I've never done any tutorial ever.

    So why not make a video showing that you have re-encrypted the game on your modded 3ds. Or write steps to modding the 3ds (way you did it) and being able to reencrypt a save

  3. If we want to recreate pokemon from some of the old games and friend, like Firered for example, would a the implementation of a legit be possible. The reason for this being that I can't locally trade pokemon and I've created a few gen 3 pokemon seemingly following all the rules, but not being able to trade over wifi. Gen IV/V hardly ever give me trouble.

  4. That has been answered to death...

    If you got a new JP game, then yes, you need a JP 3DS. When you buy one, you can get it bundled with Smash Bros. 4 3DS as well (coming out this week). Importing has more perks than just this cheat method.

    Yea but apparently, if you have bought a new X/Y game recently, they will already be patched with the 1.1/1.2 patches and aren't detected by the CGSE. As is the case for my game.

    I've progressed past the pokedex and still no detection.

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