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  1. Hi, it's been a while, so I noticed that some people here are interested on the eon ticket wonder card data. I actually got the code from Corocoro last week and when I redeem it on 26th I could share the data to everyone. By the way, Is there a way to do that if Cyber Gadget hasn't supported ORAS yet?

  2. I wasn't referring to just local events. If an even works for different regions, hurray. However, there are events that are region-locked (such as Wi-Fi events), and that does matter, if only to people like me who only cheat and support cheating for 'legal' Pokemon. (ie: yes, if I know a person is cheating for a non-legal, no matter how small the difference, I will not help them get it)

    But if you want to have a different Region set for an Event, just change the Region data in that Pokemon file. No reason to change anything else.

    Yes, but online wifi events are mostly not exclusive, every region gets it and the poster is asking for a legal Tanabata Jirachi and Diancie earlier which are both local wifi events, that is why I said no need to change anything to make it legal. :smile:

    And also change the date you got the Pokemon, much better if not the same date with Powersaves events

    which has a preset date lol.

  3. The language of the Event obtained is not an issue any more, as a game can be set to any of the languages when you start.

    The difference will be in the 3DS Region setting that is noted when the Event is obtained.

    The 3ds region setting is also not an issue because like I said a while ago, I got both events, Tanabata Jirachi and the Diancie event, through my US 3ds on the actual event site. Any region of 3ds will work on local events here in Japan, I also got the Pikachu events through my US 3ds.

  4. Shouldnt we create another thread for poke hex request?

    Mainly I want a legal Diance and Tanabata Jirachi.

    If i use power saves to get them on my game they will be english origin but I want one with japanese origin...

    English Tanabata Jiachi and Diancies are both legit. I got both the actual event in English coz my game was set in English language, and I also got a US 3ds which has both events. Any local events here follows the language of the game even the game region(works in any region). I think it is also the case in US/EU events. Only the code events are region locked, like the Corocoro ones.

  5. That's strange, since other temporary forms (like Meloetta-P) don't change back after battle. How did you go about changing the form? Did you edit the source code in Visual Studio?

    It's because Xerneas doesn't use a move or need some conditions to change its form, it's automatic, so when you change it's form prior to battle it will just automatically changes back to original afterwards. The main reason though I change it form prior to battle is so I could use another ability. When you change Xerneas ability, it will turn back to fairy aura the moment it gets out coz of the form change, so I changed its form prior to battle then give it a new ability, the new ability didn't change through out the battle coz it is already on active form but after the battle it still turned back to its original form making its ability back to fairy aura.. Basically stuck with it lol

    I used an hex editor, I edited the Pokemon file(Pkx).

  6. I think it has been asked earlier, but I can't find an answer, so I'll just ask again; sorry if this was already answered somewhere else.

    Is there any reason for Xerneas not to have the possibility to change between passive and active form? PKHeX can't change the form, and Powersaves offers form-switch codes for everything, except Xerneas.

    Which leads me to the assumption that Xerneas active form is somewhat special... or is it just a coincidence that both programs do not offer it?

    I think I am originally the one who asked this a while ago if not mistaken. I actually been successful in changing my Xerneas form into active prior to battle and gave it a new ability without changing back, the problem though is that, it turns back to passive form after the battle which makes everything useless.

  7. Recently i kept getting "Error while downloading the decrypted save" while processing the save data of advanced mode. It worked just fine before, but it kept getting errors now. How can i fix this? Please help...

    Having the same problem here "Error while downloading the decrypted save", I thought it's just me, very interesting. I also tried the simple mode and I got an error too. Though I was able to back up.

  8. Yea but apparently, if you have bought a new X/Y game recently, they will already be patched with the 1.1/1.2 patches and aren't detected by the CGSE. As is the case for my game.

    I've progressed past the pokedex and still no detection.

    Interesting, my game is updated(Ver. 1.2) but it works fine.

  9. Just buy a used one, much easier than finding a save. And also even if you got a Japanese save, how would you inject it to your "new cartridge" if Cyber Gadget can't read it in the first place because of it not having a save file. I know you could edit it on PKHex but could it be injected? I never tried a game without save file before on my Cyber Gadget so not completely sure.

  10. Oh, the modded version is far superior. You can edit vast swathes of your save data in one go. With the original software, you can either select some ready made codes they've added (only a few, max cash etc) or add your own, which you can make in PKHeX. But there's a limit on how many lines of code you can input, and you can't inject more than two Pokemon at a time. With the modded version you can change as much as you like. The only reason to use the original version is if, like today, the modded one becomes briefly useless due to an update and you want to do stuff there and then. Chances are the modded program will be updated and released before you even notice :redface:

    Actually you are wrong, You could edit your whole save through PKHex and then save it back to your game even by just using the original Japanese software. You just need to save the "main file" to one of the cache folder or you could create one then load that folder and use it to/write it to your cartridge. The modded version though is cool coz it is in English and makes things easier with the popup message/direction, much lesser step.. Both method though are effective.

  11. also works in the cyber me but not with the PKhex, if you use the pkehex destroys the save main.

    KenoDB how you use it yourself??

    I never use the modded Cyber Gadget, I am using the original Japanese software. I am using the cache method, I am saving the main file to the cache folder instead. It's a little tricky if you can't read Japanese. I suggest just wait for the modded Cyber Gadget to be updated. I think it will be updated soon.

  12. I noticed that Xerneas doesn't have an option to change into "active mode" like the other pokes with megas/formes. Is it even considered a form? or is it even possible to change even outside of battle? I know it is just an aesthetic change but it would be cool if there is also an option to change its form.

  13. I don't know what the problem is but every time I uploaded a save/edited save by PKHex it's always corrupts my file, it only happens just right now, yesterday it was working just fine. My Cyber Gadget is working fine too, can upload codes.. restore back ups etc, only with PKHex.. Does anyone having the same problem?

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