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  1. Shiny Groudon and Kyogre are pretty random, it's not like they're shiny-locked. I don't even know what the significance of this event is, if it's not TGC. Still hoping for more eventual distributions of shiny-locked legends. It's a bit bothersome having Shiny Tapu Koko and not the other 3, and STILL no shiny Zygarde, all being legal. At least mythical distributions are always nice to see, especially when they haven't yet been given during the current generation.
  2. Pokemon Ultra Moon Postgame

    If all you want is to hunt Ultra Space legendaries, you can do so as soon as you access Ultra Warp Ride, which is right after you beat Dawn Wings Necrozma. I had posted a save in a previous thread, with you being at the Altar right before you first battle Necrozma. Hope it helps.
  3. Luckily I had made a backup save at the Altar right before you play the Moon Flute. I edited and removed all personal stuff like Trainer Name, TID/SID, caught pokemon, reset received Totems/Pikachu, etc, etc. I replaced the team with a Ditto. So all that stuff can be modified to your liking if you wanted to. When I tested it the Ditto easily defeats Dawn Wings Necrozma, but not Ultra Necrozma. I also set the Ultra Warp Ride to circle pad control with PKHeX, to avoid the initial forced motion control. main
  4. Japanese Generation I Pokemon PKM Files

    I somehow missed seeing this thread until today. Much thanks to you @Afepoke! It's always great seeing these rarities preserved.
  5. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Datamining

  6. Can you do a 6 GEN national dex patch in S/M/US/UM?

    This is an idea I've had since last year after SM released, but I was hoping USUM would have the National Dex. Now that we know it doesn't, I've been thinking about it again. Since your save already registers all 807 seen/caught data, a patch would mostly be text based plus dex images, so I assume it'd be fairly easy. Otherwise, you'd just need replace the "Alola Pokedex" menu option, or somehow add a separate menu option(harder). I was thinking custom dex entries would be fun, but it'd require a lot more time and effort than just copying old entries. It'd have to be a group effort, but idk how much interest there'd be in this. We'd also need someone with the ability/knowledge to make an ips patch, who is willing. I've never done something like this, so I wouldn't have a clue how to start doing it myself.
  7. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Datamining

    Apparently Gladion does appear for Title Defense, though it is apparently a very rare chance. Serebii confirms Gladion is a challenger. I had also read you need to beat Lusamine in a Title Defense and win 10 rounds with Lillie as a Battle Tree partner, both before you can face Gladion. However I don't know how accurate this is, so don't quote it as fact.
  8. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Updated

    Apparently new Totem-sized pokemon (Araquanid, etc) won't go in Bank, while the old ones (Raticate, etc) will. I don't know if this is an oversight or what.
  9. Well if it means anything, I dumped the Rockruff wc7fulls for my personal archives and used WFR Dumper without any problem.
  10. Your Ultra Sun / Moon Team?

    Besides the starter, I typically try to fill my team with pokemon I never used in a story-mode playthrough before. Decidueye (used in Sun) Malamar Slowbro Arcanine Crabrawler Noibat Of course, there's the possibility I'll swap in something different as I further progress. I'm thinking between Totem Kommo-o, Naganadel, and Dawn Wings Necrozma.
  11. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I was just curious about the repeatable flag being removed for USUM. Then again, I forgot that wc7fulls are retrievable from the server without a code, so I wasn't really thinking straight.
  12. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Does that mean the Celebi would be retrievable from the server? Because I have one or two unused codes(I'll donate it if necessary) I could dump the wc7full with, but I don't really want to risk going online before Friday and risk a 3DS ban.
  13. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Datamining

    Looks like Adhesive/Poipole evolves to Naganadel like Inkay to Malamar, at least design wise. I wonder if it's triggered by the same mechanic? Anyway, I'm only greatly disappointed by the lack of NatDex, but I saw that coming tbh. Also could have used a few more UBs and/or Alolan forms, but I can live with that I guess. Glad UBs aren't shiny locked, as I had hoped. Though no excuse for Zygarde to STILL be shiny locked. New mythical and the third Necrozma form were expected, both look pretty cool. Odd how Ultra Necrozma sort of still resembles Dawn Wings, yet no features of Dusk Mane.
  14. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Looks to me like the Ultra Space legends will be battled as soon as you enter the wormhole, just like the Hoopa portals in ORAS, as I feared. I should have expected it, but I am disappointed we don't get sent to a small part of Cerulean Cave, etc, for each legendary battle.
  15. With the cart finally being completely paid off as of a few hours ago, the savefile is now publicly available here. Special thanks to @HaxAras , @ajxpk , and everyone else who contributed to help pay for this near $1000 investment.