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  1. pokemon-direct.jpgThe Pokémon Company international has announced a Pokémon Direct focused on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, this direct will last approximately 15 minutes and contains new information about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This Direct will take place on June 5 2019, at 6:00 A.M. PDT, or 9:00 A.M. EDT (for those of you not in the USA, that is 1:00 PM UTC or 3:00 PM CEST).






    Tune in for roughly 15 minutes of new information on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch in a livestreamed Pokémon Direct presentation.


    You can watch it here: 


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  2. Recently The Pokémon Company International had announced Meltan, a new Mythical Pokémon which first appeared in Pokémon Go and can get sent to the upcoming Let's Go games by using the GO Park Complex in the games Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee.
    Using a comparison to the games Colosseum/XD, where you can catch and battle Pokémon, Munchlax and Bonsly both appeared in the Generation 3 game Pokémon XD, yet they were Generation 4 Pokémon; this means that it's possible that this Pokémon is a possible candidate for the 8th generation.

    A while after the announcement of Meltan, the Pokémon Company International made a video together with Niantic in which some mysteries regarding the Pokémon got cleared up, but there were more mysteries regarding this Pokémon. As Game Freak had said a new Pokémon would be introduced. Due to Meltan's dex number being unknown, we won't know what generation Pokémon this will be. [Note: Presently, Pokémon GO datamining here showed the the Dex ID for both Meltan and Melmetal were 808 and 809 respectively, but it could just be temporary internal numbering]

    After the announcements of Meltan, The Pokémon Company International seemed rather quiet, until another video popped up in which they announced yet another Pokémon.This time it was the evolution of Meltan, namely Melmetal. This is an all new situation because no Mythical Pokémon to date has evolved. The only other exception to the Mythical formula, was regarding Manaphy and Phione: Manaphy could breed Phione, but Phione could not evolve into Manaphy.

    Meltan is only able to evolve into Melmetal as of now, by using 400 Meltan candies on Meltan in Pokémon Go. It's unknown as of yet if this will change in the future. If it doesn't, it means it would be really hard to get a Melmetal; which is usual with mythical Pokémon. According to The Pokémon Company it may not change which could indicate that in future games it will be especially hard to get this Pokémon.

    Source: https://pokemonletsgo.pokemon.com/en-us/new-pokemon/

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  3. On 10/4/2018 at 6:19 AM, Ruby Genseki said:

    At the beginning, I thought this thing was some placeholder of sorts and its model wasn't supposed to be seen.

    Then it was confirmed as an actual Mon. Alright. Its design ain't really bad.


    ...But, how comes it is a mythical Mon? It looks like something born from industrial waste accidentally imbued in some radioactive substance during the modern or contemporary era.

    It...kinda bothers me, to a certain extent.

    Same for me, it might be able to win my heart but it worries me how we could transfer it to gen 8 TBH. I expect we need something like: PLG and PoGo + gen 8, but I won't buy PLG because it's too intertwined with Go and for Go you need to have money or be able to travel, I can do neither.

  4. On 9/6/2018 at 2:40 PM, borjitasstoi said:

    then its safe update my luma now? after all sudden my state of luma its when you put native version for have acess your 1.18 afterwards for that problem for dont apply 1 patch error

    in this point all i need its update and creat .txt file for making database of cheating in my 3ds?


    I'm not understanding what you're saying, could you try rephrasing your questions?

    On 8/31/2018 at 9:36 PM, MelodicAlbuild said:

    Does the update mess with gm9?


    No, it's not messing with gm9.

  5. 4 minutes ago, ajxpk said:

    I don't leave anyone hanging. Just busy sometimes. :)
    About the question, how exactly it was done remains a secret, but yes they were generated. Wished I could say the same for the last Mew, but I just don't have the seed. Unless someone shows up who has received it as the first in line or someone who has the complete cartridge...
    I'm afraid there is no chance we will ever see it.

    Kind of sad news, still glad the other 5 are generated.

  6. On 8/24/2018 at 3:19 PM, ilovepokemon321 said:

    ive used this and for some one who has the game fully up to date the codes on this thing are useless and only crash your console because they are out of date.

    so for games that are not up dated to the current version 1.2 if yours games not updated at all use these codes.

    if how ever your game does have the 1.2 patch DONT use these they will crash your console.

    i know it kept doing it to me till i stopped using this then my console stopped crashing.

    be warned if your game is NOT up to date and patched with 1.2 by all means use these but if your game IS UPDATED to patch 1.2 and you dont take the patch update off expect your console to crash.

    the codes have not been updated to the 1.2 patch so most codes either wont work or they will CRASH the console.      

    What do you mean with "I used this". I believe the codes marked for 1.2 for instance got it in their title on sharkive. Not to be rude or anything, but this thread is primarily about the Luma 3DS update. Anyway, Sharkive states that not all codes work. So, it's not like they didn't warn you about that. Since this update is fairly new, the chance new codes get added is still relatively big due to the 3DS scene not being dead yet. For sure most of the 3DS devs moved on, but that doesn't make the scene dead.

  7. On July 31, Luma3DS received a big update that added cheat functionality to the custom firmware. With Luma3DS 9.1 you can finally use Gateshark codes. If you don't know what Gateshark codes are, here's an explanation.

    Gateshark codes are cheat codes used by Gateway 3DS and are fairly similar to action replay codes because they edit RAM addresses while the game is running and thus temporarily patch in new features for as long as the cheats are enabled. If the code is disabled, the game reverts to normal and is playable as usual.

    Enabling the cheats is fairly straightforward. Place a text file, one per game, containing the codes in:


    Where {titleid} consists only of the long titleid, which makes the folder:


    for example (the title id in the example is for Pokémon Ultra Moon Version). Or you could use the homebrew application Sharkive, if you don't want to mess with it yourself. If you do want to put them in yourself, the formatting of the files content are similar to this:

    [Fast Pelago berry growth v1.2]
    0044D94C E3A04000
    0044D950 E5C14000
    0044D954 E3A04001
    0044D958 E5CC4000
    [Island Scans uses no points v1.2]
    00455678 E2400000

    Add the cheat's title in brackets, then on each line below the code, then a blank line, and then the next code's title etcetera. 
    To use the cheats open the Rosalina menu (L+down+select per default), then select the cheats option, and lastly select the codes you want to apply.

    Source: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki/Cheat-Engine

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  8. During Nintendo Treehouse live@E3 2018, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu was shown with the first gameplay footage of these Yellow version remakes. During this, they also discussed the goals of the game's development team, what the Pokéball Plus is about, differences between Pokémon Yellow and the remakes, and new things they added. Below is a text recap of what was talked about and shown during the stream.

    When the stream started, the hosts began by discussing the goals of the development team. When asked what the goals of the game development team were, Gamefreak’s Junichi Masuda said: “we wanted everyone to enjoy these games. Up until now all (main/core) games were developed for handheld systems, but this time around it’s, of course, on the Nintendo Switch. We envisioned people playing (the system) in their living room. (Besides this) we had another take on Pokémon in general, which was what Pokémon for everyone would be. I had in mind a lot of the younger kids, who might not have their own smartphone to play Pokémon GO with. There are so many people playing Pokémon GO, but some of the younger kids might not have had a chance to do that. (Which was why) I had them in mind, but also everyone else. We wanted this to be truly a Pokémon for everyone.” Directly afterwards they started showing gameplay while still discussing the games.

    During the gameplay it was clear that a lot of things had changed. Such things like wild Pokémon battles were absent in this freshly styled 3D Kanto. If you want to catch Pokémon, you'll need to walk towards one on the map and then use your Joy-Con to throw Pokéballs. This works quite similar as to how throwing works in Pokémon GO, and you can also throw berries just like in the aforementioned highly popular smartphone game. You need to press the "Get Ready" button, and if you do so, you can use a variety of throwing styles. The way this works so well is because the gyro sensor in the Joy-Con resets its original location to the location it had during the pressing of the button. Some throwing styles are harder than others, so you'll truly have fun when trying to catch Pokémon. After you catch a Pokémon, your party Pokémon will get experience points, as was shown in the presentation, you can then add the Pokémon to your party or, if your party is full, your Pokémon can be sent to the Pokémon Box in your bag. 
    Nintendo's Treehouse team also showed off how Pokémon battles against trainers work. This was similar to the core games we got to know so well, although you will receive Pokéballs besides the cash you receive usually when defeating a trainer.

    On the map, you can also interact with the Pokémon that follow you. When you interact with such a Pokémon, a textbox will popup stating how the Pokémon feels. A fun, nice addition is that your partner, Pikachu, will ride on your shoulder and Eevee will ride on your head respectively in Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. Besides your partner Pokémon, any other Pokémon can follow you. In the demo, large Pokémon like Onix were able to be ridden, while smaller Pokémon like Charmander followed behind. Also, the size of the Pokémon are relative to their Pokédex entries. This looks really like a fun addition, which also makes the graphics stand out a bit more. Also on the map, there are certain Pokémon with glowing auras. If the Pokémon's aura is red, it indicates that a particular Pokémon is bigger than average, but if it's blue, it's smaller than average. This is to make it fun to catch more Pokémon of the same species.

    Your partner Pikachu or Eevee will wag its tail when there is a hidden item nearby, which are supposed to be more abundant in this game as opposed to Yellow. The graphics are higher in resolution than the latest 3DS games, but is again in chibi form like XY/ORAS. Although the style is intended to be appealing for everyone whether you are a Pokémon veteran or a new player. You can feel influences of all things Pokémon, like the core games, the trading card games, spinoffs, GO, the anime, and the anime movies.

    You can also play with the game in handheld mode, this mode requires to hold the system in both hands, align the system with the target appearing on the Pokémon after pressing "Get Ready", and throw the Pokéball by pressing the button for throwing. Aside from the handheld mode, there is another mode, which includes playing with someone else. To play in support-mode/co-op mode you'll need to shake the second joy-con. Afterwards, a new player appears on the map which can be controlled with the second Joy-Con; This makes it easier to catch Pokémon. For example, if two players throw a Pokéball at the same time, a special screen appears and you'll get a bonus for catching the Pokémon. Battling opponents is also easier this way, because the second player will join in on the battle and can use Pokémon too.

    Some other differences from Pokémon Yellow include: the music is higher-quality than the old music, you got CP (Combat Points), which is all the individual values combined, the rival is different (he isn't Gary/Green), small ingame events occur (like in Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon), gyms might differ, the Safari Zone got replaced with the Go Park, the linking sequence is similar but uses digital cables/pipes, Pokémon are able to be sent to Professor Oak (you’ll get candy from that), there is online connectivity (although no Global Trade Station), and candies are used to increase the Individual Values of a Pokémon. Although the games and the catching is quite different, the story and the type-matchups didn't change very much, which makes it easier for older fans to guide people new to the games. Also, catching Pokémon in the Go Park can be quite difficult when they originally had high CP.

    Besides this, the Pokéball Plus will have Mew in it when you buy it, so you can actually get Mew in the game. It's pre-loaded on the Pokéball Plus, which means you can hear its cry when you walk home with it from the store. Also, the Pokéball Plus works as a Joy-Con. This means it has a joy-stick, which is integrated as the Pokéball button, and a button on top of it, which can be used as the typical "A" button. The Pokéball Plus gives different colours depending on what type of Pokémon is loaded on it, and it is able to be used as a Pokémon GO Plus device. You can either buy both the game and the Pokéball Plus seperate, or you can buy both as a bundle.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzh99yoNOXI


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  9. The Pokémon Company held a press conference, and some new Pokémon games were announced! For this year, the games that are on the horizon are main series games with Pokémon Go elements, and features some returning mechanics. Additionally, new core series games were reported to be released in the second half of 2019. The pair of games for this year prominently feature Pikachu and Eevee, and use a graphical coloring style not seen with other core series games.

    During this sudden unannounced press conference from the Pokémon Company, alongside a spin-off game titled Pokémon Quest, this year's core series games were revealed to be titled Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee. These games are for the Nintendo Switch and feature an all new graphical coloring style, though it is notable that it reverted back to a chibi-style for character models. In an interview, it has been revealed that the games will only support the original 151 Pokémon and their Alolan forms. An interview also revealed that during a portion in the trailer where the Switch games send a gift over to Pokémon Go, that gift was actually a never before seen new Pokémon. However, it is not clear presently if this new Pokémon itself is supported by the Let's Go games. (For example, the first Ranger game was capable of giving away a Manaphy Egg as a gift, while the game itself could not use the Manaphy)

    One of the goals for these new games, was to make it easier for people to catch Pokémon, as the target audience was Go players, younger players and casual players. An example of such a change, was the removal of the ability to battle wild Pokémon (note: wild encounters still happen), though important to note that players can still battle trainers the classical way. The games will take place in Kanto and was inspired by Pokémon Yellow, which came out in 1998 in Japan. Other features include the ability to ride Pokémon, as well as the new addition of a co-op mode that allows for a second player to join the game by using a second Joy-Con. During co-op mode, both players can throw Poké Balls at the same time, and battle together via double battles. Besides this, players can send Pokémon from Pokémon Go to a special Park in the games and play with the transferred Pokémon.

    Another announcement made during the press conference, featured a new peripheral: the Poké Ball Plus. With the Poké Ball Plus, players can take a Pokémon from their games into the real world by storing the Pokémon into the Poké Ball Plus, not dissimilar to the Pokéwalker dongle released together with Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver. Furthermore, the Poké Ball Plus can be used as a Pokémon Go Plus peripheral. The new core series game is slated to be released in the second half of 2019, being developed concurrently with the Let's Go games. It is not known if these presently unnamed games would be an entry under generation 8, though it was reported that the unnamed 2019 games would go back to classical mechanics, as opposed to the Go mechanics seen in the Let's Go games.

    Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee will be released worldwide November 16, 2018.

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jRtpMKLsts
    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ_qtyOa5Dg
    IGN interview: http://au.ign.com/articles/2018/05/30/pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-and-lets-go-eevee-confirmed-for-nintendo-switch-releases-november-16
    Gamespot interview: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-and-eevee-everything-we-kn/1100-6459253/

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  10. 4 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Little update:
    Looks like the front battle image is a model

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    I was hoping that the background loads before the model, and sadly I was wrong.
    (After all, if the background loaded first, I can take a screenshot like below)

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    @Jovie here you go!
    Once they transit from the model to the image, the background loads first :)

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    How did you manage to do this?

  11. Playing Pokémon DP on an R4, I loved it as a young child. Then I bought HG with one of my siblings. Then I started learning English, started watching the anime. My parents bought Black. I did something good for a while, so I received Y. Then I got AS for something too IIRC. I bought Sun as a pre-order, got SMD as a birthday gift, and pre-ordered UM. I really loved the announcements and site of HG. I started getting into spinoffs, and ended up buying some cards.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Peppe said:

    Levels like those of events (Volcanion and Victini) and like those to which pokémon are found in game (Oh-Ho and Mesprit). IVs and EVs are not important. Can you really help us?? Thank you so much! When pokémon are ready, warn us so we will send the friend codes!

    Alright I will help you out, it needs to be Italian names (to be sure)?

    Done btw.

  13. 36 minutes ago, ICanSnake said:

    Parasect, Hypno, Luxray and Herdier can't be caught in Friend Safari. Paras, Drowzee, Luxio and Lillipup can, though. But they would need to be leveled up in order to evolve and be legal. Same with Gothitelle, it can't be caught in Pokemon Village, but Gothorita can be caught. 

    Togetic is not a Dream World Pokemon, but Togekiss is. It was only available in BW, not B2W2. And it has the wrong moveset and wrong gender.

    Shiny Haxorus is caught at level 60, not 57.

    Nothing is wrong with the Xerneas, it only shows Unable to match a Mystery Gift error because the wondercard isn't in PKHeX's database yet.

    Hrm... Might have messed the shit up back when I moved them to level 100 (and I might have received hackmons) (also PKHeX didn't show these errors in the past).

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