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  1. Hi Nigoli !

    Damn, that was really fast ! You, my friend, use extreme speed for sure !

    So for the distribution cartridge, they must input the date according to the local event ! I have learned something concerning those distro, thanx ! And of course thanx a million for the updated files !

    And point taken about the removed files, you're right, in fine. Things are more "neat" this way !

    Thanx again and sorry for giving you more work !

  2. Hi Codr and every fan of Pokegen !

    Long time since my last visit, so here is my last french translation of version !

    I made some polish and translated the new lines, along with some correction ! Hope there no mistake, so Codr tell me if you see some change to make !

    The lang file v11:



    lang_French v11..zip



    lang_French v11..zip

  3. Hi, guys !

    First of all thanks for the good and tremendous work done here !

    That stated, here my question: why do you remove all the links provided when it comes to real deal, like the one for the french Melotta since the one in the Event Gallery is coming from rom data not the real event ?

    Therefor it as a wrong distribution date, the 4th of March instead of the 22nd of the same month ! I suppose the shops have to input the correct date before distributing the thing !

    Anyway I had to use my old Mystery Gift Editor before sending the PGF in my save with PokeGen ! No big deal but boring since someone "PokeFr" provided the real file in the thread !

  4. Howdy Codr !

    Long time no see ! A little eclipse from the site ! I'm back and I did the french translation of the new Revision 8 file ! Tell me if there are some mistake I didn't saw !

    By the way, can't you do something for the Stat tab where the string "Manual stats" didn't fit in french, for just one letter, the "s" ! The all datas on the tab must be pushed a little to the left ! IMO, :tongue: !

    The file:

    lang_French v3.18&#4.zip

    lang_French v3.18.zip

  5. Rebonjour Codr !

    So I went all thru the french file and tried to erase all the abreviated terms ! I corrected the string Used Wonder Card IDs and some other things ! Now it's up to you to make some of those strings to fit the program windows ! As for the PID Finder, I suppose that Créateur de PID is a good one until we find a better translation !

    For now, I'm dealing with an odd issue: my pc run on Vista and when I right click on the program to make a shortcut in start menu, PokeGen is launched in english without the use of the language file, no possibilities to change the language used, all options are grayed out ! I can't find why and how to fix that !

    Thank you and see you !





  6. Aye, aye Sir !

    Will do ! First thing when I get up...but for now, my friend, it's my eyes that don't fit in the right place or as we french says, je n'ai plus les yeux en face des trous !

    So good night and see you soon, mon ami !




    I've corrected all abreviated string ! I hope so !


  7. Yes searcher means découvreur but...as I told you, it's more for a human being ! Chercheur is the same ! What about Investigateur de PID ?

    Sorry for the abbreviated strings, I haven't seen them in "action" ! Correcting right now ! But there are some string too long to fit on the windows and I have no choice ! Like "IDs de C.Miracle utilisés"...


    lang_French v304..zip


    lang_French v304..zip

  8. I know what you mean but french is a very difficult language and words doesn't always mean what it seems ! Finder in english is clean but in french, we don't say "trouveur" the exact translation of the word find ! It's not neat ! This is why I have proposed those terms: générateur, créateur or découvreur de PID ! But tell me something: how does it work ? I mean how does it find that PID ? By calculation (hence calculateur) or what ? I suck in programation so...if you could help me to figured out how the thing work, I could more easily find the good word !

    For now, the best word I guess would be Créateur de PID since découvreur suit more for a person, not a program...if you see what I mean !

    So let me know and I"ll try my best !

    PS: I just used for the first time your Mystery Gift options, and it work so easily ! On little big piece of software fit all the pokefan needs ! YESSS !!! Thank you so much, my friend !

  9. Here are the codes for both the pokemon and the C-Gear, use them in the PGL !

    Those 2 codes are in the december issue of Nintendo Magazine Officiel....or here:

    Cradopaud: CROACNintendoOfficiel

    C-Gear: CRONNintendoOfficiel

    You have from 16 november 2011 to 9 january 2012

    PS: IMO this can work in Europe by changing language before entering those codes ! Worth the try !

    Thanx to zorua2_returns !

  10. On the japanese PGL, starting as off today the 13th june, there is a new musical background ! But a password is needed !

    Thanx to this http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_smash/news/index.html#101914 and since I don't know japanese at all I figured out how that work :

    First of all put ポケスマ!ミュージカル in the caption box and click OK !

    On the next picture figuring a theater curtain, clic on the little black triangle similar to the "play" symbol !


    The symbol become 2 vertical bars, the "pause" symbol and the background will change, as if the lights were cut off !


    Now click OK and you're done !


    Enjoy ! :grog:




  11. Party count is the number of Pokemon you currently have in your party !

    "If that is so what number would I have to put for two." Simply, 2 !

    C'est le nombre de Pokémon que tu as, ou que tu compte mettre, dans ton équipe !

    "It means the number of party pokemons I have in game, or creating?" Exactement !

  12. Hello everyone !

    I just finished this translation, and we have to wait for Codr to validate this work before it could be used in the program !

    I post this for every french user out there, and any help or modification will be more than welcome !


    :grog: Santé !!!

    EDIT: Just for you to know, since the program don't display correctly some sentence, I used some abbreviations for instance "capa." stand for "capacité", "calc. de PID" for "calculateur de PID" and so on !

    I also translated all the tooltips, About etc. Everything is translated but the strings I don't have access as the abilities, Pokémon name all those thing hardcoded !

    When and if Codr found my job good or usable, this issue will be fixed ! I hope so anyway !

    For the time being, is you want to see by yourself how it looks, just backup the lang_english.txt file and rename the one I provided in lang_english.txt instead of lang_français.txt, and you good to go !

    À la bonne vôtre, :grog:

  13. Liberty Pass French present :

    I got this on the March 4th, the first day of the wi-fi event !


    Card Title: Voici votre Pass Liberté!

    Card Comment : Merci d'avoir joué à Pokémon ! Allez récupérer votre cadeau

    dans le jeu auprès du livreur d'un centre Pokémon !

    Wondercard ID : 2046

    Gift Type : Key Item

    Date Received : 03 / 04 /2011

    Here is the file :




    PS: The pgf is in the zip, obviously, extracted with PMGE 1.4.3 and tested with Pokesav BW 0.06b & c. Enjoy !!!


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