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  1. Ahuri had some hacks FYI, almost all of these are now on the github event gallery. Minus the hacks. This includes WC3 files and pk3m mail files (extracted manually). And the pokerus tagging and files that were touched were reversed.
  2. Gen 4 Events (Legal Checking)

    @Nessus, those are Pokemon Ranch. We do not have an algorithm, nor are there wondercards for those. Just like gen 3, and GTS pokes, they are not in the MGDB.
  3. So here is a comprehensive list of what we are missing for Japan Gen 3: - STAMP (Not migrated to gen 4, still holding berry) - Sapporo Pikachu (not migrated to gen 4) - PokePark (Taiwan) Jirachis (Only seen a few not migrated) - Hadou Titans (We only have the 2, not even a complete set)
  4. Also Sapporo Pikachu, and we need more Hado Titans. Lots more.
  5. Japanese Generation I Pokemon PKM Files

    Thank you @Afepoke!
  6. Japanese Generation III event Pokemon PKM Files

    Well this is interesting. De ja vu actually. @Afepoke, I would love you if you could get a Sapporo Pikachu from someone you know. It is the only one missing from the list and I have not been able to locate it!
  7. (Legality Error) - Events

    @Nessus, I fixed the Korean Strongest Dragonite. I don't think it is supposed to have two ribbons, unless someone can show me otherwise.
  8. Gen 4 Events (Legal Checking)

    PGTs are not used by PKHex. We plan on changing PCD/PGT to WC4 (Unencrypted PKM data) format in the near future. As for the GTS daisuke pokemon, I don't have reliable sources for those. The ones I posted were from semi-reliable sources at the time, and I don't have all of them. Our best guess is that they were generated by wondercards and then traded. This means not only are there are lots of copies of these (dynamic PIDs, or static PID and dynamic IVs), but we do not know what their actual data should or does look like. In addition, I recently identified multiple conflicting files, some of which look like hacks, but neither look obviously correct. To add to that, it looks like a good portion of the magikarps, bidoofs, and a few others are lost to time. The most important thing, knowing the SID, and if the PID is static is not something I have been able to reliably figure out. With that said, I have stopped focusing on GTS daisuke pokemon unfortunately. If anyone wants to find trustworthy contacts, or collectors, I would be willing to accept additional information.
  9. (Legality Error) - Events

    I thought you get your route/encounter data from the rom files? I am very surprised there are encounter errors, or is it a translation thing (files to code?)
  10. (Legality Error) - Events

    Thanks, I fixed that. You can start a thread regarding the others and ping me on it.
  11. RS - Shiny Jirachi from WISHMKR

    @suloku, nice job! I'll look into replacing/fixing those wshmkr jirachis.
  12. (Legality Error) - Events

    @Nessus, I am not sure how it got missed (thank you for noticing), but I have fixed it. You can get the wondercards here until the next PKHex release. Also if you have a legit, self obtained SETEC, please PM it to me. In the meantime, I am trying to find out where I got the wondercards from. @Kaphotics, SPRING 2014 Magmar is that mess up where it was distributed with no ribbon, then fixed like the other threads.
  13. USUM - Roto O powers distribution (JP)

    @argus1963, will you be available to do an NTR Ram dump? Also @Purin, will you be available to get a pcap?
  14. RS - Shiny Jirachi from WISHMKR

    IIRC, you can get as many as you want. So that flag definitely is not for that. I wonder if it serves an actual purpose, or is leftover. Or if it enables some in-game content, whether used or not. More research is definitely needed. @Kaphotics, or @Bond697, do you remember anything about this flag?
  15. (Legality Error) - Events

    @Kaphotics, I tested this and it seems like a bug with PKhex. I remember a thread about this, but I don't remember the result. Something about you are aware, but fixing it was not feasible?