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  1. Even though Hadou and Aura are the same name, the distribution software was different. Lots of reasons for why that is.
  2. You can also download individual wondercards from our gallery (or take your own) and put them anywhere inside of a folder named mgdb. The mgdb folder needs to be in the same place as PKhex. You can also put all of the events we have, at once, from this link: Events Gallery - master. That link will always have all of the events in our system.
  3. Thanks! @irctapes, just so you are aware, we receive all serial code events directly from the servers as soon as they are available to everyone.
  4. The event hard coded the game origin to Ruby. Nothing else is legal.
  5. Welcome! One of the things we love is collecting. Since you are an old Pokemon soul, we could always use help with gen 3 events!
  6. Sabresite

    [Question] G5 egg

    IIRC, I don't think it is possible. @Kaphotics, can you confirm?
  7. The research was never finished and after gen 5, not needed. @ajxpk was doing work into it but I think moved onto other research.
  8. Everytime they remove something from the blacklist (or is it add to whitelist?), new regulation files are released to replace the old ones. Should we only keep the newest?
  9. There are literally hundreds of these. We should figure out how we want to name the files and organize them. Then we need to determine which ones we are missing.
  10. I would love to have every single regulation/cup file from both online and local tournaments but it seems impractical. I have some of the local tournaments from dumps, but definitely not all of them. As for the online regulation/cup files, I have over 200 of them. It is difficult because the cup text is localized, but the regulation files are in Japanese. I am not even entirely sure on the format of these files. Lastly, I am not sure what we can do with the regulation/cup files. You can inject them via EXT and run your own local battles?
  11. We have indications that otg and game origin come from the users game for this kind of distribution. Since up to 80k were distributed, it is understandable that either Pokemon festa or the world hobby fair (or both) would use GameCubes. It's fast, automatic, and shows off the GameCube on the big screen (which was still their hot system at the time). I bet they set up makeshift gotta catch em all stations.
  12. I somehow missed this when you mentioned it. I will look into it further, but if this is the case, then they may have updated the code prior to finalizing it. @ajxpk, thoughts?
  13. All C# applications that are not signed and access the file system are flagged as a virus. As for legit, it wouldn't be legit.
  14. Thank you very much! Do you mind uploading the source to github or providing it to us?