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  1. The Legality Question/Check Thread

    Your English is really good. Lol
  2. Pokemon Crystal Version (with PCNY event Pokemon)

    I don't think @Gold Ursaring gens Pokemon. I'll ask him and try to find out what happened.
  3. Special Nintendo Event Items?

    Sulokus tool, which also includes the wonder card itself!
  4. Sinnoh Cap Pikachu

    I don't think you can GTS hat pokes?
  5. Ultra's Shiny Kyogre

    This is correct behavior. PKHex has not been updated to handle the new events.
  6. Ultra's Shiny Groudon

    The event just started. We are still receiving them. Also this is not the place to ask for them.
  7. USUM - Villainous Bosses' Pokemon (Japan)

    We will see. @Kirzi said with a similar event in Gen 6 they didn't do that.
  8. USUM - Villainous Bosses' Pokemon (Japan)

    It is possible that each distribution period will have another 6 wondercards. We will know based on the Trainer ID. The Trainer ID for all of the pokemon during this period is 180120. I expect it will change to 180203 for the next. If this is the case, there will be 36 total!
  9. Index2 was the dev copy and the controller key was used to test render changes (picture changes, HTML edits, etc) without having to reboot the unit.
  10. Bytes trash Park Park Park

    It does not.
  11. Hadou (Aura) Registeel

    The algorithm is not 100% known. This event was distributed via DS Download Play. Species, and OTG determination is unknown.
  12. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    I don't have time to RNG one but I can generate one when I get time.
  13. Hadou (Aura) Registeel

    Nobody has ever gotten a legit one in Gen 3 format
  14. I didn't realize that was a thing. I thought you turn it on, it communicates, "downloads" a game and executes. I didn't realize the pokemon game itself could download/execute code.