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  1. So how can i find out IV's without my AR??

    And if i traded a hacked ditto with perfect IV's and then i hatch an Egg then the eggs perfectly legit right?

    Or can they find out that the parent pokemon was made with pokesav?

    And if i put in my action replay and did like 1 code for a potion or something meaningless would they still say the save file is tampered?

    Let's see...

    1. There are methods, if you have wifi the easiest method is PokéCheck: http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/

    2. The egg would be perfectly fine, legality wise.

    3. No, they can't if the parent isn't on the game (they still wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a hacked one if you do it correctly).

    4. I highly doubt this, but I can't rule it out completely.

  2. I certainly hope that time-travel isn't possible - there'd be too many people screwing around with the past and end up ripping apart the entire future course of events, and that probably includes people being born. I say, if it is possible, that as soon as you go backwards in time, you create an alternate universe, which exists in sync with our own. This actually isn't my idea, but it's off Star Trek, and it makes me worry less about some idiot erasing me from existence.


  3. I wish I could have gotten mine on launch day.

    I got it exactly 30 days later, though.

    I even still have it. I have to start a new file on it once I finish Platinum.

    Another question for you guys: If Ruby/Sapphire were to remade in Gen V, would you still play your Gen III carts?

    That's like asking if we still play Red after FireRed came out. Of course.

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