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  1. 2 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Yup, the Japanese game discs.

    When scanning them on a JP 3DS, the respective Pokemon will become "seen" in your Pokedex,
    and you get 20 Points instead of the usual 10 Points, for scanning a QR code. (referring to points used in the daily Island Scan feature)

    The collection is more for novelty sake since,
    if they are not in Alolan Dex, you can't tell that you registered them,
    but if you don't own them, it'll save time on the GTS. (search by alphabet, rather than typing out the entire name)

    Also, we don't know if they intend to add the National Dex to USUM.
    (If they do, it may come in useful)

    Ahh, I thought these actually gave you Pokemon. Like the Magearna one does. I never played SuMo past the second Pokemon center so I didn't have any idea scanning QR codes was a thing. 

  2. I'm a bit confused on what these actually are. I googled "Ga ore Pokemon" and found the Japanese game disks. Are you able to scan the QR codes to get the Pokemon into your games? I was hoping to buy them all for my collection someday but I never suspected them as having a practical use. 

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