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  1. Did you mean 0.9.8?Maybe that's the problem,i'm using 0.9.7,the wifi version.Thank you for your help,i guess i'll just use save states if there is no other code

    Yeah, I meant .9.8 sorry about that, mine does not have wifi either, I hope that isn't the issue, but it shouldn't be...Good luck though!

  2. ^Really?Did you use while entering dreamyard,or coming out of the stairs?Also did it activate the whole event,or was latias just waiting in it's final spot?I can't get it to work...

    It reactivated everything. I didn't even us it near the area, I started it to reset the Terrakion event cuz I got such a crappy nature when doing my wild capture RNG. it resets all the events. I am using Desmume 9.98 as an emulator, what are you using the codes on?

  3. Does anyone have a code to rebattle the lati twins?Bond's code works like a charm for the other legendaries (bar regis,i haven't tested it on them yet,idk),but if i use it while entering dreamyard,only the soul dew respawns.Thanks in advance!

    That's really wierd as it respawned latias for me no problem.....

  4. well, i don't know how to make one ... i downloaded the wondercard of both keldeo and melloeta and opened up its information in pokegen , but some say that you now need to upload it on an online GTS and recieve it in game with wifi...the problem is , i am using NO$GBA emulator and no wifi...so it would be much better if someone provide me with a code or another tutorial to do so.

    just get rid of No$GBA and use Desmume instead and there are instructions for turning the pgf files into ar codes and inserting them into the Emu in the pokegen section here at pp.org

    I hope this helps

  5. Please, Please , please..could someone make the code for Keldeo, Melloeta and Genesect for white 2 version.. i want the original event pokemon code so that i can change their forms in game.

    Why make hack codes for that when the PGF files for 2 of the events are already here? just use pokegen to make the pgf file into code and c/p it to your AR.

    and genesect isn't even out yet, not till 8/11/12

  6. since some one was offended by the other pic I wanted, I have less offenseive ones I would love as CGear skins if possible: remember I have tried several times and failed miserably on this




    anyone who can do this it would be most appreciated!

  7. black2

    52019198 42112001

    1201919C 0000D100

    94000130 FFFA0000

    1201919C 000046C0

    D2000000 00000000


    520191B4 42112001

    120191B8 0000D100

    94000130 FFFA0000

    120191B8 000046C0

    D2000000 00000000

    this is that "reset all events on a map if you hold a+sel as you enter" code. that should do.

    Awesome Bond, thanks for the assist with this!

  8. I have gotten a DW Breloom and DW Foongus so far, but I seem to get alot more items! lol I don't mind, I am just happy it's working.

    I am not going in and out of the hollow, just back and forth outside of it where the pokeball is with the pp max, so I am good

    Thank you again for this code! :)

  9. fixed. every once in awhile you'll get an empty hollow due to the way the hollow slots work or something, i think. i've been running in and out and i got different things the last 20 times.

    the code does work, but now it is giving me lv.100 pokemon! like the above world sprite was Butterfree, but it gave a Lv.100 seel instead!!!! is that supposed to happen?

  10. Bond, I have tried using the code for white 2 and it isn't working for me. I am using DesmuME 9.8, and have a few other codes on, like the master code and a couple others. Should I turn everything off and just use this one?

    Also, Does it not work with max repel on? I use that to indicate my steps, but it still seems to come up empty!

    Thanks in advance for answering.

  11. Stupid question, but is it too early for there to be cheat codes for B/W 2? I am playing it on an emu and would really enjoy all items and balls, 100% catch rate, etc, just so I can finish the game and start the RNGing

    or will the B/W1 codes work on this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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