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  1. Daycare Egg - Male Natures (Each one of Natures have its own code

    I was annoyed at having to hatch multiple eggs to find a nature, so I figured this one out using a little trial and error:

    Instant egg (replace XX to choose nature)

    94000136 fffe0000

    b2101d40 00000000

    e0001840 00000005

    XXba0f8e 00000002

    d2000000 00000000

    XX) Nature

    01) Rash

    02) Timid

    03) Lonely

    04) Quiet

    05) Impish

    06) Quirky

    07) Modest

    08) Docile

    09) Sassy

    0a) Jolly

    ob) Naughty

    0c) Calm

    0d) Hasty

    0e) Brave

    0f) Bashful

    10) Lax

    11) Hardy

    12) Mild

    13) Relaxed

    14) Careful

    15) Naive

    16) Bold

    17) Gentle

    18) Serious

    19) Adamant

    Well, it's not a complete solution. I noticed that the natures repeat in the same pattern on up (1a rash, 1b timid...), repeating over and over again. If you do the math, the a1 that was in the original code (which always gave naughty) is right where naughty should be in the 97-af range. I also tested 10 ralts, 5 adamant using 19, 5 adamant using 32. Most everything seemed random, stats, their best IV, but they all had syncronize, not one had trace as an ability.

    So, that still needs to be figured out I think, but otherwise this works like a charm...


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