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  1. Ok, looked at your file...

    -Caught in a Moon Ball? on X/Y? Obviously hacked, since ONLY the Johto region games have access to the Moon Ball.

    Other than that, it's a bit over-convenient designed...

    With that kind of Pokemon, it should ALWAYS be designed as "hatched". You can still have it be in any ball you could catch it in in the Friend Safari, since Ball carries from Females when breeding.

    Edit2: And, after checking your moves, you didn't even try to make it legal. One is an Egg move (and you didn't have it hatched), and one is ONLY obtainable for Charizard before Gen VI.

    I kinda just made the pokemon from smogons suggestions, I'll edit them as hatched and get rid of the other move and give it ago, thanks for ur help, I'm hopeless at which moves are learned from when/where

    btw can u advice which facebook group i could look at?

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