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  1. Most of the Pokemon you encounter at that point are oldmons: a lot of this game emphasises on the old Pokemon rather than the new ones, which I do like. There are three Pokedexes, each containing 150 Pokemon, totalling to 450 altogether (Central/Coastal/Mountain Kalos). There may be even more post-game. Heh. Somehow you encounter some strongmons quite early on too, such as Absol.

    If you want to be spoiled, prepare to be either ecstatic or disappointed (DO NOT OPEN unless you are absolutely sure):

    So far only 69 new Pokemon are introduced. Yes, 69, and probably some extra 100 stat all across pixie may be stashed someplace in the end. There is also no legendary trio that are in all the preceding generations: the Kanto legendary birds take that role, somewhat. I don't like how small the new list is, but it also does get rid of unnecessary repeats like Zubat/Tentacool of Kalos region/whatever. Not to mention there are Mega Evolutions anyways, which kind of makes up for the lack of new Pokemon, but still, I are disappoint.

    Ah yeah, I read about that elsewhere earlier today (Regarding your spoiler). I'll spoiler box my full response...

    To me, it's somewhat of a relief as I haven't gotten to play the Gen 5 games yet. It means less to catch up on with it still being an exciting pace by which to learn. :)

  2. Yes. Previous 1-5 gen pokemon can be encountered while progressing through the game. I like it. It's exciting not knowing which kind of Pokemon will appear. Like the first route when you begin for example. It has new pokemon like Scatterbug and Bunnelby, but it also has ones like Pidgey, Caterpie etc

    Oh, that's awesome! :) Now I'm really excited to play~

  3. Well at this point, I'm going for my second badge and I LOVE the game so far. Lots of Pokemon to catch (mostly the old ones, but the variety of them is good).

    When you say old ones, is it a variety of Gen 1-5 pokemon, a specific generation, or what? I know I'll figure this out for myself in three days but I'm really curious. xD

  4. This Narrow-Minded thinking is apalling to me. Why would you want to intentionally restrict every aspect of your life to a single solitary thought pattern? I've read up on what the Church says Heaven is as well. You lose all your friends, all your family, and all your worldly possesions, everything you have ever enjoyed is lost to you, and instead you only know god, and do nothing but pray to god all day and all night of all times. Call me selfish but that doesn't quite sound like a pleasant place to be.

    Yes, it is true that you "lose" everything, but in view of Christ, those things were to be "hated." A follower of Christ is to love Him so much that it spills over to loving others, in caring for the needy and the sick and the broken. In Matthew 25 Jesus speaks to both of these things. Heaven is going to be like a wedding feast. Recently, I was at a wedding - it is full of fellowship, laughter, music, and remembrance of memories of the bride and groom. The Church is Christ's bride, and much like the Old Testament story of Hosea, she is broken. Hosea was asked of God to marry the prostitute Gomer as a parallel of Israel, in which the people were adulterous in following God, not adhering to Torah as was asked of them to do for their own benefit in being set apart from the surrounding nations. In Gomer's adultery, Hosea loved her anyways - it is the same of Christ to His Church.

    Later in Matthew 25 Jesus explains how all of the nations will come to Him and he will 'separate the sheep from the goats.' To those on His right He will welcome them in, telling them that He was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned and they met His needs. To those on the left He departs from His presence because they did not do these things. As He explains to both groups, to the extent that they had done to those in those needs, they had done it to Him. Heaven will be full of worship, which is to say that of which I described of the wedding feast earlier; it will be fellowship, communication, and rejoicing. As someone once explained to me, it will be much like the love of a dating relationship or even a newlywed couple - passionate and zealous. :)

  5. Isn't this an obvious one from me? No? Well, the wolf of course!! :D

    It has been my favorite animal for about eight or nine years, it started out just because it was "Cool and really awesome" basically....now it's because I have a certain respect for wolves, they are majestic and beautiful, fierce and glorious in my eyes. It's on the same wavelength of the lion being the king of the jungle, these beasts are the kings of their territory, whether it be the woods or the mountains or wherever. :)

  6. Gilmore Girls has been my favorite show since the second season. Even though the series has now finished, I still go back and watch reruns from time to time, and hope someday to get the series boxset. I love the show because it has a bit of a sick and twisted humor to it that my mom and I both possess, and of course, the series focusing on mother and daughter, brings my mom and I closer together when we watch it...because we're so much like them!

    I also highly enjoyed Mental while it aired. I have the boxset of the first season. Being a Psychology major going into that kind of field and getting to see it played out (however dramatized) fascinates me. :)

  7. Generally speaking, the Biblical "contradictions" are actually little details written from one author's prospective and then another's, or an author's interpretation of another author's words. Doesn't mean they're contradictory, they could be meaning the exact same thing, said differently. Or it could be two entirely different events of going to the same place. Surely Jesus visited towns more than once. :) (/end Bible college kid rant)

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