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  1. Hi, I just found this thread and I thought I can contribute some german events :)


    These events are included:

    504 - Hier kommt Elektek! (Electabuzz)

    511 - Ein Vivillon mit Pokéball-Muster! (Pokeball Vivillon)

    523 - Irre! Ein Irrbis! (Pumpkaboo)

    524 - Huch! Ein Schillerndes Gengar! (Shiny Gengar)

    525 - Das Mysteriöse Pokémon Diancie! (Diancie)

    1503 - Ein Vivillon mit Fantasiemuster! (Fancy Vivillon)

    1504 - Ein Schillerndes Tanhel! (Shiny Beldum)

    1505 - Hier kommt Serpiroyal! (Contrary Serperior)

    1506 - Hier kommt Flambirex! (Reckless Emboar)

    So I know that Serperior and Emboar are not needed in german but I included them anyways, maybe it will be useful at some point.

    There are also 3 things I am curious about:

    1. Is the gender determined when the wondercard is received? If yes, can this be read out of the wondercard editor? I mean for example some some submitted wondercards in the collection are have (F) or (M) in the data name but if you open these in the wondercard editor it still tells you that the gender is random.

    2. I think there is a bug/error in the wonder card editor because in the pumpkaboo wondercard the form chosen displays "small" although it should be extra large. In the selection of the forms, one can choose small, average, large and then small again which is supposed to be extra large.

    3. What happens if I inject for example a japanese wondercard into my german savefile? Will I be able to receive the pokemon or can this damage my savefile in any way? And will the language of the pokemon received be my in-game language (german) or japanese?

    Anyways really appreciate the effort you put into this one, hope you keep up the work :)

    I tried to inject two of these wondercards into my german game since I missed the events last year. The wondercard for Gengar worked just fine (using PKHeX, Ram2Sav and a german Pokemon X game) but it was female on all tries, so maybe the gender flag is set wrongly. For Diancie I had to edit one bit (0x52 from 03 to 01) because it has been saved with a flag telling that it's already been used. After changing this bit it works fine and also activates the ingame event with the npcs showing up and everything. I've included the edited wondercard for Diancie for others who may have experienced the same problem. :)

    German Diancie (edited version):


  2. Like it wont work when you are trying to transfer the Pokémon to bank because of region locked and it wont recognize?

    Pokemon Bank works with any copy of X/Y, regardless of its region. So you can use Pokemon Bank to access a japanese X/Y cartridge on a non-japanese 3ds.

  3. Excuse me, if you're on a digital copy of the game, how does one transfer the battle video without saving and turning off the game (The game and video are both stored on the SD card)? Does the video stay on the SD card if the game is just shut off?

    You don't need to leave the game running, the video file stays there.

    Just quit the game, shutdown the 3ds and remove the sd card then.

    Also with a digital copy you could just mass dump all of your boxes, but I guess you want to try out how this works?

  4. Ok instead of posting the pkx, I'll just post some results I got. I also made a script to auto-dump pkx from trades (if one of the trade players is showing them) which then checks them for shinyness. These are the results I acquired so far:

    TID SID PID chance
    53839 16673 1683814196 6
    53839 16673 1084150779 11
    53839 16673 1252973003 11
    20641 54167 1908142732 1
    53839 16673 3759633266 11
    53839 16673 2360942553 14
    31246 28938 1957986237 13
    31246 28938 2826347387 9
    31246 28938 2126214583 8
    31246 28938 3014572197 15
    57163 32215 1627833243 1
    57163 32215 2100748206 4
    57163 32215 1859243081 4
    57163 32215 3496964850 1
    37130 12372 1718470456 11
    58635 60408 2719722727 15
    57163 32215 1434777365 13
    57163 32215 3554701694 2
    57163 32215 2931690540 14
    57163 32215 3357960892 6
    57163 32215 1419507204 3
    62094 46668 2179450150 3

    As you can see there are some chances with a result of 15 in there, so 1-15 or 0-15 seems likely. Best would be if we find a non-shiny that has a chance-result of 16.

  5. Thats alright, I haven't even been able to test messing with the packet yet because for some reason I can see the exchange take place within wireshark, but then it doesn't ever seem to pass through windivert...

    My conclusion is that the 3DS packets while just being regular UDP somehow don't pass through WPF (unlikely), or it's due to my setup and using a virtual adapter to broadcast (more likely).

    Gonna dig up an old router today and see if I have more success.

    I tested it last night and I saw the exchange happen in Wireshark, two 989 byte long UDP packets formatted in the same manner as quoted here on page 4. I used a wifi-dongle in a Soft-AP setup + Wireshark to get the data. I could provide the binary packet data for sent and received packets. I was able to isolate and decrypt the Pokémon data with the tools provided in this thread. Also an interesting side-note: The game is directly communicating with the user's 3ds it is wondertrading with, no server in between or anything, at least for the process of trading. (I checked IP locations vs ingame locations of trade partners)

    Proof: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aaqq31er9eu969w/pkxedit.png

    Edit: Nvm, I misread your post. I thought you could not see the exchange, but then I noticed you were the one posting the first packets and are now another step ahead. Good luck with injecting.

  6. Hi, I'm at the german Pokémon Day Event right now. Here are the Pikachu Wondercard texts and the Wondercards I dumped in a zip file. I may post some photos from the event lateron, it's hard to upload them on a mobile connection.


    Schnapp dir Pikachu!

    Hier kommt Pikachu mit einer mächtigen

    Attacke! Werde gemeinsam mit diesem

    Pokémon der stärkste Trainer von allen!


    Un Pikachu exclusif!

    Un Pikachu + une capacité surpuissante!

    Devenez un Dresseur imbattable grâce

    à cette combinaison unique!


    ¡Un Pikachu especial para ti!

    ¡Este Pikachu conoce

    un movimiento increíble!

    ¡Haz realidad tus sueños de

    convertirte en el Entrenador

    más fuerte con este Pokémon!


    Un Pikachu tutto per te!

    Un Pikachu con una mossa davvero

    potentissima! Con il suo aiuto portrai

    aspirare a diventare l'Allenatore più

    forte di tutti.


    Get Pikachu!

    Here comes Pikachu with a powerful move!

    Aim to become the most powerful

    Trainer with this Pokémon!

    Edit: Photos from the event, the stage and the sign with download instructions: http://imgur.com/a/uUBGh

    Wondercard photos: http://imgur.com/a/xYnUQ

  7. randomspot555 edit as of May 28, 2013: PP is being flagged by Google as a Malware vulnerable site or some such jazz. Due to that, we have moved DreamWorld.EXE to an off-site, reliable location rather than attachment to posts. You can download it here:


    Please stop posting about how your horrible anti-virus software is detecting DW.exe as a virus. It isn't.

    Also, if you feel like this is some horrible program, feel free to not use it.

    Apparently this has been out since october. I just found out about it on /vp/, but the original post can be found here: http://www.lugia.us/forum/pokemon-black-and-white/introducing-pokemon-dream-world-hacker!/

    So what this does is really neat. Once you've logged into your Dreamworld account and provide your cookies via this Firefox extension to the tool, it'll log on into your DW and collect every single pokémon and item you would have had the chance to obtain. Of course this isn't much use for flashcart users, since you can just set the DW Pokémon you want to have via Pokestock. But for people without flashcart access, it's probably pretty useful.

    Once again the steps needed to do this (quoted from original post linked above):

    1. Log into Pokémon Global Link.

    2. Export your cookies to a file called cookies.txt. You need Firefox, and this addon. It will be under Tools, Export Cookies. Save the file to the same folder that dw.exe is in.

    3. Click on "Dream World" and let the video load.

    4. Close the Pokémon Global Link tab, and open dw.exe.

    For dw.exe:

    1. Give it the number of the berry you want to use, if any. 0 means none, and for the rest of them refer to this page for the specific number. (I used '7', Oran Berry, it's the most common and most useless one)

    2. Give it the rank you'd like. I suggest using a '1'. Values are from 1-5, 5 being the lowest score.

    3. Tell it what language your account is in. Assuming it's English, you type 'en'.

    Press Enter and watch the magic.

    (Obviously, you don't use the quotes, I'm just using them to set the values aside.)

    Afterwards you just need to log into PGL again and go through the empty DW island to the Tree of Dreams to collect one of your befriended Pokémon.


    Download link for the newest version: http://drfsupercenter.info/Programs/DW.exe

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