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  1. Not a false positive, but a small mistake nonetheless.


    It reports it as Method K, but extremespeed dratini from the dragon's den is Method 1: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/dpphgss_rng_part2

    That has been an issue for quite some time now. Roamers are in the same boat.

    A user had uploaded a level 21 Lucario with moves ExtremeSpeed and Close Combat. This is illegal because Riolu cannot inherit them as level-up egg moves, nor can Lucario have learned them at such a low level. However, the LA flags them as level-up egg moves.

  2. This thread isn't for how or why X situation is legal. It is merely to report errors. If something happens purely by in-game means on an unmodified game, then the results are legal. Don't mess with things in Pokegen because you'll probably end up with something illegal. Example, "Al Gore\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF" is illegal at this point.

    Remember, anything obtained in-game on an unmodified game is legitimate and legal. If the legality analysis says it's not, that's what this thread is for.

  3. -Got the starter in JP Sapphire ROM (with a 1 char OT name no less)

    -Traded to NA Emerald ROM to clone

    -Traded to NA Sapphire ROM

    -Wrote save to NA Sapphire cart

    -Pal Parked from retail NA Sapphire to retail NA Pearl

    -Uploaded from retail NA Pearl to Pokécheck via GTS




    Keeping the mons private to preserve the philosophy of the shoutbox's rule 3/OP of this thread. However, any Pokecheck admins can clearly see that my original post predicting this situation is 100% correct (D/P Pal Park behaviour is identical). All of Pingouin's Mudkips do not match retail cart behaviour, thus are not legal. Legality analysis is working properly.

    Hint: Stop using hacking programs for ANY purpose. I know exactly what happened, and what caused this. It was Pingouin opening Pokegen. He basically said it himself.

  4. I've figured out that Pal Parking a Japanese Gen III Pokémon to an English Gen IV game produces an error saying that the OT Trash Bytes are invalid even though the Pokémon was obtained and transferred legitimately.

    Example here, if it helps.

    Quit lying. Seriously. You're not fooling anyone. Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge about how trash bytes work KNOWS for a fact that they are 100% wrong.

    Hint: Pokecheck supports RETAIL CARTS only. Any different behaviour from anything else is not supported because it's not legal.

    Hint 2: I Pal Parked 3rd gen JP mons and none of them have red flags. So it's not a general problem.

  5. Oh if it was an egg... yeah that would make sense. R/S egg behaviour is not documented very well. In theory there is no way for there to be less than 3 IVs to be inherited, but it can happen. Problem is, that never seems to happen when a debugger is being used. Also, Box R/S is notably slower than a real GBA, thus the chance for PRNG states to be skipped is even greater as seen by my Method 4 Regis.

  6. Just so you know, the default time for the server is PST. Since you live in Australia, if you catch something after midnight for about... I want to say a 20 hour window, your time zone is one day ahead of the server. Hence, it's considered in the future.

    Dark Pulse is coming up as illegal / red on Genesect.


    The tutor in Lentimas / Yamaji town teaches it for 10 Blue Shards.

    Any comments on this?

    I think this is a result of the original tutor list rip was missing Genesect and Deoxys forms. Thus stuff had to be added manually (?).

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