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  1. So if Crystal is already supported by Bank, does that mean a Celebi from the GS ball event can be transferred? I'm guessing people already tried to transfer a Celebi and failed... but I wonder if someone tried properly setting the two caught data bytes in the mon data used only by mons from Crystal?

    Edit: wow, I haven't been on here in so long, I never noticed the avatars are now all forced into squares. Ruined my avatar.

  2. I have a question - are the nature/IVs assigned to shadow Pokémon still being severely limited by the Pokémon before it? What happens is, the Pokémon are generated in order, and for whatever reason, the unmodified game decides to check each PID for the non-shadow Pokémon, and reject it if it doesn't fit their assigned nature/gender, or is shiny. This limits the possible spreads on the next Pokémon severely - a single 50% gender ratio Pokémon before the shadow one will cut the available spreads from 2^32 to 1/50th of that (1/25 for matching nature, then 1/2 for 50/50 gender). Since even 2^32 possible IV/nature combinations don't yield every single possibility, the nature/gender lock of non-shadow Pokémon really hurts.

    I imagine it would be easier to make the shadow Pokémon get generated first than to add a function that would modify the PID of the non-shadow Pokémon to fit their assigned nature/gender. Colosseum actually does the former for many Pokémon - notably the gen 2 legendary beasts are generated first, allowing for all 2^32 possibilities.

  3. It that PKHeX support to R4i Save Dongle ?

    If by support you mean using the edited save...

    PKXs and edited SAVs CAN be injected into your game ONLY if you are using the Cyber Save Editor & Dongle and a JP Cart+System... no Gateway / Powersaves.
  4. I wasn't trying to get the event.

    I'm simply pointing out that Pokemon I captured on the JP rom, on a US system, indicated as US region.

    Hence region is tied to the 3DS, not the cart itself.

    After all, Pokemon X across all regions, is effectively the same rom, except with "region lock system" in place.

    Despite being a JP rom, the logo on home screen showed the US one.

    I'm not preaching Piracy; just bringing up an example as a point.

    When it comes to this specific event (and other region-locked ones), that goes against what was said earlier.

    You will not be able to receive Darkrai on your American game.

    You will not be able to use a Japanese game with an American 3DS.

    Also, game carts have their region printed on them. Plus, the UK Electabuzz/Magmar events couldn't be received on a NA game card despite them both being for English-speaking regions.

  5. Defeating any sort of region-locking for 6th gen events doesn't even yield a legal Pokémon, let alone a legitimate one. Anyone can dump the Pokémon as a file and see that some sort of unofficial third-party hardware (ie. a hacking device) was used to get something that can't be obtained by normal use of the hardware/software. Most people would assume Wondercard injection via Powersave; defeating the region-locking in the manner you described would yield the same region data.

    In summary, defeating the region-locking to obtain this Darkrai event, or any other region-locked event would yield a Wondercard and Pokémon that isn't even legal, let alone legitimate. As such, neither should be added to the Event database.

  6. You can run the physical cart from another region as long as the software exploit is installed and therefore are not using a "pirate cart" or ROM.

    I also used to import Pokemon from Japan on the DS (even after they pulled off the pseudo-region lock on the DSi) to play the game early and to get the exclusive Wi-Fi events that used to come out stateside months later. Does that make my Pokemon or events any less legit?

    I know that, in this instance, the Pokemon Wi-Fi server that the game connected to for Mystery Gifts was tied to the cart region and not the DS region. Since I did not import X/Y, I'm not certain if that is still the case. My gut says that it is dictated by the 3DS region now, but I have no proof. In the end though, if the Diancie give away isn't region locked and is accessible to all regions, it really becomes a moot point.

    It doesn't matter if you only need to use the thing once - you're using a third-party unofficial (and illegal in some countries) device to get whatever exploit in the first place. As I had previously implied, if you can't get the event on a retail, unmodified game and console, then it's not legitimate. You know, because obtaining something that can't be obtained without hacking is totally legitimate, right? All it takes is one use of third-party unofficial hardware to get non-JP Mew from Emerald, or Hall of Origin Arceus, etc.

    And yes, Gateway is a pirate cart. Unlike DS flashcarts, it was sold as a ROM loader from the beginning, offering no native means of booting homebrew, or even ROM dumping support. You can't even fall back onto the excuse of dumping carts you physically own and playing off of the backups because VERY few people had the capability to dump their 3DS games before 2.0. People had to modify their booting program to get anything out of it other than piracy.

    Importing retail JP carts of previous gen Pokémon games is completely different, since 1) previous generations didn't track your DS region, 2) it's an actual, official game cart, and 3) an older DS console, which does not have region-locking, can play those games/be used to obtain those events. Or did you defeat the region-locking on your DSi for 5th gen games somehow? In that case, a purist would say they're not legitimate.

    Since this event appears to be unable to be obtained on non-JP games without some sort of unofficial modification, it doesn't look good for the upcoming JP Diancie event.

  7. The instant you modify a Pokémon outside of in-game means, it's no longer legitimate; hence, your Mewtwo is hacked. Also, it's against the policy of Project Pokémon to give information in regards to bypassing any official Pokémon check, such as the transfer to Pokémon Bank.

  8. With save file injection on gen 5 and poke transporter, gen'd pokemon and such are still possible, but its hard to be sure without pokecheck? It would be nice if they released the code for their checking, hell even in python or js, or any language really it would be great to at least help me debug pokmon I gen.

    Well thank you for proving my point to all of the defenders of the .pkm file support of Pokécheck. You're a shining example of the users who abuse the site.

  9. Oh, look, guys! Somebody needs to use a hack checker!

    Better be an ass about it and assume he needs to use it for hacking purposes!

    Considering that the only time you need to know if something is a hack is from a trade, and you can't trade anymore... Oh, and how many people use it for "getting their hack to pass"... yeah.

    Edit: And by looking at the OP's posts, it's clear to me that he's not using it to check things obtained in a trade...

  10. I just got mine today. It works perfectly!!!

    EVERY YouTube video out there says that the ONLY reason for it not working is the cartridge being dirty. For newer Windows users do not forget about disabling Driver Enforcement. Its the only way I can use devices like this on my computer.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of someone using such a solution - it's not needed, and opens up your computer to potentially dangerous things. I HIGHLY recommend NOT doing that for any reason.

  11. Hello xD I have problem with bulbasaur korean of WC #121 #122 and #123 for B2 & W2 via wi-fi

    WC #121 https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=10780889

    WC #122 https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=10780798

    WC #123 https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=10780801

    Too, this egg in the nickname say "This event has a nickname (ID abuse or hacked)." This is ok??

    WC #95 https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=10780800

    Sorry my bad english, de momento sólo hablo y escribo en español xDD Thanks guys xD

    It's fine. There should be a check where if the Wondercard gift is a Pokémon in an egg, then don't bring up that message because it will always hatch with your OT. But there isn't.

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