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  1. well i'm just wonder how are the code i requested coming along? i'd like an update on the codes i requested, the sprite code mod code, is anyone working on it? or is it just being tossed aside like other ideas i've seen here. looks like there is favoritism towards some people over others,we asked nicely for the codes that would make us be happy to use. not everyone has the same taste in codes, and to not make the codes that people requested, or make them and not share them, that's just not fair. i'm just stating the facts.

    we each have our own views on things, no view is the same.

    If I can wait on a No Music code that will probably never get here...

  2. Ugh, no just no. I've had it with those overpowered Pikachus and their overpowered Thunders. Though... even if Charge did that, I doubt people would use it. Like, we know Miracle Eye negates Psychic immunity on Dark Pokemon, but how many Psychics run Miracle Eye seriously? I haven't seen any. In fact, I tried it once, but realised it will get you nowhere simply because Psychic does not do enough damage to the Dark Pokemon while the Dark Pokemon can easily overcome the Psychic with STAB Crunch or Sucker Punch or something, forcing the Psychic to retreat (and that has the possibility of being Pursuited, which is scary too). But, Electrics are normally faster than Grounds, so maybe it would have an effect, but I would not want to see a Swampert fall to an electric move. Ever. It's just embarrassing. However, that is why there are COVERAGE moves. Electrics do run moves like Grass Knot to deal with threats like those Rock/Grounds when they need to or even Focus Blast or whatever. Chances are, the immunity to electricity was designed very well so that people do not overspam that move, or else Electrics with their single weakness would pretty much be quite hard to take down (we know how hard Zapdos is to take down already...). It simply encourages more coverage moves to be ran alongside Thunderbolt. I like the whole idea of Grounds being the hard counters to Electrics, though this whole game is riddled with badly done types (Ice only resists Ice for example, they need to fix that).

    For every countless Golems that lose to Ash's Pikachu, an Ekans eats a Pidgey. Please, think about the Pidgeys.

    Water should be less effective against Ice, methinks. Unless it's a move like Scald?

    What about against a Ground/Rock-type opponent, your Pokemon is slower when using the Electric attack? Technically Brock's Onix was able to catch Pikachu before it could jump out of the way, so I would grant it.

    I must also reiterate that Charge would only allow the next turn for an Electric attack, not like Miracle Eye or Foresight.

    I think the future of Pokemon is basically going to involve elements which were commonplace in the Anime, and you could choose between playing Turn Based or Real Time. Therefore in Real-Time certain moves could clash with one another like if both combatants chose Psybeam, Water Pump or Thunderbolt. So granting an ability to Charge like what I propose wouldn't be stretching it further than what I envision xD

  3. to inform you: I also wait for a specific code....a code that turns all wild pokemon into shiny (wild/legends/eggs and fossils) just like the ones for HGSS made by a guy named Kenobi.....so i can understand lt.surge and you for askin for a no music code....but as for me it is to be patient so it is for you....and allykat meant codes that are not working or even worser destroy your game.....so that´s why she is so in rage.....so don´t be so hard on her....she´s trying her utmost to gather all good and workin codes into an XML file that everyone here can download!

    I'm not being hard on anybody lol

    Being rude on the interbutts is usually a waste of time to me...

    Anyway I hope all our wishes are satisfied at one point.

  4. I remember the episode of Pokemon where Ash battled Brock's Onix and dealt damage to it using Pikachu's Thundershock.

    Pikachu's circumstance from Charging Up with the help of Ash and Brock's dad allowed this clear "illegal" Electric-type attack to actually damage a Rock-type. I can imagine there being more instances where Pikachu was able to deal damage regardless of type disadvantage.

    This brings to question, Why not allow the Move "Charge" to grant the user to deal damage, no matter what type Pokemon the foe? Considering it powers up Electric-type moves for one turn, this would make sense to me.

    I know the Anime isn't currently like the Games and vice-versa, I just think it would be a nice attribute to add to further bridge that gap.

    EDIT: To make it more balanced, against Ground/Rock types why not the next Electric attack be slower than the opponent?

  5. @Lt. surge we both have codes that might take a long time to make, but it would be interesting to see a no music code(i know they must use the same music tracks for each game and it can get annoying to listen to), some codes should be made because of their usefulness or even for some of their unique effects(the personal favorite of hg/ss is the sprite code), some of the codes I've seen here don't work(thinking they only work on the ROM, which is kinda sad, because if they make a code it should also work for the reatail version)

    dsa and allykat you both have your own views on things which i respect but you have to admit i make a valid explanation. Lt. surge i agree with you that they might have some attitude problems because it get's annoying to see a rageful response.

    It's the opinion as to what's more useful NOW for ME. What I want. I'm just glad somebody else other than myself thinks a NO MUSIC code would be worth the time making it... I want to create a fanfiction and use footage from the ROM (filming the DS itself has turned out to look horrible without fancy video capturing/hacking the DS). So being able to use other music than the game's would be nice/preferred.

    I also want to find the Sound Effect for SUPERPOWER on Ruby/Sapphire as SUPERPOWER looks/sounds dumber on White/Black than from Ruby/Sapphire...

    AllyKat is female, so no need for "them" now...

  6. You are correct in the fact that no one is paying attention to this mutant of the thread. Once you see the same code repeated and quoted multiple times: its hard to consider this a valid interest. You yourself "Lt. Surge" are equally guilty of this.

    Additionally, you are correct in stating this woman (I do not appreciate being refered to as an "it" thank-you) has better things to than test and spuw up "Change the Background Music" codes. I do not post codes that do not work. I do not post codes that I have not tested personally (because my friends all use my XML file on their Action Replays.) If you think for a second that I will waste my friend's time with pointless codes than shame on you and if you think that I would waste my friend's time with codes that do not work than shame on you. I test my codes on cartiridges so I do not personally care about those who downloaded a rom rather than supporting this francise by buying the actual game.

    Now to address the real point, no one that uses this thread is an Action Replay Coder. If they were, some nifty codes would appear here. Instead, you people are simply copying and pasting from other sites. Even worst, like half of you are not even testing the codes. I do not take credit for any of the codes in my XML file. The only codes that I had "something" to deal with the creation of is my "Trainer's Bag" section which was made by pushing the Export Codes button in PokeSav (something anyone with 10 minutes on their hand could have done for themselves.)

    Finally, the only reason why I am monitoring this thread is that in the event that someone happens to point out a forum that I haven't checked. The few codes left that I would like to add to my list are so far in programs people have created which means someone knows how to make the Action Replay codes that I need.

    Once again... if you are looking for USEFUL codes... here: XML file

    I wasn't sure of your sex, there were hints you are female but nowhere officially stated, including your profile. So I didn't want to be rude in saying you were either before I actually knew...

    I bought both the versions on release date... however testing using a ROM isn't a bad idea.

    "Useful" depends on the person... we've been over this. I am guilty of harassing these people for a NO MUSIC code because I know SS/HG has something like it, and this place gets hits... I have a feeling if I only ask for it in one Post, it would get lost in the Pages.

    Your codes are useful to me but "ALL TMs/HMs" and "TM44 Modifier" are also useful to me, which aren't included.

  7. for ards code just klick the expot to ar buton then you get an xml that you must move to your codelist on the lower right of ARDS Manager Software to have it in a list then copy the cheat and rename it to what it triggers and transfer it to yer ards!

    WC´s however have the correct checkboxes to be activated before exportin them to an AR Code in order to let them work properly....i have´n been able to create "Fresh" WC´s but that´s however unnecessary because of that hitin L+R before enter a PokeMart will make the delivery guy appear and give you the item you wish to have!

    Pokesav and Pokegen do not belong in this Forum.

  8. If you have never code hacked, the Trainer is the way to go. A feature almost identifical to the original GameBoy's Game Shark's Code Search. It basically monitors your game while you do things in it.


    You want a code to change the amount of money you have.

    You set the search to a find a value in your game that decreases.

    You spend money and repeat the search until it narrows things down.

    Once you get to one value that matches...

    It makes a code for you based upon that.

    Then you test the code.

    Now if you want more advanced codes like the Marker Pokemon type codes... this is a start point but nowhere near where you want to be.

    On an advanced level, can you temporarily modify Text that's displayed when talking to people?

    Perhaps modify the game logic to play "Wild Pokemon Battle Theme" when battling a Trainer?

    Or perhaps switch the Music off, entirely?

  9. The Shaking/Shadow/Dust spots are not square based it. When it is triggered, the game just picks at random somewhere on the screen. (If it was square-based you would occassionally see more than one spot activate at a time: which you won't.) It works more like an on/off switch which says if there is not a spot active on the Route you are on each square you move there is a small percentage a square in the visible area will become active. Since this mechanic of the game is based upon a percentage with each square you take, why NOT ask for a code like the Perfect Catch code (which alters the result of the random chance.) The ideal code would be: **EVERY SQUARE YOU MOVE RE-SPAWNS A SHAKING SPOT**!

    Hold up... the current code allows you to come across a wild Pokemon ANYWHERE?

  10. Much love from Prof 9, M@T, and elixirdreams from GBATEMP.

    Re-Battle Victini:

    94000130 fffb0000

    b2000024 00000000

    20020ade 00000002

    d2000000 00000000

    Re-Battle Reshiram/Zekrom @ Dragonspiral Tower

    b2000024 00000000

    94000130 fffb0000

    20020c97 00000009

    d2000000 00000000

    Re-Obtain Zoroua in Castellia:

    94000130 fffb0000

    b2000024 00000000

    da000000 00020c92

    d3000000 00000000

    d7000000 0220cafe

    9220cafe fdff0000

    d4000000 00000200

    d0000000 00000000

    94000130 fffb0000

    a220cafe fbff0000

    d4000000 0000fc00

    d0000000 00000000

    94000130 fffb0000

    a220cafe f7ff0000

    d4000000 0000f800

    d0000000 00000000

    94000130 fffb0000

    b2000022 00000000

    d7000000 00020c92

    d2000000 00000000

    All of the following work on both versions for any language. Tested on both Black and White Retail Carts.

    Excellent, Misty. Good show. I can definitely use these. Besides the Sound/Music Codes these would prove invaluable.

  11. WOW, thank you guys for all these codes :3 I have a question; If you capture an opponent's Pokemon, will they ever use the Pokemon again ?

    Just to further emphasize the answer, yes.

    This is because the game wasn't designed for the player to catch other Trainers' Pokemon. The game logic basically assumes that the theft didn't happen.

    In Soul Silver I was able to steal all the Elite Four's Pokemon quickly by combining the code with a code for walking through walls. And when I battled/rebattled them, they always still had the Pokemon I stole.

    In a sense, the game/code replicated the person's Pokemon and gave it to you, the only thing recorded about the incident being the location in which it was caught. This of course has the possibility of making your stolen Pokemon ILLEGAL. If you want to be legal you can breed the Pokemon and use INSTA-EGG code and QUICK EGG HATCH code, unless it's Legendary or otherwise incapable of breeding.

  12. I've been lurking this forum for about 6 months, and finally decided to register.. and i'm just wondering.. is there any code right now, for shiny starters?

    I've looked all over the internet, and have no luck.. and seriously, this forum is probably the best place for quality codes and answers.

    That's very kind of you, however since the games just released this month we still have people working on codes.

    For extensive codes I would wait a few more weeks or so.

    I'm going to start making codes, as well. I might look into your request first.

  13. I realize this may not be the BEST place to find some helping hands in Art, but I am going to start here and probably seek out people on DeviantArt.

    I'm looking for an Artist to draw certain Pokemon in certain kinds of scenarios...

    I'm looking for someone or as many people as possible who have a passion for Pokemon and either canvas or graphical artwork with applications such as Adobe Photoshop, etc. Or both.

    If you have a Paypal account setup, I'm willing to Donate actual currency for your work. But it has to be GOOD. Throw me some samples. We can talk business via e-Mail/PM. (FYI: I am not made of money so do not expect a huge reward)

    So bottom line...


    Proficiency in and passion for drawing (Digital or Traditional)

    Paypal Account


    Likes Pokemon / Pocket Monsters

    OR Mythical creatures and willing to try drawing Pokemon

    Please contact me in either PM or this e-Mail address (do not bother spamming, it is not my Main).



    I hope I'm not breaking any rules by offering monetary rewards in exchange for services... but of course you are free to reprimand me in such a case.

  14. I want to know or create a code that allows NO MUSIC to play, but sound effects still function/play normally.



    For HeartGold and SoulSilver you can use a complicated code to play different music of the game while not battling. There are some unlabeled "channels" the code "tunes-into" which have absolutely no music. But the sound effects still work. I would use this, if it weren't for the fact the code won't work if I'm currently in-battle.

    I simply want to be able to turn off MUSIC in-game using a control combination like L+R, and to be able to turn it back on using the same combination, at any point in time no matter where I am or what I'm doing in the game.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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