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  1. My apologies for the "noob" question, but am I right in assuming that anytime Datel is doing server maintenance the program will not work?

    I ask because I went to back up my Pokemon X file and all it kept doing was keep trying to load the codes and what not. I initially thought that Pokemon X was having problems again so I tried Pokemon Y and it did the same thing. I uninstalled and re-installed the program several times and I kept getting the same issue.

    So rather than assume that they're not working. Is it safe to say they're doing server maintenance...I mean I know it's 4:27AM so it might not be the most convenient of times to try to use it lol

  2. Emulator trash bytes aren't supported afaik.

    Wouldn't that have affected ALL of the Pokemon I Pal Parked than? I just went ahead and Pal parked the cleffa via DS this time and I got the same issue...

    EDIT: I'd like to add that the Clefairy version of this Cleffa doesn't have the invalid trash bytes (I pal parked it over as a clefairy) would this be any indicator to why it may be doing this?

    Cleffa & Clefairy Pal Parked Via EMU

  3. Upon loading up some Pal Parked Pokemon (of which I did about 22+) through an emulator only two pokemon came up with invalid trash bytes. I was able to rectify one of two by simply pal parking them again but no matter how many times I pal park the ONE Pokemon it continues to have invalid trash bytes. Any idea on why this is happening? I haven't altered the Pokemon in any way so I'm at a loss. Hopefully someone can help. I'll provide a link to the Pokemon as well.

    Pal Parked Cleffa

  4. I read through it and nothing seemed to help unless I'm doing something wrong. I basically just want to load up my save file from DesMuMe which I believe is a .DSV file type. I found the unique geeks site through google and converted it as such. I have the Action Replay with the Micro SD card slot so I simply put the converted save file in the MYSAVES folder that was automatically created when I was testing the backing-up of a Platinum retail cart I have. When I get to the part of choosing the save it isn't reading the Pokemon White retail cart I have in the AR and tells me to turn the power off and insert it. Any idea on what's going on? BTW the FIRST attempt at this it did do some type of loading bar action and that was it but when I went into the game I still had the original save file I had to begin with. Hope someone can help

  5. Would anyone happen to have a copy of this lying around? I've searched for HOURS ON END for it via the internet but have had NO luck finding any trace of it. Any links already lurking around are either broken or don't exist anymore. Sorry if this doesn't go in this section but I didn't know where else to ask.

  6. No, it doesn't.

    The group stays the same for the duration of the "stroll."

    THANK YOU!!! This is great since I have two Pokewalkers I got one of my Pokewalkers stuck on a Group where I'm getting nothing but Surfchu's =)

    Now I have to get that freakin' Flychu on my other Pokewalker and I'll be bale to catch a vast amount until I can find a decent one. Since I can't RNG on the Pokewalker because I can't find a guide on it and CANNOT read japanese.

  7. Sorry if this has been asked but I'm just WAAAAY to lazy to go through the thread to find out. So onwards to the question.

    When the clock reaches midnight I know that the STEPS reset. What I want to ask is if the GROUP of Pokemon you encounter reset as well or if it stays the same until you Return your Pokemon from a stroll and then send it back to the Pokewalker?

    I've been trying to confirm this for ages PLEASE someone give me SOME kind of feedback.

  8. Well, for items like the Azure Flute, if someone has one, you know it's been hacked since it hasn't come out yet officially. As for any old item, I can't think of any way to prove an item's been hacked or not.

    Ya that's what I wanted to know just like any regular old item.

    Another question is that do WISH Blissey's have a certain OT? Because I just came across one and it's from Hoenn and the OT is Brendan or Brendon forgot if it's an A or an O lol but regardless ya can I have the info if anthing I'll load up the PKM file but only if it's needed I'm to lazy to upload right now lolz

  9. Lol here's what you should do:

    1. Grab a calculator

    2. Distribute the EVs to your desired stats making sure not to pass the 255 limit per stat (Although 252 EVs is recommended)

    3. Add up all your EVs after your done and if your under or at 510 EVs then your fine.

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