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  1. Thank you for the reply! Just one more question I hope: when I do this for this Tapu Fini (the Poni shiny wondercard one), it seems to say "PID Type: None" for the CTRL Click legality check. I've seen this before on legit mons like my gen VIII stuff so I know some mons naturally have this, but I know for some older pokemon like Colosseum/XD, there should be an origin seed and PID type. If it says None in this context, does that mean that the legality checker couldn't detect a RNG seed because there isn't an applicable predictable table (as in "don't worry about it, this doesn't apply here"), or that it simply didn't recognize the PID type from the available info (as in "might be okay, might not be, depending on context")?

    Basically, I'm trying to look at the PID it has and reverse engineer what the IVs should be from that PID, to see if they were modified in any way. I also tried looking in 3DS RNG Tool to check possible spreads that way, but it seems that they don't show PIDs for that program for available frames with the matching IVs. 

  2. Hello! A friend traded me an event pokemon they won in a small grassroots tournament recently, asking me to look into it using PkHex and see if it's legitimate. It looks fine in terms of IVs, EVs, origin, and the obvious stuff, but I was hoping to reverse engineer the RNG seed to see if the IV spread/other related attributes correlate. Is there a way to do this using the RNG reporter or anything in PkHex? Thank you!

  3. Hi everyone! I'm hack checking a pokemon that I obtained recently, and the OT memory is " [mon] became [OT's] friend when it came through Link Trade in a large town. The Pokémon remembers that it got lighthearted." PkHex said this was legal, but I noticed the specific wording implies the pokemon first met this trainer through link trading, when it is referencing the OT and has data from being hatched by that OT. Is this legal/possible to get?

    Thank you for any thoughts or experience you have on this!

  4. I know in older generations certain IV combinations were impossible, so they either had to breed for a pokemon or settle for IVs (one example being Colosseum/Gale of Darkness). I received an event Coalossal, the Wolfe one, and it had 31/0/31/31/31/31 for IVs. I was just wondering if this was physically possible. I'm not too worried if it's a hack as long as it's theoretically something someone could do in a Gen VIII Mystery Gift. I know we can't RNG Gen VIII Mystery Gifts yet, which had me initially curious. 

    Thank you in advance for your time!

  5. Hello! Sorry to revive this old thread. I just had a quick question that I think was asked already but it might have gotten buried before we got an answer - but hopefully now so much time has passed we know more about HOME Trackers. 

    1. In the event that a pokemon obtains a HOME tracker, is cloned in Gen VIII pkhex, and then both are uploaded to HOME, what happens?

    2. In the event that a pokemon obtains a HOME tracker, is cloned in Gen VIII pkhex, and then the two are uploaded to different HOME accounts (such as trading one away), what happens?

    Thank you!

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