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  1. Hey I was wondering. when you patch the rom with the latest patch does the Game ID change? Cause Only on v4 I finally did the online stuff but I don't know If I will have to resign up if I want to start over from scratch on v5
  2. Hey Thanks again for all the help you provided. I know you didn't have to keep helping me but it was greatly appreciated. And Wifi works for me now Ill just edit caught pokemon from now on instead of trying to make them from scratch. And yup the namerater did the trick for me since I caught new pokes and edited them but they didnt work for me then I changed there names and it works now.
  3. Ahh Alright thanks for all the time you put in tho! But one thing? My save wont start being Psycho again right? Or should I just start a fresh save altogether since im not that far in but I wonder if I delete the save and start over fresh If I would need to reregister on PokemonGL Oh and last thing The names. Should I leave them alone in the pokegen box or delete it and let the game outfill the name in Japanese?
  4. Yup thats the original save the one you orignally fixed. I'll send over the one I have right now. This is the most recent one and its the one I think you found the error in. You fixed this one but then I changed its levels and anything that was fixed errored again causing me to dc after the win/loss record card. http://www.mediafire.com/?qgcqrunemktwy0a The Save
  5. Well I have no Idea how it happened but this is the save. http://www.mediafire.com/?89mgteg9pt70b0h Does it matter where the save originated tho? Like if it was made on a emu or Flashcard?
  6. So what should I do with my save? Start over or would the error keep happening even if I were to start a new one.
  7. Hm well I used a save file that bond697 fixed for me but I had to go in their to change levels and abilities. Nothing else was changed but I wasn't allowed back in. The last reply I got from him was this. "nothing looks wrong at first glance, but something is definitely screwed up. pokegen won't allow more than 8 chars for nicknames+trash bytes in your save while the actual nick+trash total should be 11." So Im stuck for now wondering why my pokegen is messed up even after I re downloaded a clean pokegen
  8. Hm so what does wifi check for cause any change I have done to the pokes gets me kicked from wifi. I left everything alone I just bumped the levels up to 50 and changed the abilities like for example I changed Erufunn from slipthrough to mischievous heart. Erufuun still gets this ability so their shouldn't be a problem. Also I even tried lowering my pokes to level 49 and giving them rare candies for level 50 but same thing happens. I dc at the trainer card/ win loss record card.
  9. Hello Um I wanted to make a quick question about PID and ability matching and if it affects access into Random Wifi. I wanted to know what pokesite to use for the Ability selection in the PID generator. For example Roobushin In PokePsy http://www.psypokes.com/dex/psydex/534/general His abilities are Encourage Guts and Iron fist So I would assume Encourge would be 1 and guts would be 2. But how about Iron fist? In the PID Generator there is only 1 and 2. While in Marriland and Serebii http://pokemon.marriland.com/black_w...kedex/rohbshin http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/534.shtml The order is Guts then encourage and iron fist. So in this case Guts should be ability 1 in the PID generator. So I am asking if choosing the Ability number and not having a matching Ability cause me to get dc'd from Wifi After I edit the ability since I am not sure how I would make a Guts Roobushin. Or do I just generate a PID for The IV's and it will cause no problem what ability I choose aslong as it is a valid ability.
  10. xtakeda

    Random Wifi

    Yes Im using 3.0b15 unless there is a newer one im not aware of and I got pokegen from the sticky on this forum too.
  11. xtakeda

    Random Wifi

    Ahh Alright thank you! And the tutorial sounds like a good idea since probably alot of people are new to pokegen like me and have the same errors. But does changing the levels cause the pokes to be invalid? Cause as soon as I changed the levels I wasnt able to pass the trainer card again. I'll just keep using your save until I figure out why that happened
  12. xtakeda

    Random Wifi

    OMG DUDE THANK YOU. It worked! Btw tho could you tell me what were my mistakes to fix them on my own next time? Also does it check the whole pc for hax'd pokes cause I deleted a bug with some illegal moves and maybe thats what allowed me in. But either way thank you so much!
  13. xtakeda

    Random Wifi

    Hm if you donwloaded the File I think you would see that I have done most of these things except the daycare thing. I always make my pokemon eggs but I didn't know to set the location to daycare but again Another user fixed this part for me and I still get disconnected after getting in. http://s134.photobucket.com/albums/q88/xTakeda/Pokemon%20error/ These are the pics to the error I am getting. Sorry they are so blurry. [[Not a camera user]]
  14. xtakeda

    Random Wifi

    Yeah I saw both topics and I tried these already. Still doesnt work. But the changing attacks thing. Does it mean not to change any attacks at all? Cause I only changed their attacks and Natures Iv's and things. I havnt done any illegal ability combos and I always do the PID find. Also I'll post a link to pics of the errors I get since another user was helping me in a other thread but he said my pokes work fine in his save and everything seems fine. But I always get the same error. I get into the random wifi and as soon as it shows my trainer card thing there are 2 lines of Japanese text and I get Disconnected. Also I have registered onto pokemon-gl.
  15. Really? Well I did register on Pokemongl. But is their more I have to do on their? Like I linked my game with the game sync and I have a poke at the dream world. But would patching the game change the game id? Hm maybe I have to reregister? because when I went to the stats online it showed that I only played 3hrs and only have 1 gym so maybe the sync gets lost after patching?