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  1. Velocity, about PokeRus, i checked almost all txt files in 0000 in the git repo but i coudn't find it:confused:

    Velocity, there is also an extra full stop to the item description of Resistance Wing in the git which was recently updated!

    Forgive me for talking too much:tongue:

    I ve used ar codes to view shiny pokemon in pokedex but their male/female form names are higher tham others.

    ruinairas, have experienced this?

  2. Hi im posting in this thread for the first time and im fascinated by everyones'

    progress on the translation so far.:grog:

    And ,

    I tested out the patch and here are a few bugs:

    the shiny pokemon forme names on the pokedex are slightly elevated.

    heart sweets description absent etc to name a few.

    And *giggles* just to help all u translators out there ポケルマ seems to be PokeRus but

    it seems to be missing in 159 summary description narc file.Do correct me if im wrong.

    P.S What is the time there?:smile:

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