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  1. I'll be no more contributer (well... Temporary) because of my DS broke...

    The classic FlashMe story... Turning power off while flashing and then *poof* my DS bricked...

    I'll try to be back ASAP, but I just can't do anything in a while...

    Well, gonna stick with crappe DeSmuMe or No$GBA then...

    Greetings, a bit angry Rykin :P

    You should jump on IRC with us and have a chat sometime.

    Also, 6 days people.

  2. Hey, I posted on this thread a while ago, but I never got a proper response.

    When I updated my game to v4, I attempted to play it on my savefile, saved in v3. However, it froze as soon as I did an action such as talking to a NPC. I had to downgrade to v3 in order to play the game.

    I am playing on DesMuMe 0.9.6 x86.

    Don't use savestates to save the game. Use the in-game save option.

    Load v3, Save ingame. "File -> Export Backup Memory".

    Load v4, "File -> Import Backup Memory"

  3. like he said off-topic but i have to reply! no$gba is terrible for compatibility and even sometimes when it does work it shows things incorrectly in alot of RPGs i used to use it to pretest roms (when it was being updated and was good) now days desume is 100 times better and only ppl using no$ still have crappy computers that cant run desume as it runs the games 1:1 which requires more raw CPU power where as No$ tends to be easier on the CPU but at the same time has huge issues with running a lot of roms. so if you want a good emu that runs the games how they are meant to run use desume if you have a bad computer get no$ and cross ur fingers theres a fix for the games you want to play.

    Use periods next time.

    I'll just put this out there:

    Stop talking about No$GBA vs Desmume from now on!

    This is not the place.

  4. Stuff update sense v4 pertaining to story based dialog:


    Stuff in there.


    Yes, but it stills works on it whether or not you need to bypass it. Same can be said for flashcarts. No$ still has greater reliability, speed and usage. Life or death situation: I'd rather take No$ and die happily. ;P It's quality in a package worth the money, for those who got it legit. Not saying it doesn't have its flaws, of course. But still. And I have tried every run setting I could think of to get Desmume to run on a lower grade, it wouldn't even run the first made DS games at a decent speed while No$ would run it at full on the same computer. No$ is just...better all around. ;D

    Can't say much about it, I use a top-of the line computer and both run at full speed or better. My flash card also runs fine. Just really based on personal choice.

    Life or death situation: I'm taking my Xbox 360/PS3/Wii, then decide later.

  5. Outdated? I'm sorry, but you are the one who's brain is outdated.

    Why does No$GBA require 2 different AR codes to work. One for a Blue screen and a save fix.

    While Desmume requires none and has known better compatibility with more games.

    Desmume can run on lower grade computers if you setup the settings right, same with No$GBA

    No$Gba works on newer games by using AR to bypass areas it fails to work for.

  6. ive got a problem. it seems my game does that thing where the fight option disappears in battle from time to time. at first it was random but then it began to do it at fixed intervals. first it was 5 battles, then 4, then 3, now 2. i can only battle 2 times before u does that disappear thing and i have to reset the game. regardless of the problem im currently at dragon spiral tower and when the 4 plama grunts ambush u. thing is i cant get past this part cuz the glitch will start happening after the 2nd fight. idk wat to stop from doing it. im running on black v3 on no$gba and was wondering if anyone has a solution. cuz im baffled on why it does this

    There's a issue on No$GBA and CycloneDS with battle and the "Fight" Button.


    but.....well it kind of would cool not using AR or PokeSAV

    Can't happen until a editor is out.

  7. ok, Xtrude, which one do we change, since i found the buried underground text:

    \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed its\xfffeway under the ground!
    The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed\xfffeits way under the ground!
    The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed\xfffeits way under the ground!
    \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed\xfffeits way under the ground!
    The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed\xfffeits way under the ground!
    The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 burrowed\xfffeits way under the ground!

    Show's up twice in the file?

    I'll get Dig and change one of them. What would be the correct for the move?


    0016.txt, 539-544

  8. Isn't Cheren male? because when I go into his mom and dad's house and talk to them they call him her and she?

    Were undecided if it's a guy or girl.

    Well not really, just it's funnier this way.


    Cheren is a male though, unless they're doing it as a joke it should really say "he" and "him".

    In the beach town (with Cynthia), some guy with the blue hair down at the beach talks about Cynthia, but says "Sirona", which is an incorrect spelling of her japanese name. Maybe change it to her english name?

    Hope all my posts aren't getting ignored. >_>

    Ignored... ^

    And noted.

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