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  1. On 11/26/2021 at 10:47 AM, lattechan said:

    (just saw that)* someone solved this but I had this issue and it was solved for me by rerolling encryption constant @Kaphotics 
    I'm not sure how that works (encryption constant) I'll read up on it. Anyways in my case they were pokemon from in-game, my ball capsule issue was unrelated to Pkhex but was solved by it. 

    Encryption constant is used to encrypt/decrypt a Pokémon file in-game, but it is also in effect just another identifying aspect of an individual Pokemon (which is perhaps partially why for BDSP, they decided to use a Pokémon's encryption constant as its identifying variable for Ball Capsule assignment).

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  2. 17 hours ago, Shady Guy Jose said:

    Would this have happened with two old (Gen 4) Pokémon with the same PID but otherwise different? Say, two RNGd Pokémon with the same PID for IV/Nature purposes. I imagine it would be so, from the example at hand, but maybe this should actually be tested

    I want to say the Gen 4 ball capsules were tied to the party member slot instead of being assigned an Encryption Constant to apply their effects to.

  3. 7 hours ago, Snyphlosion said:

    Earlier today I created some Pokémon using PKHex, all legal, different PIDs, and then brought them into Shining Pearl without issue. I traded them over to Brilliant Diamond, also seemingly without issue.

    I then tried to assign one of the Pokémon to a Ball Capsule and observed an issue. After slotting in the Pokémon, every single Pokémon that was created with PKHex was slotted into that same ball. Only one sprite appeared (not the one I selected to slot in place) on the Ball Capsule screen, but when trying to select another Pokémon, every generated Pokémon showed up as assigned to a Ball Capsule. I tried selecting a different Ball Capsule and assigning a different Pokémon, but they were all assigned to the newly selected Capsule.

    I attached 2 of the Pokémon files from the group of 'mons that I made. Does anything look off with them, or is this an issue with creating Pokémon for BDSP?

    If the need arises I can also attach the save file I edited for Shining Pearl (though all I did was create Pokémon, I touched no other parameters.)

    398 - Starbound - 10F61BE5A2CE.pb8 344 B · 16 downloads 391 - Firemonkey - F5F91BE5A2CE.pb8 344 B · 11 downloads

    They have the same Encryption Constant (last page) - which actually has interesting implications for Pokemon transferred from Gens 3/4/5, as their Encryption Constants are the same as their PIDs, which means if you send up two clones of the same 'mon, you'll be able to replicate this and have a ball capsule registered to more than 1 Pokemon.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, LuckyOP said:

    thanks for ur opinion but we are just asking a date if the have for it not threatening there lives for it or abusing them as ur comment represents!!
    Thank you!! 

    Haha nowhere in my reply did I imply that you were abusing or threatening anyone's life - if anything I was implying that you guys are just acting a little entitled.

    (My god though, how ridiculous you have to be to try and distort my reply in such a way)

  5. 34 minutes ago, PkHexBoi said:

    Trust me, we all think it should've been out by now since had all last week to do it, but the unfortunate answer is: it'll be out when it's out :/

    Bro, first of all and most of all: they don't owe us anything when it comes to PkHeX - we're getting all this completely for free, and we love everyone here on the PkHeX dev team for it.

    Secondly: I'm sure they've been working on it/are working on it now - these people have lives too, and it's very likely they have other responsibilities. I too can't wait for PkHeX support for BDSP, but we just need to wait patiently until the team's done putting it all together. 

  6. Past Gen 5, the met level does not change. It only changes between Gen3, 4, and 5 due to transfer (which sets the met level to the level it was transferred at). Transferring from Gen 5 upwards does not change the met level anymore, it is stored as is and (so far) does not change. This goes for trading as well, the met level is the one on the second tab in PKHeX and it does not change from trading to someone else.

  7. I can't give you the exact answer to this situation, but first and foremost: keep lots of backups of this save file and every time you edit it (you don't want to change things and suddenly make them worse without being able to "go back" to before you made those changes).


    Secondly: do you just want to extract and save the Pokemon themselves? If so, you can probably use that save editor that read the save file to just export all those Pokemon to a folder (assuming this is an option).

  8. 5 minutes ago, harun20 said:

    No offence, but the dlc launch was known to be releases this day for a month, so why wait till the drop and not having it prepared?

    Because that's not how these things work?

    They need access to the Crown Tundra DLC files in order to update PkHeX and make it compatible with all the new changes/additions.

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  9. 4 hours ago, ryoverde said:

    So, the question was, how did Project Pokemon enter the conversation (email train, etc) ? 

    I was told that the invalid mon was in one of my HOME boxes. "probably a Legendary  Pokemon".  I inquired if there was a way to check the validity of my Pokemon, other than simply staring at them and/or guessing,  I was told, no, there was not a way to do such a check,  Then, I asked, if there is no criteria to determine validity and/or check validity, how is a Pokemon determined invalid?  I was told that validity was checked (but not HOW) IAW criteria laid out by Project Pokemon.   End conversation on that stonewall.

    Wow, so they use PkHeX as a reference? Perhaps take the source code and incorporate it into their own system (including whenever PkHeX is updated with new legality checks)? Very interesting stuff to say the least..

  10. 2 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    I'm curious to why they allegedly mentioned Project Pokemon. As far as I know, we don't host Missingno raids, so that has nothing to do with us.
    Did you volunteer info like "oh yeah I've gone to that site" or something. Or maybe you said it in the past?

    This is the most interesting part - do they visit PPorg at all? Do they use PkHeX for their own research? Honestly at this point: if they really want to stop (bad) hacking, they just need to hire you guys.

  11. On 3/6/2020 at 5:30 PM, EBGengar1 said:

    I haven't changed the PID of any of my Pokemon, but maybe I did something else. Either way, I'll probably just restart and do a new playthrough without PKHex (I mostly just wanted to avoid grinding at Mt. Battle). Do you think editing items in might do something to the shadow monitor?

    Editing items for Colosseum/XD with PkHeX could still mess up the Shadow Monitor, as PkHeX doesn't seem to handle the Shadow Monitor well at all.

    If you want to edit while minimizing the risk of the Shadow Monitor messing up, I'd recommend the editing program PkmGCSaveEditor. It's a save editor for Colosseum/XD which seems to leave the Shadow Monitor unchanged/un-corrupted when you make other edits.

  12. I've had this issue before. It seems to be because PkHeX tries to update the shadow monitor whenever an update is made to a Shadow Pokemon that is tied to one of the Shadow Monitor slots (e.g. changing PID), but it often updates it improperly and causes major problems.

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  13. Since Pokemon made its way onto the Switch (LGPE / SWSH), Pokemon now have individual height and weight values.

    These values are only relevant in LGPE, yet still exist in the Pokemon's data structure in SWSH (and change from one Pokemon to the next, even of the same species).

    Clearly it's a random value that is assigned, but is it tied to anything? Could it affect legality?

  14. It is in fact possible to do this - download PkmGCSaveEditor, open your Colo/XD save file and click "Strategy Memo". This will show you the PID of each Pokemon when that Pokemon was first generated in your game.

    Unfortunately this also includes non-Shadow Pokemon, and so if there is a case where you first encounter a non-Shadow version of a Pokemon before engaging in it's actual Shadow encounter, the game will record the PID of the non-Shadow one. However, these cases are pretty rare, so chances are you should be fine.

    Let me know if you need any additional info / help!

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  15. 5 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

    For each pokemon that has a PIDIV requirement (nonshadow), the game must [regenerate PIDIVs until satisfied] before generating the next party member.

    Colosseum usually has Shadow mons first, and XD has them at the end of the party. Results in less locked-down data for Colosseum :)

    Anything without locks can have any PIDIV (assuming it's of C/XD type origin)

    So for Nascour's Metagross, which is the only shadow Pokemon but comes out last: is Metagross's PID still not team locked and therefore can have almost any Colo/XD PID legally?

  16. On 12/16/2018 at 8:13 PM, Kaphotics said:

    The code in the first url you linked to: for Colosseum, it only lists Makuhita, Gligar, Murkrow, Heracross, and Ursaring. Does this mean that these are the only five shadow Pokemon in Colosseum with PID team locks? And if so, does that mean that we can use the simple Colosseum/XD PID generator in RNGReporter for all the other shadow Pokemon in Colosseum (without regards for team PID lock like in XD)?

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