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    16 minutes ago, RemRem said:


    I started playing Pokemon Platinum on my 3ds and I have access to Homebrew I was wandering if I can insert this event and the Oak's letter event with PKHeX and do them on my 3ds


    Thank you :D

    Yes. First, choose a method of managing NDS saves:

    Then import the wondercard using PKHeX:



    On 7/22/2017 at 10:01 AM, BlackShark said:

    I would rather encourage them to use PKHeX instead.

    Good call. I was just copy/pasting from the old page.

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  1. Just now, BlackShark said:

    All I know is that this file was in the original download of the Mission Injector. I don't know what it's use is though ... looks like an exe.

    It has some xdelta strings in it, but it doesn't seem to behave like xdelta. It's probably statically linked in there.

  2. 1 hour ago, coltonsmogon said:

    Seems rather strange that this Darkrai seems to have both Dialga & Palkia's signature moves...

    Maybe he uses hypnosis and nightmare on Dialga and Palkia to have them accomplish the same thing?


    26 minutes ago, TyVogue64 said:

    Wasn't this discontinued years ago? Did you make any changes to it?

    It was discontinued, but I uploaded it here because I had need to look into one of its features.  I didn't change anything (I can't compile it because of a vague error in one of the build dependencies), and the Gen 5 version is just a subset of files in the source zip.  There's other versions in there (X/Y, Gen 4, and some other things I think) if anyone's interested.

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