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    Gallery Image Notes

    3 minutes ago, wrathsoffire76 said:

    Wait, you updated the website and NEVER knew about this?

    There's a lot of little settings available I have to set, and the Gallery app is a relatively new addition. That, and there's other fun new site additions I'm also working on ;).

    Coming Soon: Clubs

    27 minutes ago, wrathsoffire76 said:

    Wait, are Moderators and Admins able to moderate clubs?

    Yes, but we're probably not going to keep as close of an eye on them as with the rest of the site. Clubs are sub-communities run by users (read: not us*), so it's the responsibility of the club leaders to moderate clubs. That said, site-wide rules still apply, and we will remove content that's obviously illegal or NSFW.

    * I intend to run one or more clubs, but at that point I won't really be representing Project Pokémon staff as much as I will be representing the club.

    Coming Soon: Reactions

    1 hour ago, wrathsoffire76 said:

    Make the reactions Pokémon with emotions close to that Pokémons personality. (A sad Psyduck, a happy Mudkip, ect.)

    I think that the Mystery Dungeon portraits would be perfect for this. The attached images should prove my point (after being cropped). Source, since starting up a special build of Sky Editor requires effort.













    Now to chose which ones...

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    Coming Soon: Clubs

    Just now, jasenyoface said:

    I’m curious as to what the file size limit will be in Clubs.  Can you expand on that topic?

    Same file size as everywhere else, probably.

    • Members:
      • 10 MB per attachment
      • 500 MB per user
    • Developers/researchers/whoever else (might not be properly configured at the moment):
      • 50 MB per attachment
      • 2500 MB per user
    • Super Moderators and higher: unlimited

    These limits are completely arbitrary, so if anyone needs more storage for legitimate reasons, they can be raised.

  1. 26 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    What kind of thing/topic can be used for a blog.

    Anything, really. In general, probably anything that doesn't fit well in the forums or has a need to be a blog.

    I made the Sky Editor blog a blog instead of a forum post because it spans save editing, ROM editing, and general development, and doesn't fit well in a single forum.

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