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  1. About the wiki migration

    We had fluid width (using all of a monitor's available width) enabled in the past, but we switched back because having limited width makes text and paragraphs easier to read, since there's less horizontal eye movement. I'll look into enabling it for just the technical stuff soon. When you say the theme is making it hard to read things, do you mean the colors? I'm considering releasing a new theme at some point that's closer to the IPS default theme, which should look better. IMO, the forum text is better than having to deal with wiki markup, but as an Editor, you should be able to edit the HTML if that's more convenient. The extension you linked to is unfortunately not compatible with the latest version of the site.
  2. PKHeX 17.12.05

    Download | FAQ | Support Forum Version 17.12.05 of PKHeX has been released, adding a few new features, legality checking improvements, and bug fixes. Change log: View full article
  3. The Harmony Scarf Pattern

    The harmony scarves are very special scarves featured in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Their origins are mysterious, and only some of the backstory is revealed later in the game. We can learn a little more through data mining at least. Thanks to SPICA, a tool made by @Reisyukaku and gdkchan that can open BCH models, we can see the in-game representation of the scarves. In the game's ROM, there's an archive file called gimmick_graphic_unpack.bin. Inside it, there's some models for the scarves, named scarf01.bch through scarf05.bch. Here's the one we see in-game: scarf01.bch While this is pretty cool, it doesn't show much more than we can see from the illustration shown at the top of this post. The other files show us the actual pattern: scarf02.bch The other scarf files, scarf03.bch through scarf05.bch look just like scarf02.bch. It's possible that plans to show more of the scarves were cut for whatever reason. Here are the raw textures for each model: scarf01.bch's Texture scarf02.bch's Texture
  4. Promo Images

  5. Logos

    Logos and copyright information in various languages
  6. Menu Backgrounds

    Images shown on the main menu.
  7. The menu backgrounds in this album are resized from these images.
  8. While unused in the game, menu backgrounds from Red/Blue Rescue Team are present.
  9. Menu Backgrounds

    Backgrounds from the main menu
  10. Despite not being used (they're Time/Darkness only), these backgrounds are still present in the game files.
  11. Sky Editor: ROM Hack Projects

    TBH I forgot I had a backlog of issues over there. I'll try to keep a better eye on that, but feel free to post issues wherever. And don't be afraid to poke me if I don't respond in over a week, since that probably means I didn't see it, or I forgot. That reminds me of the page I quickly started over in the technical documentation section of this website. I'd appreciate it if you filled out this form and added useful snippets there as you find/make them. In other news, I updated the ROM editor to support outputting to Luma 3DS's Layered FS. (Link to latest build)
  12. Sky Editor: ROM Hack Projects

    Fixed in the latest build. It might still show short IDs out of order though.
  13. Sky Editor: ROM Hack Projects

    It turns out that after I fixed this the first time, I forgot to actually push the change. Sorry about that. Pushed it for real this time. I double-checked the changes in Team City and everything. Fixed. Both changes should be in this build. It should be using the full number for the sorting. Could there be some other single 1's in the script?