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    There is a proper time and place to ask for help. Start your own thread in the appropriate sub-forum, then we can continue on there.

    Alternatively, go to ask #help on our Discord channel.

    I'm locking this Member's album, since you can't seem to follow instructions.
    Also, FYI, me replying to you in the comments is not an invitation for personal DMs. You should not go around sending unsolicited DMs asking for help.

    I’m willing to help, but you gotta do it at the right place..

  1. Yeah we're missing a big bunch of these.

    not everyone wants to show the QR code online, and using certain search terms in Japanese (Pokemon, shiny) easily shows a bunch of other images. :/

  2. 18 minutes ago, Peppe said:

    what do I have to do now? I launched Citra build ... and now?


    Did you load the QR image as specified above?

    If so, now load the game, and go to your Menu, and select QR Scanner

  3. 6 minutes ago, Peppe said:

    And how? Can you help me please? If I put the pikachu file in the box or in the team, how will the game recognize it as a gift and make the postman appear in the pikachu valley? Thank you very much for your patience!

    The postman will only appear if you scan the QR code.
    (if you already scanned, you can go to Event Flags, uncheck it, and scan again)

    Importing the PK7 won't make the postman appear.

  4. 6 hours ago, Peppe said:

    So can not I get it from the postman in the Pokémon Valley?

    you can, but its technically in-game programmed.
    So like any other in-game gift, it's a PK7 file.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Peppe said:

    Hi! Sorry for my english! How do I have to upload with PKHeX the file as a gift to receive it to the pikachu valley? How do I convert the file to a gift file? Thank you! 

    as in a PK7 file or WC7? For PK7 just extract it (drag the Pokemon to Desktop) (and I've uploaded that here)

    The gift wasn't given as WC7, so cannot be extracted as WC7


  6. 24 minutes ago, wo0ts said:

    sorry to ask but how do i use this with my 3ds? or am i supposed top use pkhex?

    In your game, when you're far enough, there's a feature called "QR Scanner".

    Use that to scan the code. (It's the same as Magearna in Sun and Moon, also scannable for USUM)

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  7. If only they gave the Pokemon.
    (then again, if they did, it'll probably be harder to find the codes online >< )

    Only Magearna and the upcoming Movie Pikachu codes give Pokemon.

    The Island Scans basically give you a free out-of-alola encounter a day.

  8. Just now, HaxAras said:

    I'm a bit confused on what these actually are. I googled "Ga ore Pokemon" and found the Japanese game disks. Are you able to scan the QR codes to get the Pokemon into your games? I was hoping to buy them all for my collection someday but I never suspected them as having a practical use. 

    Yup, the Japanese game discs.

    When scanning them on a JP 3DS, the respective Pokemon will become "seen" in your Pokedex,
    and you get 20 Points instead of the usual 10 Points, for scanning a QR code. (referring to points used in the daily Island Scan feature)

    The collection is more for novelty sake since,
    if they are not in Alolan Dex, you can't tell that you registered them,
    but if you don't own them, it'll save time on the GTS. (search by alphabet, rather than typing out the entire name)

    Also, we don't know if they intend to add the National Dex to USUM.
    (If they do, it may come in useful)

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  9. 2 hours ago, BlackShark said:

    Thanks! I saw your Ditto Pika in the Event Gallery and was inspired by it xD

    I have checked this album they should all be fine now.

    I'm going to check the other album in a few days.

    Cool~ Pokemon has such an effect on us (lol).
    I recently saw a tweet (after Yokohama outbreak), wondering where Ditto's face would be, if it transformed into Mimikyu XD

    Also, I've managed to grab some of the QRs by scanning the smallers images, but it takes time.
    (Like, had to move the 3DS to different angle, zoom the image in and out to find the perfect size for its pixelation)

    I'm wondering if we should have a album for every Pokemon Species released as a Ga-ore disk thus far,
    even the ones in Alolan Dex.

  10. 1 hour ago, BlackShark said:

    Great work, but unfortunately some of the codes got mixed up.
    Gardevoir's, Rayquaza's and Ho-Oh's QR codes are actually the one from Volcanion.


    What, seriously.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    I will get them fixed once I'm back at my com -.-

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