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  1. 2 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    Those are rationalizations, not a legal parsing of the TOS. Doesn't count in court I believe.
    Doubt you can present that as evidence to support your argument.

  2. 1 minute ago, Ehdgur said:

    we could just see it people who trade the mons for other who can't use pkhex or run cfw on their switch as service then?

    Like my usage of a hacked Switch, probably still illegal.

    No matter how you argue or justify it, at the very last come to terms that what you're doing is probably still illegal.

    I don't understand why there's a second quote from me (no relevant text from you referring to it or point out points etc),
    but yeah hope you do get other replies regarding this.

  3. Just now, Ehdgur said:

    Yes fair i agree, how about the pkhex itself? that i asked earlier? you as yourself do you pkhex right?

    While data manipulation (and the tools involved in making it) likely isn't illegal, 
    using injected save files into your Switch (whether PKHeX'd or not) would be illegal I imagine.

    I abide by the forum rules and take it extra far: I prefer not use to any save that came in contact with PKHeX online.

  4. it's debate forum, so as long as our discussion isn't offensive, there is no reason to close the thread really :D

    well, when it comes to IP, as much as they do look at precedent, it is case-by-case to an extent. As such, we won't know how much, until you get slapped with the lawsuit, if it even happens.

  5. hmm, how were you doing it? by holding Shift while pressing the Star?

    From what I know, the option doesn't work on lower gens.
    Also no idea why it freezes.

    In any case, since Gen 6/7 Shiny Jirachi (admittedly I forgot which gen) has Fateful Encounter flag,
    you don't even need to change the PID: SWSH treats any Fateful Encounter shiny as square shiny.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    Not really breach it tho

    erm, it is.

    4 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    but do they really care???

    As you said, we aren't lawyers. So not for you to decide.

    5 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    what do you mean by obtain can outweigh the amount you pay? like can you explain? is it about the profit that i make compared to how much i payed for the switch, online service etc?
    i don't think that should be matter?

    Profit VS loss.
    Whether you earn enough money to justify the amount you're gonna have to pay out.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Jabberwock said:

    I used suloku WISHMKR shiny Jirachi files and found out that none of them are ultra shiny.

    So I tried to make them ultra shiny but  pkhex kept freezing.

    What should I do? 

    If I'm not mistaken, there's very limited PID that allows WISHMKR to be shiny.

    I rather you try to make a gen 6 or 7 shiny Jirachi to be Square Shiny.

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    hacking the switch for genning mons it self for each person is legal, because it says that hacking a device that you own is legal

    I don't think that's fully true. It depends on what state you live in, what are the laws surrounding that, what the courts would think about IP infringing actions etc.
    too much red tape, and not really worth a lawsuit. Probably goes case by case.
    Pretty sure the TOS has a clause against "modifying the unit with not approved code".

    For example, I've read that if you live in Japan, hacking your save game or device (or something along those lines) is flat out illegal.
    That law doesn't even take the TOS into account, just no hacking. (I really need to read up on the specifics of that law again).
    So it really depends on where you live or where your business is done from.

    23 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    So technically im sure you're agree that this is pretty much legal but still we're not lawyer lol.

    Yes, you and I are not lawyers, but wouldn't breach of TOS normally mean what you're doing is illegal?
    And since we aren't lawyers, we aren't in any position to argue for an exception and say it is legal, right? 😜

    25 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    gamefreak and nintendo own the copyright of them all? of each mons that is on the game?

    Pokémon is their IP. Granted you could argue what you're selling is just data, but ultimately isn't hacking your device against the TOS,
    thus any activity you generate via that device, including inserted hacked mons, and then trading said mons away, illegal?

    26 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    So basically at the end what we're arguing is useless? lol because no matter what there's just gonna be a never ending opinion, stances, biased justification and so on.

    Yup. Ultimately however you justify something to be one way or the another, it only truly matters when you're in a lawsuit.
    And whether you win that case. Any other cases that come before it don't matter, and any justification derived from those are meaningless.

    At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether the profit you obtain can outweigh the amount you pay (if any).


    In my opinion, from the perspective of selling hacked mons, it's illegal (by association of needing an illegally hacked device), no matter how you slice it.
    There are some arguments that can convince me that it might as well be legal, since they don't enforce it,
    and all you're doing is providing a service for those who can't do it themselves. So at the very least, whatever penalty you should be given, should be lessened.
    But I'm almost definitely easier to convince than a judge.  After all, I see it from the POV of someone who frequents a hacking website.
    They might be straight as an arrow, and not buy that cowdung. That is just my 2 cents.

    Also FYI: Legality of a mon refers to whether it can be distinguished easily from a generated mon.
    Has nothing to do with whether hacking or not is legal. Just clarifying on that.

    Genning and selling a legal mon does not make the action legal.
    It just means that servers probably won't be able to tell that the mon was genned, since it is indistinguishable from catching the mon in-game.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    I see, but you do know that every people that use this software is mainly to go competitive lol? and again back to where nintendo on alot of vgc that used genned mons didnt get DQed. My opinion is that hacking the switch itself is legal, homebrew checkpoint it self is legal. And as for the game we should follow the rules there but then again, nintendo allow this hacking stuff while gamefreak cant do anything. Basically bruh moment there.

    Yes, I think they should DQ people who were caught. No, I do not know the amount of people who hack, not that it is my concern.
    They should be one enforcing it, not us.

    But until they change their TOS to say hacking is legal, it isn't.
    Even if it seems legal, until they change the language that would say it is legal, it is not.

    But then again, if they don't enforce it, there's isn't a real point, and it's just a formality.

    8 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    But yeah my point is im still following the rules, which only gens legal mons

    If you're referring to the TOS from Nintendo: You're not following the rules. It's not legal. As I explained earlier.

    Well that's just my opinion. Maybe you could argue your way in a court of law, but if it reaches that point, you'll probably "still lose" (based on spending huge amounts of money).

    9 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    But then again, they didnt make it clear to unallow this stuff so i guess ill keep doing what i do?

    That is sadly nothing more than self-justification.

    While they didn't specifically that selling hacked mons is illegal,
    they did say hacking is illegal, so by connection what you're doing is illegal.

    But that goes back to an earlier opinion: if they don't enforce it, there's isn't a real point, and it's just a formality.

    Tho whether all their actions is just a formality, isn't up to us. They have carefully crafted language to say that it isn't legal.
    Even if they don't outright enforce it, in the event they decide to take anyone to court, they have the language in their favor.

    I guess in this scenario, it's less "they don't enforce it" and more of "is it worth the risk to you?"

  10. yeah I'm leaving this thread open, though I'm considering shifting it into the debate forum instead, since it doesn't seem to fit general gaming. (and yes, I did shift it here from creative discussion previously, as it seems more appropriate to be here than there).

    Yeah I recognized you from discord, no worries there :)

    It's against our forum rules to significantly modify mons to be used against unsuspecting players.
    I do not have a solid stance like "all hacking is evil" (which is obvious, since I'm here lol), and I must note here that AFAIK my stance is pretty much in-line with the forum's rules.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    but still they didnt make it clear for us by the fact the game still allowed as for the mons that is genned can get through trades? this make sense right?

    They're a game company. Naturally, as game companies do, they made a game.
    They also came out and said that they don't allow hacking.
    How much more clearer do they need to be?

    It's not like they have control over what every hacker does to their Switch. They're not magicians or some kind of god-like being.
    It doesn't appear they have control over the servers, to get the servers to block obviously hacked mons.
    They're a game company, not a server maintenance company. :/

    If you want to blame someone for allowing hacks, maybe blame Nintendo. :D

    Also, if they "didn't want people to hack their game", there would be no need to keep shuffling saves blocks, adding layers of encryption per game etc.

    The Nintendo Switch already encrypts saves when it works naturally.
    They went beyond that, but also tried to encrypt the saves SWSH makes, independent of the Switch's encryption.
    (which is also why unlike SMUSUM, we can't just hex edit saves and get PKHeX to fix the checksums. We are now relegated to dealing with save blocks exported from PKHeX, cause we wouldn't be able to run tests otherwise).

    In short, they've been increasing ramping it up every generation. While they have no control over the servers, they've have tried to beef up save security (probably the one aspect they have control over). It's just that our save hackers are very VERY talented people, and whipped up a solution quickly. :D

  12. 15 minutes ago, Ludovic said:

    Thanks for the help. 
    An event? oh god! Yes i caught in wild area. 
    How can i know when is a event or not?


    By checking whether the location you caught matches a raid from the base game.

    It might be more easy, for stuff like Gigantamax Snorlax or Gigantamax Toxtricity, since those don't exist in the base game.
    Other stuff, like Gigantamax Duraludon or Gigantamax Charizard, may need more attention on your part.

    Checking whether the location, moveset or levels is right etc.

    @Kaphotics I'm not sure how easy or tedious it is to implement, but maybe have mons from Wild Area Events display a different message?

    Maybe instead of Static Encounter, indicate as Wild Area Event Static Encounter or something?

  13. 6 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    can i see it as aslong as they dont block the trade features of mons genned from outside of the game that just mean they still allowed it? because logically...

    Repeating my response (and someone else's response) from Discord:
    GF is just a game company, and server is likely outsourced by directives of Nintendo.
    So, GF only makes games, and have no direct control over the servers.

    Thus, it wouldn't be up to them to block trading obvious hacked stuff, but rather someone else (whoever that handles the servers)
    For what that should or shouldn't be visible, is up to the server.

    So ultimately, GF says that they don't allow hacking, but from what we know, they're not in a position to enforce it.

    Is it your point to argue that they do allow it, or something else?
    I mean a) they said they don't allow it and b) they're not in a position to enforce what they said,
    I can't see why you would want make it look like they allow it..


  14. 10 hours ago, sobbingsobble said:

    Again, thank you so much! I'm really not good at this, so I appreciate you taking the time and effort to hand-hold me.

    Update: I created a mini-program that hopefully rips saves out from the bootleg ROM. Program here.

    So far, it works on your copy (from what I can tell).


    The saves dumped by the program is also more accurate then the ones I sent you;
    the saves I sent you doesn't work when imported into an emulator, but the ones this program dumps does.

  15. 8 minutes ago, sobbingsobble said:

    There it is! That's my save!

    So the moral of the story is that I just suck at breaking into the rom lmao. Thank you!

    I used the these bytes to try to find the save



    from here

    Once I find that part in your save, I take the first address of the 0xFF, and minus 0x1E000 from said address, so that I find the starting address of the save. That's how I got the two locations in prev post.

    (not sure you saw it, but I added in a part that both saves seems to be the same)


    I'm also not sure that the saves are in fixed spots. Any further dumps may have them in a different point, so you can use that method to search.

    Anyhow, the two files

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  16. 1 hour ago, sobbingsobble said:

    ...Huh. Alright, then. So there's definitely a save, that's not saved to the ROM itself... but I'd have to make an entirely new program to read it?

    Erm, that's if we assume the data you sent isn't an encrypted save.

    Otherwise, the data you sent is garbage data and isn't the save.

    If you can hex edit the rom, try looking for the save inside. or screenshot any area that have blank spaces and data at the end, that might be the footer of the save.

    Also take a look at the bulbapedia link I sent you, to help you figure out if it is or isn't a save.


    edit: Your save is in the game you uploaded (but I removed). Location..

    This is your save, right?

    Edit again: location of another save:

    Both seems to be the exactly same tho.

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  17. 44 minutes ago, Ehdgur said:

    Do they unallowed it? if so why we can still trade genned mons?

    Because allowing hacking would potentially look bad.
    Most genned mons look okay, so it's not like you can catch them.
    Stopping genned mon is probably extra server costs, and server is not directly controlled by them.

    So it's along the lines of "they don't allow it, but they don't seem to enforce it".

    I mean, how many VGC got caught with Illegal mons, but weren't DQed?

  18. 11 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    That Translation of Go to PK7 by simply entering in the stats and generating the Pokemon without transferring to LGPE, all under the same roof, so to speak.

    If I understand you right, you're saying "from GO (the mobile app) to PK7 (save)",
    as opposed to GO -> GO Park (save) or GO -> Home -> save

    If so, "integrating GP1 editor" and "removing GP1 entirely" would not deal with this.
    And if so, you're out of your mind. Would require figuring out how to hack to GO (their servers) first.
    Thus, unrelated to PKHeX until that time.

    Until any external developers figure out how to hack into GO servers, what you're asking for is nothing short of magic.

    12 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    Never been a fan of the Pokemon Company's thing with re-catching minigames.

    that I agree with.

    18 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    Again, I think it's more of a breakdown of communication here.
    What I'm suggesting is being able to enter the GO stats in a tool menu and having it output the translated Pokemon to the current Pokemon "view", thus seeing if it's legal and then setting it to the Box.

    I actually had a response for something similar to this on the first segment of this post, but I shifted it down cause it is more appropriate here:

    If you're asking for "recreation based on stats" type of thing, where you can just use stats from GO for PKHeX to recreate a mon,
    then what I can say is: I am not sure what the summary screen shows on GO is enough.

    Purely for the sake of accurate recreations: the height and weight there is truncated/rounded, you need to use another mobile app to figure out the level of the mon.
    Whatever floats your boat, I guess XD

    Though, I can see why gp1editor being merged into PKHeX would make the above be doable.
    Except, I've got no idea how to program in C# (gp1editor was made in VB.net), nor do I know how to create a plugin for PKHeX.

    Given such a thing isn't one of the features where the demand is a high priority, I'm not certain it'll get done. Well, one can dream (and request it) :)

    As what was once mentioned for generation of legal PIDs for Gen 3/4 or handling of Gen 3 Mystery Gift importing, there's no need to add support for it when...

    On 1/29/2018 at 4:00 PM, Kaphotics said:

    when other programs do.

    (also related to adding features)

    On 12/17/2017 at 1:31 PM, Kaphotics said:

    Other programs already support editing these things (PokeStock can do all the above), hence it is not a priority for me. Current generation games end up taking most if not all of my time devoted, but I do accept pull requests / revisions if anyone else wants to add the functionality themselves.



  19. 9 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    Again, it's more about cutting out the middleman of requiring the GP1 files in the first place, or integrating the GP1 Editor program directly into PKHex, as it really seems like something that should go with the LGPE functionality, in my mind at least.

    But why would you need to do that? Besides being able to view the stats when dumping, PKHeX can also dump GP1 straight, and can import the GP1 into the box.

    If you replace GP1 with PK7 for the statement I just said:


    PKHeX can also dump PK7 straight, and can import the PK7 into the box.

    Doesn't it sound exactly the same as how PKHeX normally works?

    To be clear, when I said "GP1 files can be dragged into your PC box/viewer" in my previous post, I literally meant it goes into your PC, not that it goes back to GO park to be caught...

    Or what else do you want. Press a button and everything in GO Park gets magically imported into your PC? 🤔

    I know you said "you wanna cut out the requirement of needing GP1", but how is that any different from PK7?

    Ultimately, it's just a file format that you export out so that others can use it.
    As a matter of fact GP1 has more uses, since it can be inserted into GO Park, or inserted directly into the box...

    9 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    or integrating the GP1 Editor program directly into PKHex, as it really seems like something that should go with the LGPE functionality, in my mind at least.

    As the creator of GP1 Editor, I can safely say I have no idea how to do that.
    Plus having an extra editor in PKHeX, doesn't that sound more like introducing a middleman?

  20. 3 minutes ago, GoldenMew666 said:

    Thanks for your answer. Let's see if I understood it.

    So, if I wanted to search 0x10B9, should I just search for 10B9? 

    In this case, 0x10B9 is an address. (I also give locations in their hexademical representation, cause most hex editors have the locations represented as hex values by default)

    So go to that location, then change the value at that location.

    If you are using HxD, Control G should pop-up a window that will direct you to that location


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  21. While the rest looks like interesting requests, this is one you need clarification on:

    6 minutes ago, Omegawolfcat said:

    Go Converter:
    For a LGPE save in the Tools menu. There are numerous apps that grant you the exact IVs of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and being able to enter in the Species, CP, Attack, Stamina, Defense, Form and Shininess of a Go Pokemon and having the tool output a Mon converted in the same manner as the Go Park would do could be nice. An optional ability to have the Speed IVs based on the Stamina, rather than being random could be sweet as well.
    (Speaking of this... Has there ever been an attempt to take advantage of the connection between Go and LGPE? A program that could utilize a bluetooth device to act as though it were a copy of LGPE so that one can transfer Pokemon straight to a PC could be amazing)

    GP1 files can be dragged into your PC box/viewer, and PKHeX will convert them to mon. That functionality already exists.
    You can then change the IVs however you want, as long as the combination you change to are legal.

    Also, attempting to hijack into GO via Bluetooth has absolutely nothing to do with PKHeX.
    I do not think it has been done, probably because it really depends on what needs to be sent to GO's servers from the Switch.
    If it requires authentic certificates from the Switch, I doubt it would be done. Let's stop going off topic now 😜

  22. 20 minutes ago, GoldenMew666 said:

    The problem is that it doesn't find any value with "x" in it

    Erm. What?

    Simply put, the values are 0 or 1 in hexadecimal. there is no "value with "x" in it".

    The "x" in 0x00 or 0x01 is a representation, to show that the value is in hexadecimal.
    For example, if I simply type 16, I could confuse some, as 16 in decimal isn't the same as 16 in hexadecimal.

    23 minutes ago, GoldenMew666 said:

    The thing is I've never done hex editing before.

    The fact that I had to explain what I meant, let's just chock if up to that XD

    Also, the thing about hex editing, if you're modifying the values,
    each half byte/nibble has the range of 0 to 15 in decimal (which is 0 to F in hexadecimal).

    Hex values don't have an "x", and will not present as an "x" in the hex values portion :)

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