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  1. 10 hours ago, PokeChamp187 said:

    Everyone CAN have the same tracker provided its ONE pokemon 😃  I've tested a Tracked Mewtwo on 5 Accounts and no issues.

    8 minutes ago, Loopy said:

    Do you meant that there could be 5 mewtwos with the same trackernumber on 5 accounts? But not 1 mewtwo and 1 mew with the same tracker number?

    This isn't a thread for mainly tracker talk. We have other threads for that.

  2. 9 minutes ago, jammy said:

    So I've been trading PKHEX genned Pokemon from my CFW switch to my OFW switch one by one, is there a faster method?

    If both Switches share the same profile, they both have access to the same HOME.
    Just deposit on one Switch, then withdraw on another.

    Also, HOME allows access to other profiles save, so even if your Switches don't share profiles,
    you can just share profiles now. This works even for the free version.

    11 minutes ago, jammy said:

    Also, is it possible to trade with people online via CFW switch like some of these streamers who do the giveaways?

    It's hard to know for sure that streamers use a modified switch, unless they show Homebrew or Boot on stream.

    In any case, you can do it, but you run the risk of being detected by the servers. Use at your own risk.

  3. You need a way to obtain an decrypted file from your save, then re-encrypt it to load back into sky3DS.

    I advice you to get CFW for your 3DS, since decrypting and re-encrypting saves typically require CFW and homebrew apps,
    which isn't supported by sky3DS, if I'm not mistaken.

  4. 13 minutes ago, iChaos92 said:


    I just wanted to know if its possible at all to edit the save file for Pokemon Home?

    Is this possible at all and is something in the work?

    Would be awesome to edit my TrainerID there!


    Thanks in advance!

    Not possible at all. It's a cloud service, and the save isn't stored on the Switch.

    Either make the edits before sending Bank -> HOME (so make the edits on 3DS),
    make the edits on SWSH or LGPE prior to sending to home (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH/LGPE)
    or make the edits after importing the mons from HOME into SWSH (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH)


    Nothing more can be said about this, locking thread.

  5. 12 hours ago, Offspring said:

    Two questions:

    1) is there any way to find all non-shiny Pokemon and edit their SID/TID but leave all the shiny ones alone?

    2) How do I delete the "Latest Handler" via the batch editor? Is that doable?

    first, uncheck modify PKM in PKHeX settings.

    .TrainerID7=6 digit TID
    .TrainerSID7=4 digit SID

    You may wanna include modifiers for mons in Cherish balls, Have Fateful Encounter flag or have Classic Ribbons. Those are to cover events, and are typically OT/TID/SID locked.

    If so. add these above the shiny line:


    These should cover most causes.
    Make sure the last item isn't a line break.
    (example above where the typing cursor can go down, is invalid. Make sure to backspace.)

  6. You could RNG the Japanese game of Emerald on your computer, to ensure you get one of each nature.

    Else, use RNGReporter to calculate the PID/IVs for Method 1 encounters, for each nature.
    After that, change the TID/SID as per legal TID/SID combo (also using RNGreporter) to make them shiny.

  7. 1 hour ago, ICanSnake said:

    a gen 8 Vulpix with Memento as an egg move (Memento was only added to Vulpix's egg move in gen 8, and Toxic was removed from Vulpix's moveset)

    Sorry, I'm clearly sleepy.

    1 hour ago, ICanSnake said:

    There's an exploit in SwSh where one parent will learn an egg move from the other parent without having it bred onto it.

    Actually it's not even an exploit, it's a mechanic introduced in Sword and Shield.
    As long as your mon has space for learning moves, and placed into the breeder, it'll learn the possible egg moves from it's partner (provided it's the same species and opposite gender) at the breeder.

    So yeah, past gen Vulpix should be capable of Memento. (via the relearn transfer mechanic)
    But even so, learning a "relearn move" from the partner, won't go into the Relearn move slot of the mon itself.

    @Kaphotics this is the real error:

    (my bred Ninetales from the VC era, with Toxic learned in Gen 7, then Memento passed to it in Gen 8 )

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