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  1. 1 hour ago, Maratux said:

    Let's see, I'm a computer engineer but this is giving me problems, the only thing I want is someone who knows how to do it.

    Can you help me?

    It's not about you being a "computer engineer". Read again:

    On 6/14/2021 at 3:08 AM, theSLAYER said:

    I can only assume you aren't technically skilled when it comes to the likes of GBA games and fake carts.

    Skills relating to being a "computer engineer" weren't the kind of technical skills I was referring to; I was referring to the fact that you didn't understand me previously, which would imply that you have 0 knowledge when it comes to GBA games and fake carts. That's what I meant.

    Thankfully, being a "computer engineer" would probably help, since you probably have experience with hex editing and what not. However, if you don't know how to handle GBA data (especially a bootleg version of it), or how to reflash it properly, it is possible you'll mess up :(
    (Also, the fact that even though the save backing up feature didn't work, yet you somehow thought the save restoring feature would work, does not inspire confidence in me).

    The only help I'll be giving you, is rather simplified instructions, and I'm only doing it once. If you cannot figure it out, then there's that. And it's all at your own risk (including the fact that you may brick the cart).
    I'm also gonna put a disclaimer that I've never tried it on my own hardware before, cause I don't have it atm.

    You're gonna need to find a homebrew or specific hardware that allows you to restore GBA ROMs too.
    If you can't find it, treat it as "impossible to achieve". Else:

    1. Back up the bootleg ROM (presumably using a NDS flashcart homebrew that can dump ROMs)
    2. Extract the saves. (My tool should auto dump the saves in your bootleg ROM, and tell you the offsets [it is in the filename]. Keep in mind of the offsets for later).
    3. Keep an extra safe backup of the bootleg ROM somewhere on your computer. This may be useful to reflash the cart if anything goes wrong (not guaranteed tho).
    Pick one of the saves, and edit it with PKHeX.
    5. Open the bootleg ROM in a hex editor.
    6. Open the edited save in a hex editor.
    7. Remember the offsets in part 2? These are offsets for the location of the saves in your bootleg ROM.
    Check the size of the save in those offsets. (Might be full size, might be halved)
    8. If the size found were halved, then reduce the size of your save (the data opened in the hex editor).
    Try matching the save structure as found in your ROM:
    (Existing data structure here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Save_data_structure_(Generation_III)#File_structure)
    Note: Bootleg ROMs might forgo Game save A, but have everything else intact.
    9. Replace every instance of a save on your bootleg ROM with the data of the edited save.
    10. When done, save the bootleg ROM.
    11. Now try restoring the edited bootleg ROM into your bootleg cart. All done at your own risk.
    12. Now try launching the game, see if it works, see if the edited save is in your game.


    This post sure seems wordy, I hope it can be of some help.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Maratux said:

    this is the answer?

    To put it nicely and in a plain fashion:

    If you couldn't understand what I said in that reply, I can only assume you aren't technically skilled when it comes to the likes of GBA games and fake carts.

    As such:

    On 8/13/2020 at 10:57 AM, theSLAYER said:

    Treat it as impossible for your technical level.

  3. Just now, Maratux said:

    Then once that file I modify it I pass it to the DS and from there I pass it to the game boy hack cartridge, but once the game is entered it does not load me and the old game loads the one that is not modified.

    You do understand that you you didn't use the "dump the save" option right?
    That also means that the "restore the save" option won't work.

    That's because for bootleg carts, the "save" isn't stored in the save partition that retail carts normally use.

  4. Just now, Maratux said:

    What happens in my case is that when I go to load the game already inserted in the cartridge, I load the old one and not the modified one taken from it.


    You make it sound as though you expect the edits on your computer to magically influence the save in the cartridge. Am I reading that right?
    Is there another way I can read this?

  5. 2 minutes ago, Maratux said:

    once the program has been used and the games extracted in the complete search. Then how can I get the game modified in pkhex back to the game cartridge again?

    I get the feeling you didn't read page one.

    Below contains my reply to someone also asking how to reinsert an edited save back into the bootleg cart.

    On 8/13/2020 at 10:57 AM, theSLAYER said:

    As in back into a Bootleg GBA cart? I'm not sure if you want to.
    I'm unsure if the bootleg GBA memory [for that particular kind of bootleg] (which stores the ROM + save) can be reflashed.

    Given that it can be reflashed by the cart itself to store the save, you would think that the memory chip can be reflashed.

    However if you screw up, you'll also lose any playability (cause the sector that contains the game is gone).

    If you want to risk it, you'll gonna have to place the edited save back into where part of the ROM dump where it was stored,
    then use whatever tool you used to dump the ROM to restore the ROM.

    Basically not a methodology I'll recommend to people who don't know what they're doing.
    Stick to real carts, not bootleg carts..

    Once again, if your bootleg cart stores the save as part of the ROM, refer to the first part of my answer.
    Treat it as impossible for your technical level.


  6. 17 minutes ago, thethorlanes said:

    Need help. Thank you!

    They are here, but you gotta do a small bit of work. They shouldn't be r problem, right? :3

    Download the Gen 7 save, then dump them all as pk7. (PKHeX can dump all mons into a folder)

    Unown :
    They are in a Gen 6 save. Load up the save, then dump all the Unown to a folder. They would be .pk6.
    You can then load all of them into a Gen 7 save (PKHeX can load all mons from a folder).
    Then dump them again into a folder. This time they would be a .pk7

  7. This guide to resolve any issues users get when they try to change their stats of a Pokémon from Gen 8. 

    One reason why people get various PID-Mismatch or Invalid Encounter type of messages, is because they did not modify the Pokémon correctly.
    (Remember: if your encounter details are invalid, then doing this won't work. This assumes your other encounter details are valid.)

    In Generations 8, due to an in-depth understanding of how the game mechanics call stats for (mostly) Overworld Pokémon, the Personality Value (PID) is tied to various other values related to the Pokémon generation procedure in-game, such as Individual Values (IVs), Height, Weight, and Encryption constant.

    This method of correlation is known as overworld8.

    You can read more about it here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/58824-swsh-overworld8-pid-type/


    Basic Preparation
    1. Gen 8 OW PID Genner will be the tool we use to find correct information (PID/IVs etc)
    2. Time and patience. I cannot stress this enough.
    3. Knowing whether your encounter can have any guaranteed IVs.
    4. (Optional) For beginners, I recommend Searching for particular IVs, then Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID).

    Other options for beginners:
    If you want to search for IVs
    I recommend Searching for particular IVs.

    If you want to make any given legal overworld8 PID shiny
    I recommend Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID).

    If you don't care about IVs, and just want a shiny with your TID/SID combo
    I recommend Shinification (Keeps TID/SID, changes PID).

    If you want a Pokémon with a certain PID, TID and SID to be shiny
    I recommend Shinification (Keeps TID, SID, and PID).

    If you've become accustomed to how the tool works
    you can play around with other options, but all at your own risk.

    Searching for particular IVs


    1. Load up Gen 8 OW PID Genner

    2. Click on IV Searcher. A new form will pop up

    3. Select one of the starting parameters you want, then hit Set

    (For the purposes of this demonstration, we'll select All 25 >)

    4. (Optional) Change Initial Seed and Guaranteed IVs if necessary.
    Initial Seed - a value from (hex) 0 to FFFFFFFF. Just changes the starting point of values displayed. You can ignore it if you don't understand it.
    Guaranteed IVs - this should match your encounter. Some encounters have no guaranteed IVs, some have 3, so change it to match your encounter.

    5. Click Search.

    6. Once you're satisfied, hit Cancel to stop searching.
    Look at the results generated!

    Note: Hits shows the amount of results generated that matches the conditions you indicated.

    6. For purposes of this demonstration, we'll use the data from the first row to make an entry legal.
    Here's an overworld Pokémon that is illegal for some reason.

    7. Insert PID, EC, IVs, HT, WT

    Congratulations, you now have a legal PID!

    Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID)


    1. Open up Gen 8 OW PID Genner, and select either of these options in the main form.

    For this demonstration, we will be picking Square.

    2. After you picked your option, ensure the text below says (Keep PID).

    3. Paste your legal overworld8 PID into the box.

    4. Now click on Shiny Generate.

    5. Congratulations, new TID/SID combo has been generated for your Pokémon bearing that PID.

    Shinification (Keeps TID/SID, changes PID)


    1. Open up Gen 8 OW PID Genner, and select either of these options in the main form.image.png

    For this demonstration, we will be picking Square (longer).

    2. After you picked your option, ensure the text below says (Keep TID / SID).

    3. Key in your TID and SID in the textboxes provided.

    For this demonstration, TID will be 567890 and SID will be 1234.

    4. Now click on Shiny Generate.

    5. Data will be generated for you to edit into your Pokémon.

    Note: It may take a while for data to appear. Hence why longer is in search name.

    6. Once you input the data into your Pokémon, you'll have a legal shiny!

    Shinification (Keeps TID, SID, and PID)


    If your Pokémon wasn't already shiny, you cannot keep all 3 of these.
    One of them has to change.
    This tool cannot perform magic.

    (And even if it was already shiny, you won't be able to change from square to star or vice versa. That's not how shiny calculation works)

    You can play around with the tool. There are other shiny search types programmed into it.


    View full tutorial

  8. 44 minutes ago, Dali said:

    btw i still think that the .dll missings  are the main problem but if it worked on you without dll well there's something other than that..

    if you downloaded the stable version from our site, you won't need the .dlls.

    The dlls haven't been needed for quite a while, it's why they aren't in the download.

  9. 18 minutes ago, PokemonGBAhax said:

    I know there are ways to stop it when using emulators like No$gba ot Desmume. 

    I am using Lameboy DS to play said roms on my DS via a DSTT flashcart and need a fix. 


    Any suggestions? 

    If you dumped your own ROMs, then well, you probably can play it on your NDS/3DS.
    Probably someone who knows will come along and answer.

    If you pirated these ROMs (for example, but not limited to: downloading off the internet), then we can offer no help.
    [reminder: it is against our rules to pirate]

  10. 4 minutes ago, ZST said:

    Keep in mind, that is just one of MANY steps in RNG manipulation, that is why I am not too worried now that you explained how Seeds are generated. 

    That’s like step 3 in a long process. 

    I mean reverse finding a seed is somewhat pointless, cause that set of stats are likely associated with many seeds (cause the PRNG eventually loops).

    As I added (but you missed it), the whole seed to time thing probably only really matters if you're actually RNGing on the spot.
    It's probably important if you can find out what seed you're on right now, and manipulate that seed to land on a wanted frame (which people are more capable of counting frames as opposed to the 'invisible' frames, hence seed to time).


    In any case, I'm glad we worked through why you didn't need to change origin seed.

  11. 18 minutes ago, ZST said:

    I didn’t know that part. I was just falling down the rabbit hole of RNG abuse, but eventually tapped out due to how cumbersome it is. 

    I checked over an old save file and noticed that my origin seeds were not matching up with the date of capture when I plugged it into RNGReporter Seed to Time finder. 

    I don't think the whole Seed to Time thing matters.

    You could always encounter the mon, and sit there and wait for the date to change.

    Furthermore, I've tried to find the time on a Buneary I caught for sure (430f119b caught on 25/05/2007), and it wouldn't show me the correct date on seed to time.
    Found some a bunch of mons with "invalid seeds" on an older save of mine, even tho they were species that I definitely couldn't be bothered to hack them.

    Plus, there's always a chance they're found at a different seed, just that PKHeX shows the first seed calculated that matches that set of stats.

    The whole seed to time thing probably only really matters if you're actually RNGing on the spot.

  12. Just now, ZST said:

    Thank you. So, if I’m understanding correctly it’s possible to change origin seeds, but you’d have to sort of reverse engineer it? 

    At the first place our origin seeds are reverse engineered based on the stats on the mon. It's not like the origin seed data is written on the mon.

    I have no idea why you're trying to 'edit' origin seeds.

    However, if you search for a particular set of stats, ability, encounter etc on Pokefinder,
    origin seed would be shown. (Technically, the PID and IVs generated are from that resulting origin seed).

    Mind telling me what you wanna accomplish with origin seed editing?

  13. 17 minutes ago, ZST said:

    Hey guys I recall PKHex used to display the origin Seed of a Pokémon in a tab but now I can only see it when I hover over my Pokémon with the cursor

    im currently playing on Platinum save file

    Is there a way to see the seed? Also, IIRC, it was read-only. Can origin seeds be edited nowadays?

    Origin seed is reverse calculated based from a bunch of factors relating to RNG.

    As such, you can't just "modify origin seed" directly. And to answer to your nowadays portion, that isn't accurate. As far as I can tell, one has never been able to edit it directly.

    You wanna change your origin seed, you can do so indirectly: change every other stat relating to that chain of RNG frames [stats the can be reverse calculated to determine the PID Method used]. (PID, IVs etc)

    Also, just a neat bit of info for ya: hovering isn't the only way to see origin seed. You can control click on the (!); origin seed is in the full legality report.

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Cacx101 said:

    Yeah, that did cross my mind. I guess I just didn't think it'd be that easy. Thanks!

    no worries, glad to be of some help.

    It is probably a lot easier than constantly recompiling and installing the full game (I used to do that)

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