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  1. 45 minutes ago, KOSpades said:

    Thanks theSLAYER , i just need answer to 3 more questions if you can help.

    I opened up the BCAT file, are the cards located in the double digit folders?

    and am i correct to say each wonder card number are made up of the folder digit + the file of each card?

    and lastly why some wonder cards that i have redeemed are not in the BCAT ?  i had the pokemon still in my boxes

    Yea, take a look for yourself. Just rename those files to wc9 and drag into PKHeX. If they are a Pokémon gift, they’ll load just fine.

    and as for why some of them aren’t there, not all gifts are permanently in the BCAT. Once the event expires, the team that manages BCAT may choose to remove them.

    And IIRC your device’s BCAT tends to sync with the server whenever you’re idle in your HOME screen connected to the network, or when you grab a new network gift, so your old archives would have been gone.


    Anyhow, this won’t work fully for the Switch Gift Data Manager (since it’ll need data from your own BCAT; you can merge the relevant files you want into your BCAT, as per instructions in SGDM), but @CitrusBolt has been dumping them: https://citrusbolt.net/bcat/

    Lastly, we have an event repository that has all the events we gathered (all of Gen 9 is there): https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery


    And finally finally, this isn’t the right place to have this discussion. Please start your own thread in the Events Help and Questions sub-forum if you need more help.

  2. 10 hours ago, KOSpades said:

    hello, will you be updating the tutorial for obtaining the wc9 file? or is there other way to obtain the wc9 when we are redeeming the wonder card on our switch with nintendo server ?


    This only applies for cards distributed locally. (as in you have to attend physically, and there's a distribution beacon within the area. Typically shop-wide, or at events, venue/hall wide)

    As far as I know there's no Gen 9 card distributed locally.

    Additionally, for non local cards (serial, wireless, etc), you could have just dumped them via JKSM -> BCAT dumping.

  3. I think the problem is that it is not documented, and we can’t exactly perform “before and after” comparison to try to see what it’ll be. Short of reading the source or doing trial and error, I’m not sure how would one be able to identify the change.. 

    Why don’t you just start a fresh female save, then import the progress from a another save, by importing the Event Flags/Constants block?

  4. 52 minutes ago, Leif6174 said:

    The result was that it had an incompatible file type. (Shows up as PKHeX can't read binary)

    just in case, send that over anyway.

    53 minutes ago, Leif6174 said:

    As for the other idea, whenever I try to dump the gbabf throws an error regarding not being able to open the file. I'll try again and if my findings change, I'll post them. I'll also grab a save from idea 1 as well for you.

    sure, give that a try

  5. On 5/4/2024 at 12:31 PM, Leif6174 said:

    I got no idea whats wrong with my repro, I can launch the game through gbabr, but I cannot dump the cart's data. When I boot into the game through any mean, I get a message that pops up at the start saying:
    "The save file is ok"


    Yeah, repro ROMs are edited/modified to display that instead of the typical shtick about save files being corrupted and a backup being loaded and what not.

    Have you tried backing up your save using
    1. GBA backup tool (save dumping/backing up)
    2. gbabf -> ROM extraction -> Run ROM in Extractor program

    If so, lemme know which method you used, and show me the save

    (FYI, don't upload ROMs here)

  6. 4 hours ago, ILuvChinPokomon said:

    Any plans to update this plugin? It doesn't work anymore as of the latest Pkhex update and I'd really like to sort my boxes by region.

    Go to the GitHub and use the latest release of the plugin. It works on latest dev build on PKHeX

  7. On 5/18/2022 at 10:21 AM, Mismatched said:

    theSLAYER, I saw you had a topic from a while ago on  doing ram dumps while receiving an event distribution from a pokemon center. Does the method you used still work?




    That’s for 3DS. Also only applies to distributions. I’ve never tried for NDS saves, however given your save isn’t being broadcasted wirelessly, and I’m not even sure whether you can use NTR CFW when booted into NDS mode, I kinda doubt it.

  8. So summary of the conversation:
    1. Definitely bootleg cart
    2. Using GBAbackup tool to dump and restore unmodified saves (at that point) works fine [save not stored in ROM]
    3. When viewing save in HxD, the save appears to be mutated.
    4. With further testing, it appears the game expects to load a mutated save.
    5. By using PKHeX on the save first (first partition of save is fine), then copying the block at offset 0x0 to 0xDFFF and paste overwriting to 0x10000, then subsequently restoring the save, the PKHeX edited save was loaded by the repro cart. I imagine the cart reads the save starting from 0x10000 but who knows. [we tried with an unedited save but rearranged to be not-mutated, didn't load]
    6. I advised that one either may not be able to beat Elite 4, or could beat them but won't have the HOF records.

    In any case, the steps:


    (1) Export save from gba backup tool
    (2) Modify the save in PKHeX then export the save
    (3) Load the save in HxD
    (4) Select Block range 0 to E000 [Control E]
    (5) Copy Range
    (6) Go to Offset 10000 [Control G]
    (7) Paste Overwrite Range there [Control B]
    (8) Save the file
    (9) Restore modified file into cart.

    Issue is now resolved :D

  9. 7 minutes ago, Senko said:

    Thanks for the warning, I've already edited item data (got sick of the grind and gave myself rare candies) but I'll leave the pokemon alone.

    yeah that should be okay since you aren't touching the mon's directly. You could also just hyper train the mon in later games (actual mechanic in the game). The stats would function as 31 IVs but the actual stat remains, so won't cause it to become illegal.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Chonke said:

    Hey man, 

    Thank you for your quick response. Sorry I haven't read everything about bootleg cartridges and thus not knowing the save doesn't contain any useful data. A friend suggested "hex editing" so I figured I'd just try and read into that

    Love that there is also a tool specifically for my case and that I can use the same GBA backup software for it!

    Many many thanks 

    For some of the Gen 3 bootleg carts, the save data is actually stored in the ROM.

    So using the bootleg ROM dump with that program just may extract the save for you.



  11. 1 hour ago, Chonke said:

    Hey all, 

    A while ago I tried the GBA - DSLite backup software (which works awesome on all my legit games) on my bootleg Emerald cartridge. I know, on the page it stated explicitly that it won't work on bootleg cartridges, but I figured since it just backs up the data might as well give it a try. Well, as you would've guessed: the .sav doesn't flash back on the cart, won't load in PKHeX, and doesn't work on emulators (yep, I did change the name, as the bootleg one stores saves with a different name) 

    The thing is: I really want to buy an authentic Emerald cart, but I am quite far on my bootleg one now and I'd love to transfer this savefile. 

    I was just wondering if someone who knows a lot about the way pokemon data is stored, could take a quick gaze at my (now quite old) bootleg-backup to see if any transferring of sections from bootleg - legit is possible. I tried to take a look myself but even with the wiki and some awesome screenshots/explaination from theSLAYER I can't get the hang on hexed.it 

    I also added a screenshot, in case an expert looks at it and knows from this very glance the whole file is useless. 

    Many thanks in (Gameboy) advance! 


    POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav 128 kB · 2 downloads

    If you've read what I've shared before, then you'll know, there's no save data in that file. And just to be sure, I checked. Nothing of use there.
    What you should be doing is dumping the ROM, and not the save, of the bootleg cart. (and don't share that ROM here)

    Only then, would you be able to extract the save.


  12. 4 hours ago, OkumuraRinz said:

    Hi, i have the same problem with my beloved charizard from FR. same problem, static encounter with PID+ correlation error.
    The answer is very simple fix the IVs: take the PID from ur mon with pkhex, then open pokefinder or RNGReporter and use the tool PID to IV and pick the IVs from method 1 or 2.

    dont know why happens this, but some mons have method 1 ( or 2 or none for in-game trade with NPC) and the bugged ones are method 4, after fixing the IVs all mons are ok to transfer now.


    Hope this helps.

    "Method 1, 2 and 4" PIDs aren't the be all end all. Encounters and all that have limited encounter slots etc, so it's always better to gen the full thing properly, as opposed to 100% relying on PID to IVs.

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