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  1. 26 minutes ago, FireFox276 said:


    I (may) have discovered a potential bug with setting the "Latest (not OT) Handler".

    In an Ultra Moon save, if the OT name of both the above and "Trainer Information" is the same, the Pokémon is flagged as illegal when Set.

    The Blue Background on "Latest (not OT) Handler" is there when editing but as soon as you hit Set, it is immediately flagged illegal and when viewed again, the blue background has moved back to "Trainer Information".

    This did not appear to be an issue in previous builds of the editor.


    Sincerely cannot replicate your issue.


  2. 1 hour ago, Urt1 said:

    I'm just concerned about my TRU Arceus with the signature moves.

    Any mon from below Gen 6 won't have relearnable moves.
    so your TRU Arceus doesn't have relearnable moves.


    1 hour ago, Urt1 said:

    is there a list for these event pokemon with non relearnable moves?

    no such list exists.

    1 hour ago, alanrius said:

    Hi, I've seen multiple posts telling that Switch Events are not "region locked", so you would be able to redeem those events on your game. However I still don't know if the event will get "OT name" adapted to your game's language like shiny Celebi (or not, lie Korean Amoonnguss)

    The mon's OT follows that language slot. ie: the OT name will be adapted to your game's language.
    However, if it's all the same language on the wonder card, that means that OT is the only acceptable OT.

  3. 4 minutes ago, abonfi said:

    well it started as a pkhex question, but then as xddhgze said i need to be at 1.3.0

    from what I see above, xddhgze didn't tell you to go to 1.3.0
    xddhgze told you to try checkpoint.


    While 1.3.0 was being discussed, the main line is


    may also happends if your game is running under a lower version than 1.3.0 and if you tried to add something that's coming from 1.3.0 and therefore shouldn't be on your save.

    However since this wasn't your issue, you should have tested checkpoint.

    In any case, not pointing fingers, but you may want to google your need to verify issue.

  4. 19 minutes ago, abonfi said:

    Move the data, but now I can't even starte the game (i just updated it to 1.3.0). The switch asks me to "verify the game" and i get the error 2154-0107


    Is this your primary Switch. If so you may need to downgrade or something. Who knows.
    Never had a Banned Switch, so don't really know the ins and outs of it.

    Basically if it was a cart, it should have been playable straight away. I imagine v1.0.0 of the game, even if digital, shouldn't be too different, if on the primary Switch

  5. 2 minutes ago, abonfi said:

    Yea it crashes. I will do a recheck of the data, but how can i move the data on the device's nand?

    one of the settings in system settings.

    Data Management > Move Data Between Console/microSD card

    3 minutes ago, abonfi said:

    I've tried to inject an old one, but still crashing. Pkhex doesn't give any errors.
    I'm playing on a banned switch, so i cannot connect to the internet to update the game (i'm playing on 1.2.1)
    My SD is fat32, all the applications are updated

    Being banned shouldn't affect you whether the game crashes.
    If the game integrity check turned out okay, could be your SD card.

    But who knows really. Try creating a new profile and starting a new game, see if that launches.

  6. Didn't see your edit.

    Also, if you didn't see it in my quote, I tagged Kaphotics to inform him.
    It was done so that he can know that PKHeX probably can tweak its checks a bit, since the game does allow it if combined with other text.

    As such, no need to change it just yet. Wait for PKHeX to update the checks (if necessary).

  7. 1 hour ago, 666cinomedgnik said:

    I was wondering, is it possible to manually edit the Daycare block?

    For what I tested exporting and importing different samples works just fine, but the block itself seems to be encrypted so hex editing doesn't seem possible.

    I'm mostly interested in this because the Daycare Block is the only place that prevents "Battle forms" to turn back into the respective base form.

    note: sorry for posting in the wrong thread previously, I hope this time is the correct one.

    No idea. Seems rather unnecessary to do so.

  8. 3 minutes ago, MidstOfExile said:

    I promise.
    I'm not going to display my full IGN but I always use wtf in front of it.
    When the game first released I named my trainer this name.
    I could see now since all of the past trolling and such as it could be a flag.
    But in the beginning I was able to use wtf(my real name).

    Made by the switch, no alterations.

    @Kaphotics Just a few tests, I was able to name my characters "wtfhi", "wtf hi", "wtf-hi", "wtf_hi"

  9. 1 hour ago, abk14459 said:

    Do they appear star shiny in the game once they're set to star shiny? I'm wondering if the square shinies that were transferred from previous gens are rarer than these star shinies. 

    they can only be star, and they appear as star.

    29 minutes ago, MidstOfExile said:

    Every time I change the last letter or number and it accepts it (Square) and then I drag it to the box, it goes back to normal.

    did you not set the mon into a box

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