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  1. 1 hour ago, DaseR said:

    this does not affect anything to a local interchange of pokemon with cartridges of different language right?

    The language of the events doesn’t affect the trade. Any language-trade shenanigans was related to the games itself, not due to the fact it’s an event.

    Gen 3 carts could all trade cross-language, but you get weird issues when trading European mons with diacritic in name characters, display of European names in a Japanese game and what happens to the name when you evolve such mons etc.
    Gen 4 could trade cross language just fine, except with Korean games (language). They were introduced late and didn’t appear to be planned for, so no trading with Non-Korean games there. Due to not having Gen 3 Korean games, their Pal Park usage isn’t language locked.
    Gen 5, IIRC, no issues cross language trading wise.

    1 hour ago, DaseR said:

    A European DS with the EUR cartridge is able to interchange your pokemon with another Japanese DS and its respective cartridge JPN, just as you could do a fight right? If I'm not mistaken the Wishing Ribbon only prohibited online trading on the GTS.
    I promis this is my last question about this😖

    Region of the DS doesn’t matter. Main issue with language of the cartridge. So in this example, let’s say a ENG Diamond and a JPN Pearl. They can trade (doesn’t matter if ENG game was purchased in US or EU). They can battle. You only issue would be a KOR Pearl instead, due to the Korean Gen 4 issue mentioned earlier.

    But you could have just transferred the Mon into a Gen 5 game then trade there.

    minor edit: I think region lock was kinda an issue with 3DS/DSi and Gen 5 games (cause they have DSi features). But that’s about it. Don’t have to worry if you’re not using a 3DS/DSi console

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  2. NDS didn’t have region set into it. IIRC Gen 3 - Gen 5 had wonder cards limited to language of the cart (again, region wasn’t a thing for the device, and if you see it from the perspective that people bought the carts from stores in their own country, as most physical stores then  [depending on country you’re in] weren’t big on just importing merch of other languages not native to that country, where that store only sold carts of the common language or the language spoken there, that’s technically the ‘region lock’ right there).

    If I’m not mistaken, only events like WORLDS had event distribution that mixed European and Asian languages, else it’s normally “just stick to the languages used in the area” type of deal.

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  3. 7 hours ago, ferlo95 said:

    Got one question about this Event file.
    Why does the last PkHex version (20240505) flags it as Illegal? It says that it is because of the nickname: "Event Gift has been nicknamed". But this event is supposed to be nicknamed as "Land-Sama" if I'm right. I didn't change it. So is the flag just visual or...?

    All flags are just visual; the flags themselves don’t write anything onto the Mon.

    Probably some added code that didn’t catch the edge cases, or for some reason the nickname isn’t thoroughly accepted (maybe there trash bytes when there shouldn’t be). Drop a message either in GitHub or the thread here used to track errors.

  4. Just now, camwastaken said:

    all of the shiny manaphy files I've found here will give me an error when moving to home. But I've used other files with no issue so I know that the bots not removing them. 

    Odd. I’ll take a look but won’t be anytime soon. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, camwastaken said:

    I believe it does but I don't have my 3ds to inject so I was hoping for a clone that I could just gen with a bot. 

    Look at BDSP/PLA entries, is there a shiny one there? If there is one with a tracker, just use a bot to inject that.

    Also make sure you’re not using a bot that wipes HOME trackers.

  6. 23 hours ago, TrueMasterEX said:

    How do I put this on Action Replay Power Saver Pro?

    Can’t inject custom user saves and powersaves. Install CFW on your 3DS and you can restore/inject saves freely. :)

  7. 15 minutes ago, DrailiGOD said:

    Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right place, probably not, but I have problems with the Genesect and Deoxys files that you made available, could you help me get them?



    Invalid Invalid Move 1: Empty Move. Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game. Invalid: Species does not exist in origin game. Invalid: Met Date is outside of distribution window. Invalid: Incorrectly transferred from previous generation. Deoxys:


    Invalid Invalid: Memory: Not cleared properly.

    Yup, definitely in the wrong place.

    Please post in the appropriate sub-forum, such as this. Also, DMing me on Discord is not an appropriate way to ask for help.

  8. 8 hours ago, Diesel1889 said:

    is there going to be an update for the new DLC for scarlet and Violet at somepoint?

    At some point, yes. I’m currently working on revamping my entries, as there are some things about them I’m not happy about. The update will be up when it’s up :)

    On 1/5/2024 at 1:13 PM, Igen said:

    I'm not sure why but trying to move either zacian zamazenta or eternatus shiny will give me the 10015 error, am i missing something?

    should deal with this too.

  9. 2 hours ago, Ghostface90 said:

    we need a way to go a 3rd time, I have no desire to even begin this, otherwise. it's stupid to have all 3.... yet, not allow us to get all 3. 

    It’s basically like getting the player to choose a starter. Emerald made us choose one of the three Johto starters with the dex was completed. Such “choices”, whether you agree with them, aren’t new…

    Ash's Pidove

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    56 minutes ago, MarinBun said:

    Why does this show a red exclamation mark when in pkhex? It says Current handler cannot be past gen OT for transferred specimen.

    Yeah, the current handler couldn’t be the old OT. 
    change the name of the old OT to someone that isn’t the current save. Change the current handling trainer from the OT to HT.

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