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  1. 1 hour ago, pkmnMikey said:

    How can I transfer this file via Pkhex using living hex to the game in let's go eevee, when I attemp to write it in the slot of the boxex(pkhex) it says its invalid file for the gen.

    First load a LGPE save, then either:
    a) Set the file into PKHeX's GP1 editor, or

    b) Set the GP1 into box (drag and drop)

  2. 1 hour ago, DaseR said:

    GEN V: Distribution event for JP region (local/wifi) not accessible for N3DS EU (not even being physically in that country).

    Incorrect reasoning. 
    As background, Gen 5 only had differently language’d carts, no region.

    people do use the language to double as a pseudo-region lock, but not always the case.

    Wifi: language’d wonder cards were only distributed to games carts of the same language.

    local: for most cases, language’d wonder cards were only distributed to games carts of the same language. it doesn’t matter if you’re physically there. The exceptions would be WORLDS events (like WORLD CROBAT).

    1 hour ago, DaseR said:

    GEN VI: Distribution event for JP region (Nintendo network / serial code) is not accessible for N3DS EU (even if you are physically in that country).

    If you own a JP 3DS, you can be physically outside of Japan and still receive JP events under that criteria. 

    Those specific look for what 3DS model you’re holding, as opposed to actual physical location.

    Also, there are exceptions: HKTW events using Nintendo zone & serial code can be received by EU 3DS (language only English), as HKTW imports both JP and EU 3DS. So there are a limited amount of JP events that may be receivable on EU 3DS. This isn’t one of them.

    1 hour ago, DaseR said:

    There is no way to have this pokemon legally on my console, i.e. I can only have as legitimate the ones that are from my region / the ones that accept All Regions, like this one Diancie, right?

    Someone can trade you a JP Diancie, there’s no issues there. Just make sure the region is JP, and Geolocation is updated under trainer tab.

    if you want to redeem the event yourself, yes it has to be EU or Region Free (for Gen 6/7).

    Anyhow, it you do you good to read the entirety of this: 


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  3. 5 minutes ago, DaseR said:

    but if I drag the .wc6 file to my game (EU Region😝), PKHex doesn't mark it as illegal

    because region info itself isn't stored on the wonder card, so PKHeX can't check for it.

    The event can have the wrong region (EU 3DS for example) but it would be incorrectly legal.


    6 minutes ago, DaseR said:

    I understand it as if a user from Japan had sent it to me by exchange, this makes it legal in my game or am I wrong?

    only if the 3DS region is JP, not EU.
    And Not Handling OT is your name.
    I think the geolocation list needs to be updated.

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  4. In Gen 6, you could start the game with any language. In most scenarios language isn’t a problem. Language is not an issue in this scenario.

    Since you did the entire “a person going from Spain” spiel, perhaps you’re confusing language with 3DS region.

    If you look at the summary image in the description, this is only for JP 3DS. 
    (JP as in the region, not the language)

    If I’m not mistaken, people in Spain most commonly have access to EU units. Thus, those units won’t be able to receive this event. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, stonecold913 said:

    Only English wonder card, via EU and JP units


    what does this mean in regard to importing it into my game

    Legitimately, only receivable by EU and JP devices.

    EU 3DS - only receivable on English save

    JP 3DS - any language’d save

    I’ve got a thread that answers consoles and region questions.


  6. 1 hour ago, kgdragon said:

    need change to 2016-10-23  and county from korea


    That end date is literally listed there.

    Oct 23rd, 2016 is 2016-10-23. Just different text formatting.

    Also, yes, it was hosted in Korea, but given it was an Infrared event, could be received by a 3DS of any region.

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