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  1. 2 hours ago, Ghostface90 said:

    we need a way to go a 3rd time, I have no desire to even begin this, otherwise. it's stupid to have all 3.... yet, not allow us to get all 3. 

    It’s basically like getting the player to choose a starter. Emerald made us choose one of the three Johto starters with the dex was completed. Such “choices”, whether you agree with them, aren’t new…

    Ageto Celebi

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    1st one redeemable in Colo, the rest direct to party in Gen 3 main series game, it’s not a wonder card, so you won’t be able to inject as such.

    Ash's Pidove

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    56 minutes ago, MarinBun said:

    Why does this show a red exclamation mark when in pkhex? It says Current handler cannot be past gen OT for transferred specimen.

    Yeah, the current handler couldn’t be the old OT. 
    change the name of the old OT to someone that isn’t the current save. Change the current handling trainer from the OT to HT.

  2. 38 minutes ago, MIO1339 said:

    last question if I use pkconvert I going to convert pk7 celebi that was caught in crystal i convert it in pk6 to transfer in ORAS

    Just use PKHeX in Hax mode, and it can convert mons down. It can exist in those games but would be illegal.

    No guarantee it’ll convert back up properly too. It probably would but I’ve never tested it.

  3. 2 hours ago, MIO1339 said:

    I mean I asking if this pokemon can be shiny?

    Sorry, I was confused, due to the way it was phrased.

    This event cannot be shiny. No Celebi originating from Gen 3 could be legitimately shiny. Heck, there’s no legitimate shiny for Celebi all the way from Gen 3 to Gen 6. Hence why it was a big deal (during Gen 7’s time) that Virtual Console Crystal was released and could be connected to mainline games. (You can shiny hunt for Celebi in Crystal)

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  4. 24 minutes ago, brillante said:

    @theSLAYER this downloaded as .pgf and if i edit to .wc5, i can only import it into gen 5 save files on a cartridge? i have xy savefiles loaded onto hex i treid doing this on

    You can only import events of the correct generations as in-game redemptions. Pgf/wc5 are only for Gen 5.

    you could load them to the left side of PKHeX as Pokémon to direct inject, but make sure the details are correct for that event, such as redemption game.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Polteageist said:

    Did you edit your own SID? Why is it 0000? SID isn't usually all 0s so asking about its validity. Thank you!

    GO -> HOME transfers use the trainer account of HOME, and HOME SID’s are typically 0000, or some real small number.

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    Pokémon Y

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    For the most part. For some games, but especially starting from 3DS titles, swapping saves when there’s still story elements not done can mess with in-game event flags, causing the game to hang when you reach that point, or outright just stuck. Some examples I can think of off the top of my head are (not an exhaustive list):

    1. SM/USUM would have the wrong Ruin of Sunne/Moone on the 4th island, meaning you can’t evolve Cosmog and progress
    2. SM/USUM again related to the flute on exeggutor island. It breaks
    3. SWSH would show you the wrong exclusive gym building. Whenever a dialogue related to the wrong gym leader is called by the game, the game would hang/crash
    4. SWSH again, depending on when you saved, you’ll be unable to progress to Zacian/Zamazenta past the lift, or have the wrong doggo spawned it and have it freeze once battle starts.
    5. Yellow saves in Red/Blue could cause load you into a glitched map, causing you to be unable to move
    6. ORAS Primal Battle would cause weirdness I think, but I can’t remember for sure
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  6. The idea is that “legitimately” involves receiving it on unmodified hardware and not dumped/cloned, all that jazz.

    You can argue that no modifications were made in order to encounter or catch it, but given you didn’t obtain it directly for yourself (even tho we do trust Anubis), it is hard to assert that it was obtained the way it was described.

    All in all, I didn’t have a problem with the file (to be fair I’ve yet to seen it), but rather wanted to point out the contradictory nature of ‘legitimate’ and ‘received a clone from a bot + dumped it + didn’t encounter it yourself’

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