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  1. Colosseum Starters Espeon & Umbreon

    In Pokémon Colosseum, when the player starts a new game, these Pokémon will already be part of the player's party.




  2. Duking Plusle

    In Pokémon Colosseum, after the player rescues the character Duking's Plusle, Duking will then proceed to give the Plusle to the player.




  3. Faraway Island Mew

    The Old Sea Map was only available as an event Key Item exclusively for players with a Japanese copy of Pokémon Emerald,
    which allowed players to reach the Faraway Island, and ultimately battle the Mythical Mew.

    For players who rather not use the Mystery Gift to activate the event, simply use PKHeX's Event Flags > Research, and
    For Pokémon Emerald: Check Flag 0316 and 2262, then proceed to add a Old Sea Map into the Key Items of the Bag.

    This is the only Mew that can be encountered shiny legitimately. (excluding hacks or glitches)
    ウルトラ Mew was a regular encounter, non-shiny.
    ポケパ-ク Mew was RNG obtained by @suloku and @St. GIGA (and the OT was meant to mimic the PokePark event, and also Flawless IVs)
    アイコ Mew was RNG obtained by @InsaneNutter
         Species   Mew   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   In-Game Encounter   Location   Faraway Island   Dates   (Various)   PID   Chance of Shiny   Games   Emerald                                                                Lv. 30    Nature   Random   Ability   Synchronize   Item   None    Moves       Pound   Transform   Mega Punch   Metronome
      Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20180512_0857


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  4. Softlock Prevention Tentacool

    When you only have one Pokémon, which is the one that is in your party, this NPC in Cianwood will give you a Tentacool.
    It is not necessary to remove Surf/Fly from your remaining party member.
    This can be done during any part of the story, including after defeating the Elite 4 and Champion.

    The NPC will continue to give out Tentacool infinitely, as long as you only have one Pokémon.
    Able to be of either gender or either ability.




  5. Previous Generation Link - Palkia

    This Palkia is obtained by using the Spatial Extension, which can be unlocked after capturing Landorus by starting the Dream Radar game with a Pokémon Pearl game cartridge loaded in the 3DS system.
    PID 4169292855 Nickname Palkia Gender Genderless Level 5 Nature Brave OT PPorg SID 13453 Location Dream Radar Ball Dream Ball__ Moves DragonBreath Scary Face --- ---




  6. Pokemon GameCube Saves

    I was looking for a Pokémon Channel (PAL) save, as I thought the gameplay portion to get to Jirachi,
    is just so freaking long. Hence, I decided to scour the internet for a save!

    Crediting Internal Saves
    NinFanBoyFTW's saves:
    Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD

    theSLAYER's saves:

    SkyLink24's save (link):
    Crediting External Saves
    Any saves that I obtain from the internet or from users, will be credited here.

    Pokémon Channel (PAL and US) from batwing321 on Gamefaqs (link)
    Pokémon Colosseum (JP) from @suloku, posted on Gamefaqs (link)
    Pokémon Colosseum (PAL) from @suloku and richardj0612, posted on Gamefaqs (link)
    Pokémon Colosseum (US) from thegreekweezel, SonikFire and wildgoosespeeder, posted on Gamefaqs (link)
    Pokémon XD - Gale of Darkness (US) from TrapperKeeperX, post on Gamefaqs (link)


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  7. Maps Coordinates Resetter

    Maybe you've did some glitch and got stuck in a map? Maybe you've edited the map coordinates and somehow it went wrong?

    This tool aims to fix it. This tool will warp you to a somewhat starting area.
    Note: Only for DP, Pt, XY, ORAS, SM, USUM
    Note 2: Kinda works for DP and Pt. Gen 4 recognition depends on a) having either Male or Female gender b) the journey was started with one of the proper starters.

    0. Keep a safe backup of your save. This program will not create a backup.
    1. Launch the program
    2. Open/drag&drop the save onto the open window
    3. Press the Inject button
    4. Close the program
    5. Now open PKHeX, drag your save into it
    6. Save the progress in PKHeX (should fix the checksums)
    7. Now restore the save back into your game, and launch the game :3
    8. When the game loads properly, but you're in black screen, enter the Bag/Pokédex/Party to reload the map of the overworld. To fix NPCs, enter and exit a building.


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  8. Shiny across Generations (Shiny Living Dex)

    Non Shiny Living Dex | Shiny Living Dex
    Key Description:
    This page holds files that contains shinies, based on the generation's format.
    Use PKHeX's import system to import all the wanted .PKX files. Make sure you keep an extra safe backup of the save, before performing any modifications and imports.
    .rar name Creatures in folder Excluded Creatures Special Mentions Comments Gen 1 #001 to #151 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs                  NIL VC Gen 1 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 2 #001 to #251 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal VC Gen 2 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 3 #001 to #386 #251 Celebi #151 Mew shiny via Old Sea Map event (JPN)
    #385 Jirachi shiny via WISHMKR distribution
    #386 Deoxys shiny via Aurora ticket event Soft reboot of series; Gen 3 couldn't import
    creatures from Gen 1 and 2 Gen 4 #387 to #493 #493 Arceus #490 Manaphy shiny via egg traded then hatched
    #491 Darkrai shiny via In-game encounter (event)
    #492 Shaymin shiny via In-game encounter (event) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 Gen 5 #494 to #649 #494 Victini
    #643 Reshiram
    #644 Zekrom
    #647 Keldeo
    #648 Meloetta #649 Genesect shiny event (JPN & KOR) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 & 4 Gen 6 #493
    #650 to #721 #718 Zygarde
    #720 Hoopa
    #721 Volcanion #493 Arceus shiny (via event)
    #643 Reshiram shiny (Fabled Den)
    #644 Zekrom shiny (Fabled Den)
    #719 Diancie shiny event (JP) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 to 5 Gen 7
    (3DS) #722 to #807 #789 Cosmog
    #790 Cosmoem
    #801 Magearna
    #802 Marshadow
    #807 Zeraora #025 Partner Cap Pikachu via bad programming
    #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal
    #718 Zygarde shiny (via event)
    #785 Tapu Koko shiny (via event)
    #786 Tapu Lele shiny (via event)
    #787 Tapu Bulu shiny (via event)
    #788 Tapu Fini shiny (via event)
    #791 Solgaleo shiny (via event)
    #792 Lunala shiny (via event)
    #800 Necrozma shiny (via event)

    & Alolan Formes (shiny) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 1 to 6 Gen 7
    (Switch) #001 to #151 AND
    #808 to #809
      #151 Mew event not shiny #808 Meltan shiny via Pokémon GO
    #809 Melmeltal shiny via Pokémon GO

    & Alolan Formes (shiny) Compatible with series that can withdraw from HOME. Gen 8
    (SWSH + IoA) -
      Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus #807 Zeraora. Wasn't shiny in its own generation. HOME is now available (excluding GO support).
    Promotes compatibility with every gen
    (if Pokémon species exist in SWSH)
    For clarity sake, I shall describe how the folder system works:
    For example, if you're playing on a Generation 5 game, to have all complete (excluding illegals), import mons from Gen 3.rar, Gen 4.rar and Gen 5.rar

    Just remember, the transfer system works similarly to the official system the games use:


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  9. Project 807/153/542 - Multi-Gen Saves with Every Legal Species

    Non Shiny Living Dex | Shiny Living Dex
    Key Description:
    This is probably one of the most comprehensive collections out there!
    This page hosts several save files, that have stored all available Pokemon in the Boxes.

    Presently, there are saves for RBYG, GSC, RSE, FRLG, DPPt, HGSS, BW, B2W2, XY, ORAS, SM, USUM, LGPE and SWSH.
    As of update 1.0.16, the RS save is ready for Eon Ticket distribution to Emerald via Record Mixing (RS needs to be player 1)

    Key things you should already know (but I'll remind you just in case):
    - Non-JPN Ilex Forest's Celebi will appear illegal on PKHeX, only if it's a .sav. (won't occur on a sav.dat)
    This is because the Celebi encounter for non-JPN games only occurred in VC games, not physical cart.
    - If you're importing into a VC game, the save must be named sav.dat
    - If you're importing into a 3DS (non-VC) game, the save must be named main (with no extension)
    - If you're importing into a Switch game, the save must be named main (with no extension)

    Extra Note:
    Note that variants for a few form change Pokemon were excluded from the main sets, as the saves were already full.
    Those are:
    Arceus, Furfrou, Silvally, Unown, Vivillon.
    Additionally, these form changes were not included, as they cannot legitimately exist in PC:
    Deoxys Pre Gen IV, Castform, Cherrim, Shaymin Pre Gen VII, Darmanitan, Kyurem only one at a time, Meloetta, Aegislash, Hoopa Pre Gen VII, Wishiwashi,
    Minior (the shelled up versions), Mimikyu (the busted disguise versions)
    Also, on an unrelated note, Celebi on ENG Gen II will show up as illegal, if the save isn't named sav.dat,
    as for the English versions, Celebi was only available to the Virtual Console versions. (so it is legal for VC versions [hence renaming to sav.dat])
    Also do note, you not necessarily supposed to play with the saves. These saves are just a neat way to hold the mons.
    You could play with them if you want, but they're all across random parts of the story.
    Last Word:
    Despite these Pokemon being legal, I still need to say this:
    ProjectPokemon.org is not liable, if you somehow managed to get yourself banned with these Pokemon.


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  10. Citadark Isle Shadow Salamence

    This page hosts the shadow and purified versions of the Shadow Salamence obtained during the narrative of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.
    More Colosseum and XD Pokémon can be found at this page.




  11. Singing Pikachu

    Singing Pikachu
    This Pikachu was distributed at the Pokémon Wasshoi! Summer tour, which featured the new BW version of the 「ポケモン言えるかな?」 ending theme song.
    Wonder card ID 38 to 45 are all Singing Pikachu, with the OT varying from popular artists that performed songs,to events that were featured.
    Wondercard ID 043 PID Random Games BW Type Local Wireless Dates 07.30.2011-08.21.2011 Nickname ピカチュウ Gender Female Level 30 Nature Random Ability Lightningrod OT わっしょい SID 00000 Location Lovely Place Ribbon Souvenir Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Sing Teeter Dance Encore Electro Ball




  12. Marill

    This Marill was available to be befriended in the Dream World Isle called the Pleasant Forest.
    The gender of the Marill is variable, meaning players may befriend a male or female variant.
    Depending on the player's score on the mini-game, the last slot of Marill's moves may contain its basic move Defense Curl,
    or special moves either Aqua Jet or Ice Punch.

    Pleasant Forest was available by default from the opening of the Dream World September 18, 2010,
    till the closing of Dream World January 14, 2014.
    However if the player already has the Marill in their Entree Forest uncaptured,
    the date of capture can literally be any date.
    (Additionally, the NDS date system could have been changed to any date anyway)
         Species   Marill   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   Pleasant Forest   Location   Entree Forest   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   BW B2W2                                                                Lv. 10    Nature   Random   Ability   Sap Sipper (HA)   Item   None    Moves       Defense Curl   Tail Whip   Water Gun   Variable Move

       (no ribbons) Format Ver.1.0.7-0, Post Updated Date:20190107_1410


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  13. 1514 ORAS - Whitney Miltank (ENG) (F)

    Distribution Title Johto Classic Miltank Wondercard ID 1514     PID Cannot Be Shiny Games ORAS Type Serial Code Dates Jun 7 -
    Jul 31, 2016 Species Miltank Nickname (default) Gender Female Level 20 Nature Random Ability Scrappy (2) OT Whitney TID 5276 Location the Johto region Ribbon Classic , Ball Cherish Ball Held Item None Moves Rollout Attract Stomp Milk Drink Relearn
    Moves Rollout Attract Stomp Milk Drink Receiving Text 0x37 This is a gift from the Pokémon Global Link! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center. Distribution Text Thank you for participating in the
    Johto Classic Online Competition!
    It's Whitney's Miltank!
    Whitney is the Gym Leader of Johto's
    Goldenrod City Gym.  




  14. Demo Ash Greninja

    A Greninja with Battle Bond, that can transform to Ash-Greninja form!
    This wonder card is sent from the Demo to your main Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon game.
    (Language of Wondercard is determined by language of Demo, Not language of Main game save)
     Species   Ash-Greninja (Inactive)   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   Ash   TID   131017   Distribution   Pokemon Demo   Location   the Kalos region   Dates   Any Date   PID   Specified: 8994A7D9   Games   SM    Lv. 36     Met Lv. 5                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Battle Bond (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None 
    Souvenir   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Water Shuriken   Aerial Ace   Double Team   Night Slash   WC ID 2046: 「Special Demo Version Ash-Greninja」's receiving text 0x5B Thank you for playing the demo version! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.




  15. 143 - Snorlax

    This entry was transferred from from Pokémon Go to Let's Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee.
    The Original Trainer for Pokémon Go was changed for privacy purposes.
    This page holds a GP1 format (to be inserted into Go Park using PKHeX, or dragged to the left side of PKHeX and converted in .PB7).




  16. Wish Chansey (EGG)

    This event was distributed to players as an egg, at New York Pokemon Center.
     Species   Chansey (EGG)   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   PCNY   Location   (fateful encounter)   Dates   Dec 16, 2004 
    to Jan 02, 2005   PID   Chance of Shiny   Games   FR LG    Lv. 5      Nature   Timid    Ability   Serene Grace (2)   Item   None      Moves       Sweet Scent   Wish   (None)   (None)




  17. QR Code Magearna

    This event was distributed to international players via a 3DS region-locked QR code on the main Pokemon website.
    For Japanese players, it was distributed via a QR code on a Ga-ore disc with the QR code on it, collected only in theaters for the Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel Movie.
    (QR Code can be found in the screenshots segment of this posting)

    This event is actually pre-programmed into the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, and it requires only the QR code to activate,
    after the player has cleared the game (become the Champion).
     Species   Magearna   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   QR Code   Location   a lovely place   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   All Regions 3DS: SM    Lv. 50                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Soul-Heart (1) 
    or Soul-Heart (2)   Item   Bottle Cap   Bundled Item   None 
    Wishing   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Fleur Cannon   Flash Cannon   Lucky Chant   Helping Hand




  18. VGC Nationals Senior Champion Seung Heon's Cresselia

    VGC Nationals Senior Champion Seung Heon's Cresselia
    This Cresselia was distributed at the COEX Mall in Seoul during the above dates. It is based off of a Cresselia used by Sah Seung Heon, the 2013 VGC Korean Nationals Senior Division Champion.
     Species   Cresselia   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   사승헌   TID   08243   Distribution   Infrared   Location   Pokémon Event   Dates   Aug 24 to Aug 25, 2013   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   BW B2W2    Lv. 68      Nature   Modest    Ability   Levitate (1)   Item   Expert Belt 
    Event   Moves       Ice Beam   Psyshock   Energy Ball   Hidden Power   WC ID 163: 「2013년 시니어 한국 챔피언의 크레세리아」's
      receiving text  0x44 Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.




  19. The Under Subway Shadow Suicune

    This Suicune was snagged from Cipher Admin Venus in the The Under Subway.
    This page contains a Shadow and Purified Suicune.

    More Colosseum and XD Pokémon can be found at this page.




  20. USUM Flag Importer

    Brief Description
    This tool imports flags into your USUM save.
    1. Load the program
    2. Load up your decrypted non-corrupted USUM save
    (decrypted non-corrupted USUM save basically means a USUM save that loads in PKHeX)
    3. Select an option within the drop down box
    (note, these set of event flags were obtained from a save that backed up the point in time explained in the text of the drop down box)
    4. Click Inject
    5. Open the save in PKHeX, then save in PKHeX, to fix the checksum.
    Author's notes
    Unless there's any major game-breaking bug (excluding users not fixing the checksums properly), I have no intention of fixing/updating this.
    While the text in the drop down box contains a lot of misspellings, this should be something users can figure out..
    Also, if you can't load the save after the edit, and you're sure you fixed the checksum, check out this tutorial:


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  21. Virtual Console Mew

    This event was distributed to a few lucky residents of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland,
    distributed during an event that celebrates the launch of Pokemon Sun & Moon.
    As the DVs (Gen I IVs) are distributed with 15 in every slot,
    it is not possible to obtain this as a Shiny when transferred normally through Pokemon Transporter.

    This PK1 file will not be compatible with JPN version of the game.
     Species   Mew   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   GF   TID   22796   Distribution   Trade   Location   the Kanto region   Dates   (any transfer date)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   VC: RBY    Lv. 5                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Synchronize (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None      Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Pound   (None)   (None)   (None)
    This is a video of @RupeeClock's collection of the hyper rare Mew!
    (Also, it can be seen that the Event Staff's unit has a Restore Point function!)




  22. Surf Pichu Egg (PKMN Box)

    In 2012, @HaxAras was shiny hunting for Clefairy, and ended up storing the non-shiny Clefairy into his Pokemon Box,
    which ended up helping to unlock the various eggs in Pokemon Box.

    Thanks @HaxAras and @InsaneNutter!
    EGG (Pichu) (M)
    IVs: 5 HP / 11 Atk / 8 Def / 22 SpA / 8 SpD / 10 Spe
    Ability: Static
    Level: 5
    Careful Nature
    - Thunder Shock
    - Charm
    - Surf

    PICHU (Pichu) (M)
    IVs: 5 HP / 11 Atk / 8 Def / 22 SpA / 8 SpD / 10 Spe
    Ability: Static
    Level: 5
    Careful Nature
    - Thunder Shock
    - Charm
    - Surf




  23. Tanoby Chambers 1% Unown

    After unlocking the Tanoby Key, players will be unlock various Unown in the Tanoby Chambers.
    In the Monean Chamber and the Viapois Chamber, the ? and ! Unown can be encountered at 1% chance respectively.




  24. 0017 XY - XY Garchomp (ENG) (M)

    This event is the Singapore Garchomp, serial code only redeemable on US 3DS.
    Distribution Title A Special Garchomp! Wondercard ID 17     PID Cannot Be Shiny     Games XY Type Serial Code Dates Jan 24 - Mar 31 2014 Species Garchomp Nickname (default) Gender Male Level 48 Nature Random Ability Sand Veil (1) OT XY TID 1244 Location a lovely place Ribbon Classic Ball Cherish Ball Held Item None Moves Draco Meteor Dragon Claw Dig Crunch Relearn
    Moves (None) (None) (None) (None) Receiving Text 0x35 Thank you for receiving this distribution! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center.




  25. PCNY: Spring Fling Gardevoir

    This gift was distributed at the Gotta catch 'em all! STATION in Pokémon Center New York.




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