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Status Updates posted by theSLAYER

  1. My original status message somehow didn't post (it was left blank somehow).

    I recently uploaded shiny versions of the GP1 files, for Rattata, Pidgey, Mankey, Machop.
    (I've merged them into the existing GP1 entries)

    Rattata and Pidgey was released shiny starting from the Pokemon Day 2019 Event,
    and Machop and Mankey was released shiny starting from the Battle Showdown 2019 Event.

  2. At long last, I've finally uploaded every Pokemon available from the Pokewalker (across languages).
    [all ENG available entries are in ENG, and JPN exclusive ones uploaded to JPN]

    I've been wanting to get this done since.. 2010?

    In any case, now I can focus my energy to obtaining Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Go.
    (which is perfect timing; I've just installed homebrew on my Switch)

  3. I'm annoyed. I hacked in a Leafeon and Egg into a Ranch save that has the trades unlocked, but I can't seem to do the trade, despite seeing the Pokemon running around.

    1. theSLAYER


      As it turns out, (thanks to @suloku's hard work documenting the saves), the Mew and Phione was already generated on the saves, so I just had to rip them out.

      Now, if only there was a save that is right before it's generated, but already upped level, making the next thing the generation ><

    2. suloku


      Uh, this is old, did you manage to get it?

    3. theSLAYER


      I learned how to rip them out after they're generated.

      Don't have a save right before they're generated (if that's even possible)
      I wanted to collect a save for Dolphin users, since they can't connect to a DS

  4. Time to split Events and In-game Pokemon!

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    2. theSLAYER


      Felt that it wasn't really right to have them both together under Event Gallery ><


    3. shay123


      Sounds like a good Idea

    4. TheShinyMew


      In-game Pokémon gift group? Really!?

  5. Hey, sorry it took forever, but I got around to uploading your event cards to our event gallery!
    You got the Image Contributor for that ;P

  6. I think something was removed from server, but I can't tell what.

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    2. TheShinyMew



      YES, I CAN hack!

    3. Got_Eevees



      Great! I'll send you the files later by PM,my friend.

    4. TheShinyMew


      I don't think I don't want  anything

  7. I've implemented "Met Date" into event summaries!

    In Gen 7, I'm aware that this affects:
    1. Ash Greninja
    2. Lillie's Vulpix
    3. Kiawe's Turtonator
    4. Mallow's Steenee
    5. Ash's Charizard
    6. Makoto's Piplup
    7. Souji's Lucario

    And future event will have it displayed as well.
    If met level and current level are the same, only current level will be displayed.

    This may be retroactively added to Gen 6 event entries as well..

    1. wrathsoffire76


      I never even noticed that you didn't have met date on the summery.

    2. theSLAYER


      Whether on purpose or accidental, it was pointed out a few times.

      So it's been on my mind, on how to include it. ><

  8. I've landed safely~

    1. Tekniquez


      not sure where ya went but hope it was a blast. 

    2. theSLAYER


      The flight was a .. Smooth enough flight XD

  9. In a few hours time, I'll be on a plane.

    and I don't like flying.

    Pray for me, y'all!~

    1. jasenyoface


      Safe travels. We'll be here waiting for you! When you get to where you're going, let's us know how it went. XD

    2. wrathsoffire76
    3. theSLAYER


      I'm getting nervous, I'll take all the luck I can get XD

  10. that's some dandy profile photo!

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    2. theSLAYER


      I'm surprised I enjoyed it, and that I've never seen this before ><

    3. jasenyoface


      I’ve just gotta say, that was hilarious!  Thanks @InsaneNutter, the tune is stuck in my head-rotflmao!

    4. InsaneNutter


      There are hundreds of sharks livin' under da' sea Great whites, Hammer Heads and White Tip Reefs, but the one shark discovery always leave out is the dreadlock rasta fish i'm talking about, Reggae Shark!

  11. I'll be uploading the EU shiny koko soon

    1. coltonsmogon


      Shiny Tapu Koko's on a British invasion, eh? Welp, won't be long before us Yanks get it... or not, depending on what they wanna do.

    2. theSLAYER


      yeah, depends on if they decide to go levitate across the pond

    3. coltonsmogon


      Yep, pretty much lol

  12. I'm now preparing to upload the new mega stones.

    I'm also renaming the way some files are displayed (those with bundled items), for more clarity.

    These changes will be most obvious, when viewing the event archive.

  13. I was unable to find Pokemo AO (JP BLUE) in the wild,
    so I ended up using HourGlass9 to extract the one I have on my 3DS :/

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    2. ajxpk


      They're patched so that they support wireless trades and battles. Other than that they should be identical, but I'm not sure... I never compared the VC titles with the original Roms 1:1... 

    3. theSLAYER


      Haven't compared the Japanese ones (tho I'm kinda sure they're 1.1),
      but ignoring the patches, the ROMs for the English were 1 for 1 same as the ones I could find online (LOL)

      In case you've yet to seen this:

      What a decrypted VC RBYG looks like.

      Also, they were wholesale lazy with their release.
      I mean, they have the patch for every other game that isn't yours (my example is DMGAPEJ0.C62) also bundled in your VC copy,
      for who knows what reason.

      As you can see, they don't actually modify the original rom, but rather the patches are kinda like runtime ram hacks.

    4. coltonsmogon


      My post went rather funky there for some reason >_<

  14. For interested parties, Gen 7 Region Information and Credits have been shifted to it's home page:

  15. I'm using an embed Google Sheets iframe to track missing wonder cards in the wc7 contribution page.

    Hopefully, that'll be easier to handle.

  16. I can't find the image I uploaded, for when I contributed Mega Tokyo Shiny Pikachu and Charizard T.T

  17. Some Gen 6 events might get bumped back to first page of their categories, do not fear, they ain't new events.

    This is happening because I'm adding the relevant images to their pages.
    (back then, I took photos of the events I'm claiming)

    You can go look at them if you're interested ;P

  18. My Tapu Lele dies too easily in battle. I'm definitely not training her right :(

    1. coltonsmogon


      Is it supposed to be a sweeper? A tank? I'm not sure, I haven't played Sun/Moon any...

    2. greenDarkness


      What role is it playing on your team?

    3. theSLAYER


      That's the problem isn't it.

      i didn't really plan a role for it ?


      Ill probably need to to change its stats to be more Tanky , since my strat is to buff something else

  19. At least this explains how the next competition is going to give us Sceptilite, Blazikenite and Swampertite.

    1. Zacthoz



  20. Seeing the wonder card ID of Korean Alolan Vulpix makes me uncomfortable. I feel as though we missed 6 korean events.

  21. Not sure how long I'll be by my PC, so I decided to upload the Vulpix an hour early.

  22. I'm done with uploading for now.
    Yet to sleep, and got places to be.
    I've got a long day ahead today o.0

  23. Wanted to RNG FRLG TID, read that it is not possible. Tried to SR 06227, got 06272 instead. #trolltid

  24. Tfw I'm on the bus, and there's this dude boasting to his friend about how he travelled to the states and helped a Friend there Gen Pokemon.


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    2. NewbyAsian


      -_- Nebby get in the bag~ Wait where's Nebby O_O...

      They must be very good friends then ^_^ though wouldn't sending the PKM over email be easier though?

    3. theSLAYER


      maybe he went for a competition or something, who knows xD

    4. coltonsmogon


      Maybe they preferred doing it direct through Bank...

  25. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone!

    1. NewbyAsian


      Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years Nebby!

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