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Tutorial Comments posted by theSLAYER

  1. 22 minutes ago, Yabber said:

    yes, I try and open pearl into the poke edit thing and thats what it says when I try and open it


    Chances are, your save file isn't really a save file. Anyhow, so far you're just having issues loading your save to PKHeX for *any* use, unrelated to Cute Charm Abuse. Start a new thread and upload your save there.

  2. 12 hours ago, Ziggers14 said:

    does how far i need to take my save file matter? do i need to have the pokedex and pokeballs before trying to add the cleffa? i cant get the edited to load

    If you can’t get the edited save to load, then you’re doing something wrong. It’s unrelated to cute charm abuse. Create your own thread and ask for help there. Don’t stick up the comments here.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Ziggers14 said:

    I have so many backups and game files now all over my computer in different folders im completely lost. No matter what i try i cant even load a game with the edited TID/SID now. Ive read and done the steps a million times just like your setup but now i cant seem to start up my game with the edited save. I read that Drastic is a little harder to successfully edit the save but please do you have any suggestions. I cant save the edited file straight back on my phone because its write protected or something so i save it in my documents or something then move it into the drastics backup but that doesnt seem to work so could that be part of it.. Thank you for getting back to me btw 

    try the app I linked.

  4. 10 hours ago, Ziggers14 said:

    but the cleffa never adds to my pokemon party

    either you did not export the edited save from PKHeX, or you did not restore the edited save back into your game.

    10 hours ago, Ziggers14 said:

    I was able to change my trainer id like your example but cant figure out the cute charm pokemon part

    It's not Rocket science; all you need is an edited TID/SID, and a cute charm mon in the lead with the correct gender. Until you can restore edited save properly, there isn't much for you to figure out.

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