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  1. I was unable to find Pokemo AO (JP BLUE) in the wild,
    so I ended up using HourGlass9 to extract the one I have on my 3DS :/

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    2. coltonsmogon


      When I said that, I meant Pokémon Green proper (as in the name is still Green and the original sprites are still used, which will only happen through a fan translation of some sort). Although yes, you're correct otherwise.

    3. coltonsmogon


      Does the VC ROM of all 3 have ANY difference at all from the original cartridge ROMs?

    4. theSLAYER


      Haven't compared the Japanese ones (tho I'm kinda sure they're 1.1),
      but ignoring the patches, the ROMs for the English were 1 for 1 same as the ones I could find online (LOL)

      In case you've yet to seen this:

      What a decrypted VC RBYG looks like.

      Also, they were wholesale lazy with their release.
      I mean, they have the patch for every other game that isn't yours (my example is DMGAPEJ0.C62) also bundled in your VC copy,
      for who knows what reason.

      As you can see, they don't actually modify the original rom, but rather the patches are kinda like runtime ram hacks.

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