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  1. Awesome, I've added you and PM'ed you info on when I'm free
  2. Heya, Need some help finding out my SID. Would need to trade with someone who can see it since I'm tool less here in Iceland :< My FC: 0603 8865 3876 Thanks for reading : D
  3. Just use 7z, it's free. http://www.7-zip.org/
  4. Hello, I'm in some trouble. I've been trying to figure out my SID. By using my shiny Pidgeot, but it hasn't given me any valid SID's (that is Method 1) or any SID's that are correct; That is "Met at Lv" text when I GTS trade to myself, instead of "Apparently met..." So I was hoping someone who could either aid me with finding the SID with a traded pokemon from me. Then finding the SID out by AR or savegame import via external tools. (Both are not available in Iceland) Thanks for reading :smile: :edit: Just figured out this is in the wrong place
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