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  1. So I've recently set up shiny DTS on my home network using my local connection I've yet to try setting it up to an external connection but I'm sure I"ll figure it out with the help of my friend google.

    But sadly I can't find the answer to google about this next question. I've been able to send pokemon to my black and white games individual but when I set the folder option I cant seem to get it to work. If I keep on logging back into the gts and trading I can get it to cycle 3 out of the six pokemon I have in the folder over and over one by one. Is there a way to get all six sent to your box at one time? Or maybe even get it so it well send them all one by one either is fine.

    Any help?

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I am working on a site that charges a monthly fee and will have a 24 hour server with new pokemon added each day. We have about 2 servers working so far- we will probablyt get more contributors. You can also pay to make requests that will be answered (for people who dont like to wait for a favor). I started out selling event celebis that me and my friends hoarded from the WIN2001 Gamestop wifi dist. But we are running low and trading people from all different timezones is going to drive me insane.

    There will be scheduled pokemon for each day. However, I am having a hard time getting Shiny DTS to distribute a full. I never advertize or talk about my site here because I don't really feel like being criticized for selling pokemon, but I was just answering your question :)

  3. As for a GTS app on an Android phone, that sounds very possible and like a very good idea.

    However, something like that would use a ridiculous amount of battery- not to mention even a modded Droid will probably get in trouble with Verizon or the service provider.

    Its not really something that EVERYONE could use.

    As for the legality checker, I wouldn't use it. Unless there is pokesav for android? That would make my life way easier.

  4. Hello, this is what I'm trying to do. I want it to be legal (pass the legal checker)

    6.Origin Giratina

    griseous orb

    modest nature

    mischievous characteristic

    Shadow ball

    dragon pulse


    Earth power

    31 IV sp attack 252 EV

    31 IV HP 252 EV

    6 EV sp.defense

    I don't know what to put for the form... Wouldn't I make a regular giratina and attatch the gris. orb?

    Is the Platinum Orb the same thing as the Gris Orb.

    I attached my progress so far, please help!

    6. Giratina O.pkm

    6. Giratina O.pkm

  5. I have the legitimacy checker and I'm pretty good. I am looking for someone who has time to spare and is on often so I can just send them pokemon to check and fix for me. Someone who is very very good. I also want to know what I do wrong so I can learn to be independent with it. LEgitimacy checker says they are correct but I want someone to check for me by looking at the PKM info.

    I don't trust the legality checker very much and I'm have problems understanding types and happiness as well as When to you the PID/IV generator or to generate my own.

    I've been generating my own for hatched pokemon but generating it using pokesav for legendaris is that correct.

    I know it is a huge favor, just reply to this thread or PM me.

    Any takers? If you teach me I will be a loyal poster and try to help others as well :)


  6. The problems I keep encountering are with my Dialga, Kyogre, and Mewtwo.

    Dialga: (COMMON NDS A-B-C-D) (sync: invalid)

    Krogre: UNknown GBA type

    Mewtwo:UNcommon GBA (A-B-C-D)

    What am I doing wrong.

    Please help, i've been researching but can't find a solution. I searched the forums but I finally just posted my own. if this is in th e wrong place (which i dont believe it is) please send me a private message with help.







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