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  1. Can't trade two Pokemon that PK Hex flags as legal.

    Tapu Koko's origin game needs to be Sun/Moon. Change it from Ultra Sun. Giratina looks good. Not sure why you can't trade it.
  2. Batch Editor

    Can you provide a before .pk7 to test with?
  3. [Bug] PkHeX marking a Pokemon illegal that is actually legal

    Fixed. PKHeX has this issue of confusing bred Eevee with the gift Eevee egg. FYI @Kaphotics 063 - Abra - 3215747577A6.pk7 471 - Glaceon - 0F00B2A55DB5.pk7
  4. Pkhex Help

    With an image URL (e.g. as above), Alt+Click on the preview sprite will load the Pokemon into PKHeX. To show it as a QR code again, right click the preview sprite then hit QR.
  5. Related discussion here:
  6. Pkhex for Sun and Moon Trainer ID

    You can't get the specific TID/SID solely based on the G7TID. Many different variations of TID/SID can form the same G7TID.
  7. RoC's PC

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean about the Gen 1-2 bit, Gen 1 migrates directly to Gen 7 and I haven't migrated Gen 2, though that's now possible too Glad to see my YouTube videos on my abandoned channel helped in the past, maybe I should get around to posting some stuff...
  8. Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size.

    Update PKHeX.
  9. All Gen IV Celebi Events are being flagged and are gone from database

    Hi! Could you try re-downloading the latest release? The Gen 4 MGs were missing when the release was first uploaded but fixed a few hours later.
  10. PKHaX feature ?

    The method for launching PKHaX has changed. Download pkhax.bat and put it in the same folder as PKHeX.exe, then run it.
  11. Legitimacy checker problems

    Attaching the .pk7 would be easier for us to check.
  12. Pokemon Sun / Moon Mega Evolutions - Evolving Early

    At the bottom.
  13. Anti-Cheat?

    I guess not. As long as it's never used in an online interaction.
  14. PKHeX 17.11.17

    Bleeding edge builds are no longer open to the public. Use the stable build.
  15. Mac Help

    It's for developers to understand Are you using the version downloaded from: Error report shows the .NET Framework check failing.