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  1. We NEED pokegen for gen 6 pokemon :(

    If you had any idea the type of ridiculous garbage he does on a regular basis, you wouldn't be trying to justify what you said. It also doesn't matter whether or not you think your post should be deleted, because it wouldn't have been up to you. You see "it's nearly identical, that's great for me", I see "I'm doing yet more copying of someone else's work", as is typical for him. That and claiming credit for things he didn't do. Everything he does is for attention. It's disgusting.
  2. We NEED pokegen for gen 6 pokemon :(

    If only I could delete posts still. There can't be a successor when there's no available way to modify game data yet. Kaphotics wants nothing but endless attention. You shouldn't give it to him.
  3. RE: pokegen

    You could... try... looking two threads up from the download thread...
  4. PokeGen Crashes After I Save My Changes

    Save state support was added almost 2 years ago. The developers of DeSmuME have likely changed the save state format since then, which could easily have broken the 2 year old code in PokeGen. If that's the case, there is no "help" to be given. Do what others have said already and don't use save states. Even if changes in DeSmuME aren't the cause, it's unlikely to get fixed any time soon anyway.
  5. HeartGold Mystery Gift Code Generator Help

    This says hi! Let me know if this is in fact what you missed. If not this, there's potentially a problem with the program.
  6. PokéGen - Met Tab (Location options for SS)

    The 2 simply represents a duplicate location value with the same name. For whatever reason, the game has several locations that have duplicates. It's no more mysterious than that.
  7. Pokegen crashes when saving

    You're using a save state, right?
  8. HeartGold Mystery Gift Code Generator Help

    You're likely not paying enough attention to the code you're copying. You left out detail in your post that would've prevented me from saying this. I'm not a spoon feeder, and there are only so many things you can be doing wrong. I've verified that the codes do actually work.
  9. Help With PokeGen

    PokeGen has no GTS feature. Why are you posting here?
  10. It does appear that something is going wrong, as it's also freezing my game. It's likely that there was something overlooked when adding Black 2/White 2 support. I'll get Mat to look at this.
  11. You probably generated the code for the wrong game.
  12. "There's no way to write data manually to the games yet, but let me advertise my program as if it does."
  13. Ways to transfer pokemon to a cartridge with PokeGen?

    PokeGen has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with some website you use. How can you even think it does? ...
  14. Pokegen giving me random pokemon

    PokeGen generates the file for you. It does nothing more. If you can't verify that the problem exists with the file, you're posting in the wrong place.
  15. What is this???

    PokeGen perfectly represents the in-game characteristic* The problem with multiple highest-value IVs is that the game then uses the PID to break the "tie". If you don't have a PID entered on the main dialog, PokeGen can't just pull a number out of its ass.