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  1. Hi there, I noticed your post so here are your mystery gift results for those trainer IDs (interesting pattern in them!) Reading the latest discussions above, I guess none of us have thus far managed to find a single instance where Stadium 2 gives one of the rarer items that does not match the Trainer ID from this tool. I guess I will need to consider getting a second Gameboy Colour if I ever intend to get all the items on my Gold save for the completionist spirit in me. And keep reset some second Gen 2 game for different trainer IDs. Oh well!
  2. Hi MagnusHexem. I've ran the code on those 3 Trainer IDs. Forgive the format as I struggled in my attempts to paste this into a table. EDIT: At a glance of your post, maybe those all add up? That will be good to know but sad. It may be the only way to get all the gifts is IR between two GameBoy Colours..... Funny that both your GOLD and SILVER can indeed send the PINK BED
  3. I've received some rares. Indeed so far all the rares I've got match those of my Trainer ID, whether co-incidence or not.... GOLD (17817): MAX ETHER, BLUE CARPET and SURF PIKACHU DOLL (Very Rare even) CRYSTAL(57942): No rares for me yet, However, Carrie received a VIRTUAL BOY about a week ago. Crystal can send those out according to the tool, so it may well appear the rares are ID based? Carrie also reminds me she received BLUE CARPET before, "am I jealous"? That would match that the giving and receiving between Stadium 2 for rares at least might be limited by ID. I hope not.... Can also add my support for the likelihood that receiving often/rare/etc it is entirely random. After Carrie got that VIRTUAL BOY the few days after were nothing buy X Items and Berries, until today as it happens when GOLD got the MAX ETHER. I doubt that effects odds. I'd still expect there may be something going on to get the TENTACOOL DOLL and other STADIUM 2 only items. Maybe you need everything else first? Maybe you need to have beaten all of STADIUM 2? MagnusHexem, I feel your pain looking for MIRACLEBERRY. I'd also like a SCOPE LENS as that might also be mystery gift locked. I've never even got a GOLD BERRY from STADIUM 2, but I at least got one from the Bug Catching Contest. Gradually bringing my team through the STADIUM 2 battles and always think that berry wouldn't hurt.
  4. Found your post searching for answers to GEN 2 MYSTERY GIFT. I've been doing mystery gift for just under a year now, wondering if I could get every gift on GOLD using STADIUM 2 alone as I've only got 1 GameBoy Colour. I compiled and ran the mystery gift tool you referenced using my GOLD trainer ID (17817). I have been getting several gifts which do not align with those my trainer ID can send out. For the first few months I received MUSIC MAIL very often, despite that being a "no" using that tool. I've also received GOLD BERRY, and several Dolls that my ID does not send to other GBC games according to that tool. Of the 11 Dolls I've received thus far, 6 are possible on my ID according to the tool, 5 are not. I can only assume the gifts from Stadium 2 are not limited to trainer ID in the same way, though there may be some correlation in probability? Some anecdotal thoughts to add. Only within the past 3 weeks or so I have a CRYSTAL cartridge which I've started playing. So far that game has received 4 dolls (1 of which GOLD already had). It may be that when one of the games gets a rare gift, the other cartridge tends to get a better item too. I've not nearly enough evidence to back that up, but figured I'd mention my feelings so far based on your comments. Finally, the STADIUM 2 character does mention the TENTACOOL DOLL very very often! Thus far I've not received any of the STADIUM 2 exclusive items on either GOLD or CRYSTAL cartridges (PIKACHU BED, UNOWN DOLL, TENTACOOL DOLL). I've no idea if any special triggers are involved with those.... I'd love to know if you have since found any documentation on how this all works?
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