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  1. Do you have a bad ROM dump? Sometimes improperly dumped ROMs (such as when you dump it when the cartridge contacts are dirty) cause some weird errors like this.
  2. Has a decoration editor been made for ORAS yet?
  3. I know that the save file is connected to the Nintendo account, and that's how they can tell that multiple people are using copies of the same save file. The files are automatically backed up into the Nintendo account and that's how Nintendo can keep track of this.
  4. Has the option to give yourself all secret base decorations been added yet for ORAS? When I replay Omega Ruby in July I want to have a Registeel plush for my secret base.
  5. I really like this event! I have wanted an Action Replay code for this one since December 2015 when I started with Pokemon hacking and I finally have this event for my Platinum save! Thank you so much!!!!
  6. Version 1.1


    In 2018, I played Pokemon Crystal for the first time. This old file is the same I have had since then. I really love Pokemon Crystal; it's probably on my top 10 favorite Pokemon games. It has some faulty and rushed Yellow transfers--I rushed a playthrough of Yellow when I played this back then to get the starters and Legendaries from Gen 1 Kanto and didn't get all of my potential good Pokemon (even my signature RBY Dragonite is missing). I should correct this at some point if I find one of my other Yellow files.
  7. Version 2.1


    These are other Pokemon game files from Pokemon games I like. My Sapphire file and FireRed file were regenerated with PKHeX as replicas of the originals but the Ruby and Leaf green files were played through normally.
  8. Version 2.1


    This is a near-exact replica of my prized Pokemon platinum save file, as a big thanks for development of all the software on this website that helped me recreate it. I started Pokemon Platinum on August 10, 2014 and I had the save file until around May 2016 (or maybe late April that year) because I lost the save file due to negligence. I accidentally transferred all my Pokemon to White 2 and I tried replaying platinum to simply have a complete file but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted my old Pokemon back and the save file at all cost possible. Even all 493 shiny Pokemon on a legitimate Platinum file wouldn't have satisfied me. So several years passed by and I found this website where I learned how to make custom Pokemon save files. Thank you all so very much. You can read the whole and complete explanation of all this somesday when I publish my website.
  9. PkHex works mostly perfectly (another thanks) but the give all decorations button seems to have a bug where it will not give me all Secret Base Decorations for my Pokemon Omega Ruby save file. It is the button in the trainer data menu, I think. Everything else edits the way I want it to. Where is the bug report submission on this site?
  10. So I actually gave in and installed CFW and I'm glad I did. Now I can modify any save file I want and duplicate my games to my console with GodMode9! Thank you all so much!
  11. Firstly, thank you so much for creating PkHex! I really love it, and it's helped a lot with rebuilding an improved but otherwise exact replica of my Pokemon Platinum save file! I do need help however with making 3ds saves usable with PKhex when transferred to my computer via R4i save dongle. I want to extract various Pokemon data from my Ultra Moon file and take my Crystal Pokemon from my emulator to Ultra Moon (I wish I could have bought real VC Crystal but... Money shortage). Can someone guide me on how to do this? (Please avoid custom 3ds firmware; I cannot risk bricking my 3ds)
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